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n. pl.reason or justification for being or existence


naomi jung
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29 june 1992
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정지훈/Rain/Jihoon - the husband.

Faith/Spaz - the best friend.

Prisia/Siao - the other best friend.

Cheryl - Cooking mama

Joyce - Korