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♥ rai·son d'ê·tre (rā'zōn dět'rə,) {존재 이유}

n. pl.reason or justification for being or existence


naomi jung
서여정, 三浦 なおみ
29 june 1992
ngee ann poly mass communications
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정지훈/Rain/Jihoon - the husband.

Faith/Spaz - the best friend.

Prisia/Siao - the other best friend.

Cheryl - Cooking mama

Joyce - Korean fanatic.

Brother (wenjun) - who has 10000000 brains

Hyun - Mr Smart-ass Korean.

Chew - Dear Leader.


Ajumma (아줌마) : Auntie

Ajusshi (아저씨) : Uncle

Chagiya/Yeobo (자기야/여보): Darling/Honey

Namja Chingu/Namchin (남자친구/남친) : boyfriend

Yeoja Chingu/Yeochin (여친/여자친구) : girlfriend

Hyung (형) : Older brother (for males)

Oppa (오빠) : Older brother, also can be used as "boyfriend" in a steady relationship (for females)

Nuna (누나) : Older sister (for males)

Onni (언니) : Older sister (for females)

Ssulung (썰렁) : "so cheesy/cold/lame" for cold jokes

Selca (셀카) : camwhore/self camera

Wang Ja (왕자) : 6 pack/washboard abs



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토요일, 12월 31, 2005, 10:33 오전

It's only a few more hours to New Years, that will signify the end of another year in my life.

And, my New Year's Resolutions are...

1) Get 70 and above in all subjects, so as to transfer school. (And get my iBook.)

2) When I go to Korea next April, I MUST MUST make sure I get to go to JYP Entertainment (the studio that Rain works in) and see Rain, or at least, see Park Jin Yang, his mentor. MUST MUST MUST see RAIN!

3) Go to the Da Chang Jin theme park.

4) Not to act so PMSy in front of members of the public.

5) Wear a mini-skirt. I did not want to wear minis because I'm scared that everybody will laugh at me. But wells, WHO CARES.

6) Pass Grade 5 with a HIGH DISTINCTION. Then that way can go perform at London. HMMM!!!!

7) Get all the scholarships I want.

DAMN it. Talking about scholarships, I realised that I actually recieved some sort of BURSARY, and I could not collect it at some secondary school because my parents' earnings are higher than $5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WALAO!!!!!!!!!

Going to meet Prisia later, with Abigail Sin (yes the pianist, she's also one of my best friends) and Amanda to buy flowers for Shi Nuan! And countdown at FCBC, I can't wait!

` ting blogged.

목요일, 12월 29, 2005, 3:55 오후

Regarding to that earlier post about me feeling so lost, I've finally found my answer.

Just pray to GOD and he'll help you.

Now, I know that you hate me. I know that you dislike me. I already humbled myself down and said sorry to you. I've already let down my dignity to say a word of apology. If you don't want to accept it, fine with me. Who'd be so willing to let their dignity be down in the dirt for such a trival problem?

I searched the internet for this song; it touched my heart.

In Your Hands

I'm so secure
You're here with me
You stay the same
Your love remains
Here in my heart.

So close I believe
You're holding me now
In Your hands
I belong; you'll never let me go

and this,

Heart of Worship

When the music fades
All is stripped away
And I simply come
Longing just to bring
Something that's of worth
That will bless Your heart

I'll bring You more than a song
For a song in itself
Is not what You have required
You search much deeper within
Through the way things appear
You're looking into my heart

I'm coming back to the heart of worship
And it's all about You
It's all about You, Jesus
I'm sorry Lord for the things I've made it
When it's all about you
It's all about you, Jesus

King of endless worth
No one could express
How much you deserve
Through I'm weak and poor
All I have is Yours
Every single breath

*Repeat chorus

So, I have a greater confidence in myself.

If you want to say goodbye to a good friendship that is soon to blossom, okay then. I'll trust someone else. I don't need YOU.

` ting blogged again.

3:18 오후

Band prac, as USUAL.

I think now I'm dreading to go to band nowadays, because it's always CELEB and DANCE. I'm not saying anything bad about that song or whatever, don't get me wrong. It's like, eating instant noodles day and night like that girl in Full House (okay, I'm addicted to it, LOL)

Hasniza called Davin, Joel and Mus up, because they were making so much noise, and asked them to dance. I think during one song (I think it was Copacabana) Davin was DANCING (yes, DANCING) throughout the whole song! omg, IT WAS HILARIOUS.

We got our band badge already, yipee! Wenfang wanted to change her badge, because that little conductor in the middle has extra gold thingy in between his legs, LOL. So, Perseus, after exchanging a few guffaws, changed the badge for Wen Fang.

Band exchange tomorrow. Can TARHAN or not.

` ting blogged.

Come on, just be mature, at least, ACT mature. Stop these politics about 'I friend you, you friend me' kind of CRAP. I'm sick and TIRED of these things, especially you did it to my best friend as well. Come on, you're already SEC1, no, SEC 2 next year. Oh, GROW UP, will YOU?

수요일, 12월 28, 2005, 4:08 오후

I think I changed my mind.

I don't think I can find happiness in school anymore.

I don't think I can find happiness in band anymore.

Everything's in a mess; why is it like that?

"All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players." William Shakespeare.

I think there may be dramas, comedies and tragedies.

I think the stage through my life now can be classified as a tragedy.

Having people who betrayed me, spread untrue rumors about me, hate my attitude... endless things I cannot say.

The pain is like a stab, leaving a trace of a wound right through me, a wound that I can't heal.

So much is running through my head now, I can't differenciate what's happiness and what's sadness.

Betrayal, maybe it happens once through everybody's life.

God is fair.

I have sadness now, and maybe I will have endless happiness later in life.

So, I shall weather the various trials and tribulations to get through to my goal, my destiny.

Sometimes I just break down

And I cry out

Lord, why have you forsaken me

He replied with a gentle whisper

My child,

You may have been through many different obstacles lately

but I can say that you have a bright destiny ahead of you, my child

Ahya, so many things spinning through my head now

I don't wanna care about it anymore

Just focus on my studies and my big DREAM

and I'll be at the finish line, the zenith and the EPITOME of society!

See you guys at the TOP!

` ting

월요일, 12월 26, 2005, 8:17 오후

Seriously. I feel like that I'm going to burst with laughter. So I'd better type out this blog post first.

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I went to Rain's websites, and the comments were as follows:

lurRvEEuu: RaiiN... i LurBbe EuU lOrtx woRx... SiiNgApOrEaaN GurrL HeRe YarX... ii LeaVee eUu mY nUmmbErrr 6328*****.... CaLl MuuiI...

My GOD. She's making Singapore look BAD infront of Rain! I Think Rain won't come to Singapore if he realises almost all the girls in Singapore spelling is so horrendous.

Here's another one.

LiNgG: i from singapore, love you forever,when i sleep, i dream of you... it's so hard to keep myself frm FALLING IN LOVE WIF EUU!!!!

Oh My HOLY COW. Like Rain wants anybody to know that when you sleep, you dream of him.And falling in LOVE? Hello, it's just a passing FANCY. Not like me. I ADMIRE him. Back to the sleep dream of you thing, it's like broadcasting to the whole world how many times you go to the loo.

Another one.

ilovebi: bi i from thailand when bi coming? bi i love bi. i love bi becaus bi is 6 pack.

LOL! I feel like peeing in my pants because it's so FUNNY!!!!!!!!

1) Firstly, there's no punctuation MARKS!!!!!!!! How can anybody survive without punctuation marks in their language?? I'll let her off easy because she's a Thailander. Even my tortoise can spell better than she.

2) i think you'd better not write anything because I don't know what the HECK you're writing. if I can't read what you're writing, more so for RAIN. Come on, he's learning English. How can he read it?????

To many to list. Everything's DAMN funny.

lOvEe EuU 4Eva WoRrX...

(That's just a PUN.)

` ting blogged.

7:10 오후

Kenny, Jeffery, Alan, Uncle Tuck Meng and Auntie Mei Ling came to my humble abode today. :p

Was actually quite of a shock to me, hahas. I was watching Full House before they arrived, and actually SET MY ALARM CLOCK for me to wake up and watch it, lol. I'm so totally OBSESSED with Rain, these few MONTHS. So, thinking to migrating to korea, and set up my business there. Now currently learning Korean. Or maybe I could become a translator. LOL!

Seriously. I'm so obsessed with Rain. When I sleep, I can't go to sleep unless I'm listening to his songs. How obsessed can I be? OMG.

Ok, excuse the sidetrack.

Auntie asked me to play the piano. I was slightly taken aback because I haven't been practicing these few days. :p But, I played anyway. I played Mariage D'amour, Ballade Pour Adeline, and Canon in D.

One of my friends said that in order to survive in Korea, you have to learn how to play Canon in D on piano. Because of all the Korean movies and dramas that she watched, all those chio girls get their significant others by merely playing that song on the piano. Hm. Maybe it'll work on SOMEONE too. LOL! Rain, I mean.

Then Kenny badgered me to play 'I Believe' from 'My Sassy Girl'. I played, with LOTS of mistakes. LOL.

Then Kenny hogged the laptop, and I used the desktop to play 2 CDs of Full House. HAHA! I'm so damn obsessed with Rain. I love his music, but I don't judge people by their appearences, I bother about their personality. I love people for their persona. Not looks. If the other guy has looks+persona, it's a DOUBLE BONUS.

Excuse the sidetrack again.

Then Issac and the rest came. LOL. They played the Xbox. The four of us (Kenny, Jeffery, Alan and I) found it DAMN SIAN and went back into the room.

LOL. Kidding. He likes any songs by Guo Mei Mei.

So, back to the Xbox.

ARGH, got band prac tomorrow.

` ting blogged.

3:03 오후

Sianded out. Rotting at home. I don't know what to do.



일요일, 12월 25, 2005, 4:42 오후

Felix Navidad everybody!

I got lotsa lotsa presents! Lol, and the best one was from DADDY and UNCLE DENNIS! Daddy sent me a 'Sangdoo! Let's Go To School!' VCD starring, yes you know who, my idol, RAIN!!!!! Omg, (yes I know i'm swearing) I almost died when the wrapper came off.

Uncle Dennis sent me a Cow bolster which I named Moo-Moo.

Went to church early today. Brought Memoirs of A Geisha to church and read it there. The staff were all giving me curious looks, and I realised that the cover was a pair of lipstick smeared lips. LOL. Alvin looked actually INTRESTED in the book and asked me to lend it to him. I said okay, but there're some dirty (okay, not EXACTLY dirty, but dirty all the same) parts. He gave a shrug. LOL, Alvin. I know you're going to NS soon lar.

I got EARRINGS from May. -_-" I don't have ear-holes how to wear earrings? Oh well, ask my mom to wear them instead lar. (:

Got a necklace from Sarah. I was high. Seriously. Very high.

Somebody shoot me


Okay, back on topic.

I sat there reading Geisha, and my iPod blasting Rain's 'Wanna Talk' and Kenneth strolled up to me and asked me to audition for the church band for DRUMS or PIANO.

My heart stopped.

Please, somebody shoot me again


I tried it, and it was quite cool. Fiona CRIED when she was asked to play. Come on, what's so scary about it??????


Somebody shoot me one last time


Okay, will end here. Gotta watch Sangdoo! Let's Go To School.

PS: Kenny's arriving TOMORROW. DAMN it, have to play Richard Clayderman.

Somebody shoot me ONE AGAIN please.


` ting blogged.

토요일, 12월 24, 2005, 12:32 오후

Oh yeah, people...


Oh, and it seems that SOMETHING, or SOMEONE has been avoiding me.

Okay, I shall not eloborate furthur.

As Reuben said,


"What you give out, you will GET BACK!"

"Every Action will Get a RE-action!"

"Postivity that goes out comes back in Positivity, Negativity that goes you comes back in Negativity."

"Insults that go out will cause Insults to come back"

"Mistakes happen... Corrected they become assets. Mistakes.... left unlearnt and recommitted.... become destructive habits."

I realised that this made a impact on me.

It's simple, it can be summarised in this point,

"What goes around comes around."

Or, in a simple word, "KARMA."

If you chose to ignore or avoid me, that's FINE. If you continue to spread rumors about me that's fine, for I know that what goes around comes around.

God, Allah, Mary, Krishna, Buddha also judge it that way.

I know that I have a road paved before me, a great potential within me. each of you, my dear readers, have your own potential.

Just don't procrastinate, for YOU will be the one with a social loss. People will tend to shy away from you.


With all due respect,

` ting.

수요일, 12월 21, 2005, 7:47 오후


Grow in God
Keyboardist in worship team
Deco IC
Pimpless face
Pimplescar-less Face
Clear Skin w/o shine
Taller by 5 cm to be 170cm!
Lose 5kg
Slimmer thighs
Longer legs
Full House
Worldclass Model
6 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (((((:
Join Mannequin/Carrie/Ave/Phantom/FORD Models!
Join J Tune Entertainment!!!
Act in a korean drama with Kim Myung Min, Rain!
Photoshoots (with Rain (!!!!) 8D & Gackt-sama!
Duet with Yiruma! :D
Meet Gackt & Rain & Mana-sama!
Meet Epik High!
Model for Moi-meme-moitie and h.NAOTO and SIX TO FIVE!!!!
Compete in Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition!

Go to Vienna/Prague/Austria/Japan/Korea
LG KF600, KF750, KF700!
Get into Ngee Ann Poly MCM (!!)
L1R5 10 for O Levels!
Yonsei/Kyung Hee University's Korean Language Institute!
Stanford University!
Get into School Of Worship (Keyboard!)
Take up Korean (AGAIN) & Japanese
Rain 24 Hours "The Day" DVD
Rain's next concert
Rain's English Album
Rain's 5th Album; Rainism
nike waterbottle
Epik High - Remapping the Human Soul & Pieces; Part One & LOVESCREAM
Malice Mizer - Ma Cherie album thanks Faith!
Malice Mizer - merveilles
Malice Mizer - Premier Amour
Gackt - Crescent
Gackt - Mars
Gackt - Moon
Gackt - Mizerable
Gackt - Returner
Gackt - Vanilla
Malice Mizer - Versailles
Malice Mizer - Voyage
Beethoven Virus DVD, OST, The Classics Vol 1, The Classics Vol 2!
Gackt Black Stone
Jelly Bands
Speed Racer DVD! Thanks Prisia!
Rain's Taejo Togokhan Poster
Beethoven Virus Season II!~
Zipia Spree
Holga/Fisheye/Lomo Camera
Korean Diary - Coffee Prince
Sleep by 12 daily =8(
Pick up ballroom dancing/backup dancing
Japanese/Korean satchel
Grade 8 Piano Practical!
Learn the Violin/Cello
Chopin's Etudes/Impromptus/Scherzos/Nocturnes
Schubert's Sonatas
The Fourth Dimension by Pastor Cho Yonggi
The Fourth Dimension Vol 2 by Pastor Cho Yonggi
But God - Phil Pringle
You the Leader - Phil Pringle
The Leadership Files 1 & 2 - Phil Pringle
Moving in the Spirit - Phil Pringle
Fight Like a Girl - Lisa Bevere
Jesus Freaks I
Jesus Freaks II
Ultraslim Reference Bible
Jihaku (Confessions) by Gackt Camui
Complete set of Twilight/NewMoon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn
Attend Yoido Full Gospel Church's service
Tofu/Totoro Cushion
Victorian Maiden / Baby The Stars Shine Bright Lolita Dresses
Converse Chuck Taylors
New Pencilbox from Artbox
Macbook Pro
iPod Touch 32GB
Jeong Jihoon


7:47 오후

Was at the band camp. So sorry for lack of updates. *apologetic smile*


FAITH AND JIA LING came to my humble abode!

I was whisked from Hougang Sec by bus 43. Where's the sanitiser when you need it? At the the back row of seats, I saw 2 cockroaches doing YOU-KNOW-WHAT. EW. I nearly lost my sanity when I saw that. I mean, Singapore PARADES herself as a 'world class green and litter-free city'. Come on, Singapore, you have to do better than that. Japan's Disneyland is SOOOO CLEAN until you could eat your dinner off the floor. Literally.

Anyway, not to get too carried off, I have to wait for Miss Tan Jia Ling for a whole 10 MINUTES under the HOT SUN with MY FLAG, which was flapping around in the wind. When the buses pass by, those KAY-POH S'poreans will stick their heads and GWAK at your flag, and at your untucked school uniform blouse.

Jia Ling came with this black T'shirt that practically screams: "-------- JUICY!" and a billowing brown and white skirt. I must admit, she looked okay, but I'm not used to see my best friend in Hougang Sec wearing a skirt.

Then she sauntered, or rather, SASHAYED across the road, causing heads to turn. Then we went back to my house. I asked Faith when she was coming, and she said SOON. But her soon is like, one hour later.

Jia Ling and I went to watch 'My Sassy Girl'. DAMN funny I tell you. But I like the theme song, 'I Believe'.

Faith explained that the three little shits: namely, Truth, Worth and Earth, her siblings, wanted to go swimming.

But in the end, she came. And we experimented with Photoshop, and found some pictures of Rain (me: YAY! Readers: SHUT UP) and we tried the blogskin. YAY!

We browsed through the magazines I had. Teenage and Teens. On the cover of Teenage, it was RAIN. Then in Teens, there was a summary of his first ever concert, Rainy Day: Hong Kong.

SHIT. On that day when we left, he started his CONCERT. DAMMIT!!!!! I want to go~ I WANT I WANT.

Then I got this DHC booklet, and on the cover was Rain, 'stroking' another model's face. For some skin care thingy in Hong Kong. Then Jia Ling threatened to Photoshop it, and put my face in it instead. Damn her. I want to be that model. LOL!

When I was trying to configure photoshop, Jia Ling suddenly SLAPPED and HELD the Teenage mag of RAIN onto my FACE, and yelled, "YAY! You get to kiss RAIN!"


I wish, Jia Ling. I really wish.

Then she used the DHC mag and did the same thing to me. DAMN her.

We finally finished the RAIN BLOGSKIN (DUH).

I don't feel like blogging about the camp now. Too late, and too lazy. Maybe tomorrow.

` ting

일요일, 12월 18, 2005, 4:22 오후

Tomorrow. Is. The. Band. Camp.

I hope I could go.


There's a doll figure of Rain.

And it looks spastic.

I want the real guy, thanks. Not some doll figure.

목요일, 12월 15, 2005, 5:51 오후

It's been one year already.

One year since I rejoiced that I have left that demented Nanyang Primary, with idiotic Rui Ping, Kang Jing and Wei Min. I've had my share of friends, crushes and pranks played on me.

But I really miss the times that we played 'catching' on the Giant Steps, amd we painted the tiles to be etched on the Giant Steps' walls. And my tile is still there.

I miss poor Mrs Lau. Thank you for your encouragement you have showered on me those two years, even though I was the most tomboy-ish girl in 6C. Regarding your question that I could get along with Rui Ping, my answer is still NO. =) Cheers.

And oh HOW I MISS my dear Chinese Orchestra and funny Mr Goh. I miss being your 'TEACHER'S PET'! And how you scolded Andros KNS! And you offered me the chicken drumlet instead of the breast meat.

And PRISIA, SEAN, ZHI BIN and all the guys and GALS! I miss you people! I can't come for the renunion dinner last time because I don't have a GOWN to wear, haha. Don't kill me, Cleo.

And Mdm Heng. All those times that I see you in your office after being scolded by Mrs Lau PURPOSELY BUT I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, and you still conforted me. THANKS A BUNCH! Will never forget you.

And the COURTYARD! Oh the courtyard! We innocently played freeze and melt... and the times...

And my dear library. I miss you Mr Mathan! Letting me operate the scanner, hahas.

And the time that I cried when I recieve my PSLE results. Faith was damn angry and threatened to sue MOE because she said that they have printed wrongly. It should be 273, not 213.

Nanyang Primary rocks and sucks to the core. You decide.

` ting blogged.


수요일, 12월 14, 2005, 7:21 오후

I can't wait for Faith and Jia Ling to come over and we can do the tagboard together.

Oh, how I hate those people who accuse YOU of doing something they hate, and for that they publicise YOU and they ridicule YOU on their blog. SCREW THEM ALL.

Oh, and they blocked you on MSN Messenger as well. Isn't that really SWEET and CHILDISH? Remember what we used to do in kindergarten? Oh, you do this to me, I don't friend you. I block you on MSN. I don't talk to you when I see you. I'll beautify myself because I got millions of pimples. MORE THAN YOU YOU KNOW? Oh, I'll probably do my hair/Botox/plastic surgery because I want to look more glamourous than you. I'm SO DAMN CHIO!!!

Those idiots are such a PUT OFF. I bet that even a gigolo won't touch you because you're not NATURAL. YOU'RE SO FUC*ING ARTIFICAL.

HA. So young still play politics. When you become the next President of Managascar, let's say, I'd bet the whole world will crash because of all those bull shit that you said, and procrastinate.

I hope someone will disembowl you one day for your vicious words. Oh, you say I'm a COPYCAT? SO BE IT. You're one too.

Wearing the same uniform as me, in the same CCA as me, for example, and OH MY GOD! Having exactly the same amount of PIMPLES as ME! Oh my GODDESSES, I'M going to publicise you for COPYING! Because you copy EVERYTHING I have! ARGH! Save me!

Absloute BULL lar. Oh, because you copy me you shall be punished! The punishment is, You're blocked out of my MSN Messenger!

Fine. I can't put up with freaks like you for friends anyway. I'll find someone who can benifit more from my knowledge that I can share with them and they can share their knowledge with me. HA. CIAO TO YOU.

I'll pretend that I don't know you. I'll pretend that we were never friends. I'll pretend that all those that happened between us were all nightmares. Thank you for showing your true colours to me that you were such an IDIOT.

Oh yeah, Jia Ling patronised my humble abode today! Yipee!

I waited and waited and waited for her at the bus stop. When she was crossing the road, she told me that a lorry-ful of those Lion Dance people honked at her, and made smooching gestures at her. LOL! She was wearing like, a sleeveess top? HA!

We came to my house and we played HALO. LOL. I killed her more than she killed me.

Bla... we did quizzes, talked about school life and stuff... she's a great friend to be with, must treasure her.

She knows Reuben and Reuben knows her... HAHA. I added both of them in a conversation this morning.

Reuben called her Jellybean all the way, lol! And she called me Mrs Tang in front of Reuben, DAMN HER. Then when Reuben said something about movie stars, Jia Ling was all, Bibi, Rain, and yeah, and Reuben was clueless! LOL. Until we explained... HAHA.

Reuben said that he wanted to play Anthony Robbins' tapes to his child when he/her is being born. LOL! Like father like daughter/son eh? I said I'd play music to my child... LOL! Jia Ling said that she'll say, "Pineapple Tarts, 2 box"

LOL. Reuben, Jia Ling and I crapped the whole morning away. And Jia Ling asked Reuben if he calls me sweetheart. URGH! I wouldn't mind though, because he's my daddy, and Reuben's like, "Sweetheart isn't my type. I'll call them dear."

Sure enough, when I call him Daddy in the conversation, he called me Dear. LOL!

HAha, crapped enough.

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10:35 오전

I really want to shoot Guo Mei Mei.

Seriously. Play Music or whatever her music company is is so screwed up.

Especially the person who composed her lyrics. Xiao Shan or Xiao Shui or whatever. He needs about a million durains stuffed up his ass. His lyrics made her sound STUPID. Guo Mei Mei might as well hire an 8 year old to compose her songs. What's next, let me ask you, grapes talking about how purple they are?

Come on, ANYTHING sounds intelligent next to this piece of crap. I think he was just acting childish. Not you know, element of immaturity so people will relate and be all, That's cute! But bloody hell, IT IS SO NOT CUTE, IT IS PURELY ANNOYING AND GRATING ON MY NERVES.

I mean, there's not really a NEED for me to elaborate right, those lines are self-explanatory.


I can't watch a decent TV program without hearing the MAI-HA-HEE or NI PA BU PA? "KAN JIAN ZHANG LANG WO BU PA BU PA LE" Like screw you and your stupid cockroaches lah!

And your mai-ha-hees! God, why!? Guo Mei Mei actually has a nice voice, and I LIKED her Lao Shu Ai Da Mi before it got over-commercialised. Why does Play Music insist on those extreme marketing campaigns?! Like the advertisment for the Bu Pa Bu Pa single,

"NI PA BU PA?" ARGH!! And then that fugly cockroach creeps out of the bedroom. And GMM uses her roll of wadded up newspapers to whack demurely at the cockroach (not that they actually crush it). I think that's what happens, cuz nowadays I've been switching channels whenever I see that commercial, so I don't really remember how it goes. There's another one about the YI GE REN SHUI WO BU PA BU PA LE too, but I don't seem to have an impression.

AND! AND! I just remembered another annoying point of the single promo! The big MAI-A-HEE~ MAI-A-HOO~ in Comic Sans MS dancing at the bottom of the page! Like that particular chorus isn't stupid enough, they had to go write it out on the TV screen for us to see! Like I am even remotely interested to see how the words are spelt so I can MAI-A-HIHI (pronounced hee-hee) on my own!


Dream guy/gal

1. hair colour: well... doesnt really matter, but I guess if his hair is lightly streaked brown it would be nice =)

2. eyecolour: I think brown? If red eyes, NO THANKS.

3. skin tone: Tan, not too white, or people wil think I'm dating a ghost.

4. six pack: YES. I love manly GUYS! (:

5. long or short hair: Actually something like how Zaizai's hair looks would be cool. but average guy short hair, ok. MUST HAVE HAIR.

6. piercings: No. what if he has a piercing on this tongue? When he tries to french you, you don't want a tongue stud poking your teeth.

7. scars: Scars? What's that gotta do with this?

8. big butt or little: FIRM BUTTS! <3

9. straight: yeess. It would be bad to know he's going out with another girl, but worse to know he's going out with a GUY.

10. outgoing or shy: In the middle I guess. Too outgoing too loud. Too shy too autistic.

11. should he/she haf a best fren: YES! (intro to my own best friend)

12. sarcastic or sincere: Sarcasm is interesting =P But I want more sincerity.

13. should he/she haf lotsa galfrens?: Why not? He could introduce me to all of them and I'll have 20 new best friends =)

14. should he/she luv his mom: YES! If he loes his mom that means he loves me. But the guy I like's mom is dead.

15. should he/she lwatch guy movies: Define guy movies (3m). I guess is porn ah? Erm, hopefully not. My guy should be able to talk dirty like everyone, but should also have a heart of innocence. =)

16. be smart: Being smart has its incentives (like asking answers to stupid Algebra problems), but too smart and I'll feel like an idiot.

17. be funny: DEFINITELY. The guy needs to make me laugh. I need to giggle at least 50 times a day.

18. be sweet: Yes! I love sweet guys... who want's a bitter guy?

19. be a smoker: Big fat NO. He would smell, have yellow teeth, and would probably die early, breaking my heart anyway.

20. drink: A little is no problem, but no beer. Wine is good for the heart.

21. play with ur hair: ??? I mean okay, but not pull my hair.

22. kiss on the 1st date: TOO daring.

23. bring u flowers: Awww how sweet! Actually it'll be really nice to recieve flowers from the guy you like, dont you think?

24. lay under the stars with u: Yes. If he studies astrology, it's a bonus.

25. write poetry abt u: -________-''

26. call u honey, sweetie or baby: No. Call me dear, darling is okay, sweetheart is also okay.

27. hand out with u and YOUR frens: Yeah, duh. I'll personally force them to get along.

28. hold ur hand: Yes, and it'll not be because he wants to tickle my hand
29. sing to u: YES!!!!!!!! And the guy I like is a singer. (:

30. play the guitar: ROMANTIC!! WOOH!!!

31. piano: YES!! But if he doesn't, I can play for his concerts...

32. play drums: FUNKY!!! I love drums *beams*

33. dance: YES YES YES! The guy I like is into dancing... (:

34. clean his/her room: Who cares?? (as long as I wont have to clean up for him)

There. Done. Lalala.

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화요일, 12월 13, 2005, 8:23 오후


LOLs. I'm just saying hi in Korean. Don't mind me if I just suddently start spouting Latin. HAHA.

Oh my poor darling sweet blog. I have been cruelly wrenched from your arms by my father, who told me to practice the freaking piano day by day. I mean, I'll die for my piano, but it's treason that you have to practice for 2 freaking hours every SINGLE DAY.Okay, Abigail, I know that you'll protest about the unfairness, because you play 5 hours a day, and you're DIPLOMA standard, andI'm only GRADE 5. How far is that? Don't SLAP ME, ABIGAIL.

I've been looking at my blog lately, and asking myself, why have so many people left my blog alone? Why have they not been tagging my blog? Why?

I finally realised, I should SPICE up my stories a bit. But HOW?

Going to join a writer's club, but currently I'm having WRITER'S BLOCK. Lol,sorry if my posts are not as funny as usual.

Went to band prac today, and saw Inez, waiting for don't know who. I went in furthur and realised that no one was there, and I was quite early. 'What should I do' I wondered to stupid ol me. I went and tried to kill time by looking at the Movement Exercise notice board thingy for like, 385y2965946956209847 times.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. A guy like those MIB people was saying, "Hi. We got a call that you have an artifact relating to the whereabouts of Lemony Snicket. I was hoping that you'll surrender them to me. I seriously love Lemony."

HAHAHA! Got you didn't I? Well, lol.

Anyway, we had to fall in and blah blah blah. God knows what I've been thinking throughout these times.

Oh yeah, I'm not sure what the majors did, but they had to do 40 push-ups. Perseus, An Chun, Shamin and XinHong. It nearly broke my heart(GODDAMN, IT'S A FIGURE OF SPEECH YOU NUT.)

Seriously. An Chun was like, struggling to complete his push-ups. It's soheart-wrenching (ANOTHER FIGURE OF SPEECH) to see him like that.

Today, we had this freaking intervals test, kindly invigilated, or rather tested us, the intervals, by playing 2 notes on the piano.

Okay, the intervals are: Minor 2, Major 2, Minor 3, Major 3, Perfect 4 Augmented 4, Perfect 5, Minor 6, Major 6, Minor 7, Major 7 and Perfect 8.

He also taught us Diminished and Augmented.

Man, I don'tknow how to explain those stuff on my blog. If any of you guys want help or explanation, come look for me, I can try to explain to you.

He tested us one by one. Glenn and I were like, compeating with each other by guessing. He won, ofcourse, because he's a FREAKING GRADE 8. How can I match up? Naomi, JIA YOU!

And when it came to Zhi Yuan, Glenn and I looked at each other and whispered, "Compound Major 2nd."

And Zhi Yuan said, "Major 9."

Walao. We answered first. No lar, just kidding.

Mr Lim then wanted Zhi Yuan to change to OBOE. MAN, I'm leaving soon you know. And Safina, Hidana are going! So who's going to play the mallets when we're gone? Surely not Eligay,Mus and Davin!

Safina and I went to Hougang Point to print my etudes score. (DAMN YOU, ELIGAY!) And we went to MacD. (: We saw Angelina and Hayley, and Angelina and Hayley went to my house.

We played Halo, fighting against each other. Hayley and Angelina were desprately trying to kill each other when I sneaked up to them and killed them both. LOL.

Okay, now to CHINA!

Are my parents INSANE when they wanted to visit CHINA? I mean, I'm okay with it but... The english... LOL. I'm a perfectonist, remember? LOL.

So claims the bloody brochure on Wing On's travel packages to China at the start of every introductory paragraph to each tour package, and is also emblazoned across the cover page of the brochure. My God, the shame. Such a horrendous grammar atrocity.Sure. I can overlook that seeing as how I know I am a sucker for perfect english. I am not unreasonable (not a lot anyway). And furthurmore, Wing On is founded by a SINGAPOREAN. guess that poor guy must have died of high blood pressure because of those gramma mistakes his staff had made.

BUT, upon reading the bloody itinerary, well, HOLY SHIT. My parents are INSANE.

Continue to visit Huaguang Park, featuring a combination of Jiangnan & western-style design, frequented by many world famous leaders.
Combination of Jiangnan and western-styled design? I am so lucky. To see this pretty design! Gee, it's even frequented by many world famous leaders. I bet they use it as a shortcut, or something equally not-so-nice-sounding.

Journey to Suzhou - the "Venice of the East". Here, streets and alleys extend side by side with canals. Small bridges and flowing waters, white walls and dark grey roof tiles match one another in tranquil elegance.
Look, I may not be exceptionally intelligent, but I do know that if they have to resort to playing with words in using the above as attractions, that place is seriously screwed. Not to mention that if want to see white walls, I can buy any period drama VCD and put the scene on replay till my brain rots.

Next, visit the Cold Mountain Monastery, famous for its Bell Tower as depicted in Tang Dynasty's famous poet, Zhangji's "A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge".
Oh my freaking God, like that also can use as attraction. I'm befuddled.

Enjoy a breathtaking Huangpu River Cruise and takes (TAKES) in the vibrant scenery along Shanghai's Bund area, as it perfectly harmonizes the classic oriental charm with the modern metropolitan fashion.
Gah! I mean, I know the Bund, but I seriously can't care less about how it harmonizes orinetal charm and modern fashion, or whatever. I mean, I'm paying money to go all the way to China to look at THAT? Do I care? Do YOU care?

And and and! The ridiculous hotel description (put forth by the hotel itself for everyone in the world to see).The dining-room with high-level apartments and kinds of box can hold 600 persons the so time.The hotel also has song and dance hall.teahouse,health room. kinds of meeting room.The hotel general manager and clerks welcome and broad guests to come hers wholeheartedly.

I know China doesn't have the best english, but STILL. People all over the world are going to see this when they think of staying in your hotel! At least type it out in Word or something right. Not to mention the fact that I totally don't get the dining room part. Why does the dining room have apartments and all kinds of boxes? What the hell is all kinds of boxes? For the last line, I'm sure they mean welcome aboard. Problem being you can't welcome anyone aboard a HOTEL. I'm also sure it applies to only vehicles like planes and ships. And isn't wholeheartedly used slightly in the wrong context? And placed at the wrong position in the sentence. Ah GOD I'm traumatized. I'm going to be spending the entire time there and on the planes wincing at the grammar mistakes I involuntarily spot, or something. It's not like I WANT it to be like this!

LOL. I'm tired. I will take a long, deserved REST.

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일요일, 12월 11, 2005, 7:01 오후

Whaha. Dad's finally gone to Malaysia.

HAHA. I finally got the whole set of FULL HOUSE comics. Yes the one that Rain (HOT HOT HOT) acted, but the only thing that it's in book form. And the book's older than the show, by the way.

I brought my Teenage mag, the one with Rain (HOTHOT HOT) on the cover to church.

I asked Alicia, Shawn, Fiona, Amanda and Rebecca what they thought of him.

Shawn said, "WOW. Hot body, but you can admit that that hairstyle makes him look GAY."

I replied in an ingidant (sp?) tone, "OI. He's HOT. You have 6 PACK OR NOT?"

Alicia surveyed the pic, and said "Seriously, Naomi, he looks AHGUA. Why do you like him?"

I replied, "He looks HOT. So shuai.I like his single eyelids."

"That's what makes him look UGLY." Rebecca pointed out.Thank you, Rebecca.

I went out with Chandhini yesterday.

She saw the Beanie Babies bear, all pink all over, and she opened the tag and saw....

that it had JESSE MCCARTNEY'S birthday.

She cuddled the bear and bought IT.

"This shows that Jesse and I are fated to be together." She cooed, half to the bear and half to me.

JEEZ. I explained to her, "Chandhini, the chance of you guys being together is like, me liking SHAMIN."

She was all, "IMPOSSIBLE. You don't like Shamin. You like that ugly Korean hot body dude, Rain, right? So that means that me and Jesse still has a chance."


We strolled into Popular, and I was looking for rain's concert VCD, Rainy Day (yes, don't mind the frivolous wordplay) and suddenly, Rain's face appeared in my face.

Oh, I wish! It was only the cover of "The Rain's Soundtrack" held by Chandhini in my face.

Okay, I really want to buy it, but no moola, lar. Tolong, I'm a very poor blogger you know?

She remarked, "Rain sure looks UGLY in sunglasses. But Jesse looks hot in anything, sunglasses or no."

HAIS. Worse than me.


But anyway I'm going to go with my family to a studio in Korea in April, and I'm going to see RAIN there. So, I think the poster won't be of any use, onlymy digital camera will be. And most probably my laptop too, I'm going to ask him for his email,which he most probably won't give unless if when he findsthat I;m trustworthy enough.

Gotta play piano, CIAO!

` ting hugged Rain's CD at 7.18pm

토요일, 12월 10, 2005, 9:57 오전


Eileen told us about that time she met 2 gays at Scotts.

As Eileen and her friends were sitting down at a vacant table, the gays sat at the table next to them. To annoy Eileen's friend, one of the gays proceeded to move the chair with HIS BUTT, and it hit Eileen's friend.

Eileen was damn annoyed. The gay then SASHAYED across the food court,and it was DISGUSTING. Eileen shouted, "Don't SASHAY too much, darling, or not that fake ass of yours will drop."


SIANDED out, nothing to do at the moment. I wish the days would just FLY.

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수요일, 12월 07, 2005, 7:14 오후

Okay, I was throwing a fit at Blogger just now because it screwed up on me.

Watched Harry Potter yesterday with TLL at iMax. Yeah, it's cool but it kinda SUCKED. The whole theatre was KIDS and beside me, there was this couple was making out (yeah they were) and I yelled at them to get a room.

After that, Gladys was laughing at me, saying something about me and Mr Choe. MY HOLY COW. I do not like Mr Choe, and I will only like RAIN and RAIN alone. HAHA.

Then Shamira was saying things like, "Johnny,let's take a pic," and then laughing like crazy. I know, Mr Choe's first name is Jonathan. Fine. I shall repeat myself,I like RAIN and RAIN ALONE.

We later went to J8. I dripped some MOS burger sauce (okay, 3 drops) onto my dear blue JEANS. GODDAMMIT! Those were my favourite jeans for TUA PEK KONG'S sake, and I love them. (They're figure hugging, HAHA.)

We sauntered through Sembawang, and I saw Rain's DVD set, and it comes with a WATER BOTTLE.I'd prefer the man, thanks, I don't need the bottle. I bought 2 FullHouse comics (YAY!) and Lemony Snicket's Book the 12th. HAHA.

I left Shamira and Gladys and went to United Square. I called up Faith, and Aunt Julie, her mother, asked me to go to her house. (THANKS!) My dad said okay, and I took the train to Kallang.

So, at Faith's house, we talked CRAP, CRAP and more CRAP, haha. We started talking about Rain and Naruto. I even gothooked on this song, called the Assumption Song, by the Arrogant Worms. LOL.

We were whisked away to Newton Hawker Centre by Uncle Jack and Aunt Julie, and we were talking. Aunt Julie said, "Faith, since Perry's going to NUS High,and since you're on MSN all the time, talking nonsense, why not do something constructive."

Uncle Jack chipped in, "yeah, then be friends. Then from childhood friends, you will become husband and wife."

Earth and I burst out in gales of laughter. Faith sulked.

In Newton, the people were touting, and the food was mostly seafood. Faith and I looked kind of alike, and we said that we were fraternal twins who were allergic to seafood.

HAHA, lol.

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12:30 오후

I shall not blog, because I wrote a big post and Blogger deleted it. FCUK.

토요일, 12월 03, 2005, 6:23 오후

Darn. My computer conked out on me, so have to use this stupid laptop. Oh wells, it's better than nothing. All my china pics are in my desktop (DAMN!) and so, yeah. Stuck with using this old laptop. Pentium 3. I hope to get my iMac G5 SOON, ASAP. My dad says that if I get really really good results, he'll get me the iMac. And so, yup.

I want the video iPod! (: Hahas, Eileen Ng said that she'll buy my old iPod at 250 bucks. Well, I think I can give her that price... because it has a few scratches and everything, and she said that she does not give a damn. So, okay. I gotta ask Dad whether I could sell... Then I can get my video iPod. HA.

Okay, enough of me crapping about the glitzy gizmos right now, and I'm really really bored, stuck here at home,nothing to do. I'd rather stay in HK then come here.But the toilets are cleaner here. So yeah.

I told Mr Choe about my dream to set up TLL in Korea, Japan and China, and he was all, "WOW! So young and you're thinking of enterpreneurship!" While putting on an awed face. Then he turned serious and told me, "we can't make it sure that we could give you this business, because, you're too young." I HATE PEOPLE SAYING THAT I'M TOO YOUNG FOR ANYTHING.

I told him about Reuben wanting to meet him and all, and if he could grant us some time when Reuben comes back next year. He said that he would love to, but I know that due to his STM, he probably won't remember, but I'll constantly remind him.

I mean,I thought it over, that I really want to make a difference in people's life using my strengths, which are bonding with children and people (certain) and my linguistic skills. Especially in China, where I could open a class for those peddlar children for free, to teach them the basics of the English language, so that they have a foundation in their lives.

but, where could I get lingual teachers specialising in the fields of science, maths , chinese , korean, jap and english? I was thinking to put myself in Korea,but what if I happen to start a family? Where should I send my children to? Singapore? All these I have to think about.

What if I encountered some bad business partners in the future? What if the market for education crashed? (not very likely) At this time, I'm still sceptical.

Hais, I think I'd better start hitting the books first, lol.

Faith Sim and I were talking about what will happen in our lives.

She asked me how many children I'm going to have.

I said, I don't know... Maybe 2? 3? I think I prefer 3,2 girls and 1 boy.

I asked her that question.

She said, 2. One boy and a girl.

She even thought of their names!

Well,I've thought too, but I don't think that I'm going to care so much about it. HAHA. It's like a baby wondering about retirement.

She then asked, "Who do you think you're going to marry? I'm going to marry Perry."

I chuckled, knowing my good friend, Perry Lam, was the apple of her eye since I introed them. (:

I replied, tongue in cheek, "Maybe RAIN? Haha. By the time I'm 21, he'd be 31. So, maybe. It's like 0.1%."

"Hey, it can happen. Look at Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise."

"Okay. I'll start this romance by putting up posters of him in my room then." katie started by putting Tom's pics in her room.

I have this half-naked poster of Rain (okay, he's wearing this vest like thingy, and it shows off his ABS. That's why I like it.) and my dad said NO, because I thinkhe's just JEALOUS of Rain, because he has ABS and my dad doesn't. HAHA. But I'm going to put it up anyway. For me to DROOL over. LOL.

Maybe our significant other is right in front of our eyes? And we did not even realise it? *SHUDDER* Hope it's NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT someone I detest in primary school. NOT NOT NOT.Hope it's not HIM. EW.

Haha, enough of me crapping.

What was I going to say?

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목요일, 12월 01, 2005, 9:17 오후
China was really, really boring

Memo: I could not make the pics smaller or bigger, because Photobucket currently hates me, so yeah. Bear with it. Thank you.

You are so wrong. China RULES!!
As I stepped into Changi Airport, I was thinking, "
YAYNESS! A long holiday! Finally!"

Okay, fine. That stupid pic I took of that infurating Control Tower won't let itself be uploaded. Fine.

Okay, we touched down on Shanghai Airport. Here's this huge advertisment I call "real advertising".

Image hosted by

It's a bird, no, it's a plane, no, it's a GIANT HANDPHONE!!!
Okay, and they're hosting this China games whatnot in China, and here's their CUTE mascot.
Image hosted by
I orginally made it smaller, but it still stubbonly became big. Well, whatever.
And, we sat on a bus (DUH) and off we went for our first trip, to Sun Yet Sen's tomb.
History lesson: Sun Yet Sen is this guy who saved China (I think) from Taiwan or whatever. (I forgot. It's been a year since Brainiest) and he... well, he's born in Nanjing, so we went to Nanjing.
On the 3 hour ride, the tour guide from HK introed himself. His name's Wilfred Sung, but he told us to call him Sam. Sam Sung. Okay, you get the idea. It's lame, I know.
And our native tour guide is called Xiao Hong! Cute eh?
Anyway, back to Nanjing and that Sun Yet Sen dude.
Okay. it still refuses to be edited. Heck. The steps, if I'm not wrong, it's like, 34-something?
And that's me.
Image hosted by
My mom and I went on a race up. whoever wins get to buy the other ice cream.
And Guess WHO? I won.
Image hosted by
That's my mom. And that's me.
And when we're done, it was already night time, for we came to Nanjing at 3.00pm. So, they brought us to this street, and we were going to do SHOPPING. (:
When I found out that China was indeed screwed up at the laws of copyright.
Image hosted by
The Golden Apple and Ai Yaya. No, the Golden Apple does not sell iPods. And there's no Golden Coconuts. Apparently, Ai Ya Ya is just a poor makeover of Singapore's This Fashion.
And they have a brand of mineral water named Wha Ha Ha. No kidding.
And when I turned, Lo and Behold, a copy version of Giordano and Crocodile!
Image hosted by
Come on, even a fool can see that you put Crocodile + Giordano = Cardanro. And, all the crocodiles have either been murdered, castrated and skinned to be handbags that is worth my entire U5 Yamaha piano. So, they cleverly used a bullfrog. *CROAK*!
Then, in a flash, it's time to herald the dawn of the next day.
We went to this bridge, which has this thingy of China's independance away from those Japs, and they built this bridge in honour of that.
Here's a statue:
Image hosted by
That guy's apparently holding Mao's Little Red Book. But if my dad gets the licence for Photoshop for my Xmas present, I could probably make that book turn into a middle finger. No offence.
Then we got into a boat, to sail around one island and that, and I find it pointless because the only thing is that you just waste your money. But they come with wafers and chinese tea too. Not bad.
Image hosted by
Me and dad at the wheel
We walked through this palace like thingy, and it's cool. I mean, the weather, and the scenery. The perfect place I'd choose if I'm chosen to direct Full House: The Oldies Version, starring Rain and Song Hae Gyo. Something like Zhu Ying Tai and Liang Shan Bo. :p
Image hosted by
The palace opening
Image hosted by
The bridge, below it it's water lilies. Hou lang ar! (So beautiful! In cantonese)
Image hosted by
This some kind of stone. Dunno what it means though.
Image hosted by
The background is the same bridge just now. This was the view of that lake I was talking about. (: That's my mom and dad.
Image hosted by
I thought this would be intresting...
We went to this jewellery shop, and they sold pearls!!!! Sparkly pearls that came from the OYSTER! Um, okay, I'll just put, SPARKLY PEARLS! Lol, hehe. I wish, next time, my significant other would not give me pearls. It's just, not my cup of tea. Just give me a diamond ring will do. (:
Image hosted by
The oyster!
The guy who gave us the talk held up an oyster. "Guess how much pearls are there in one oyster!" He announces, in broken Cantonese. "Come on, come on!"
"Little girl," -he pointed a finger at me- "guess!"
"Er..." I said in a pissed off tone, "20?" and thinking, "I'M NOT LITTLE, YOU IGNORANT ADULTS!"
A woman in the group I'll call Fei Ma, shouted, "25!"
Then there were shouts of "19!" "28!" "36!" All around.
The guy cracked open the shell and counted, "26!"
"Wah! Gort Jeong lor!" (Wah, got prize liao!) Fei Ma exclaimed.
Then the person handed a can to her.
"What's this?" She asked.
"Oh, it's ground up pearl paste. Good for your pimples."
Fei Ma then thrust it to me and said, "Here you go."
Wa Cow. I'm at the tender age of 13 okay, it's just a passing abnormality. What are you trying to say, I'm not forever like that! Wait till you see on the cover of i weekly that I'm dating some famous singer (AHEM) then you know.
Haha, this is the first I'll be writing about my 3 week trip. Next up, part 2! (:
and a sneak peek at Ansel, the darling little baby boy I was talking about.
Image hosted by
Have you seen anyone so ADORABLE??????????? I love CHEWREN okay? I'm practically a teenage foster mother already! (:
and something even more intresting!
Image hosted by
Now we know what Hui Kang's name means... it means "WELLCOME!"
HAHA, lol.
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5:30 오후

` 08; -


I can announce to the world that I NO LONGER LIKE PERSEUS TANG!!!!

Yes, I do NOT LIKE HIM!!! MUAHAHA! No more gossips, no more teasing, and no more slandering! I can finally go about my teenage love life in peace!

Even if I am dating someone now, I don't want to tell YOU. :P

Haha. I'm being sneaky and naughty and bitchy right now.

Go on. Tell the world what YOU want about me. That I did something with him or whatever. I don't care.


Tag my board please. It's going very stale. thank you.

` ting- 4.41 pm

11:13 오전

` 07; -

Lah di da lah di da...

Really, really sianded out.

It's really difficult to do a blogskin, I finally figured.

Just sitting there trying to configure what the heck those HTML codes are trying to tell you gives you one hell of a headache. Reading the tutorial seems worse. I really don't know what to do, and I wish Faith Sim was here to help. It's really confusing. I am getting so frustrated. I seem not to know anything about blogs at ALL.

Faith, where art thou?

Anyway, the readership has been depleting. Seriously. I don't know why. Sometimes I feel like blogging, sometimes I don't feel like. Faith knows how to do Windows Movie Maker when I am struggling with the BLOGSKIN. Hm, must ask her over to my house. Then we both can struggle together.

Anyway, I was strolling in the Hong Kong MTR one day with my parents and my father's friend's family when this caught my eye :

what's that girl doing, HUH?


What in the name of Mary Mother, Allah, Buddha, Sweet Jesus and TUA PEK KONG?!?

Rain with another GIRL?????

My dad was practically laughing. Uncle Dave, on the other hand, put his hand on my shoulder and said, " You have another competitor."


That girl is so damn lucky lor. Heck, I'm going to Seoul next year, so... I could get a glimspe of HIM!!! (: And they're arranging to meet Rain I guess, so why HURRY?

Rain's embarassing himself lor. Thank HEAVENS that if my SBK advert was on the MRT, I am so going to throw mysel on the MRT tracks.

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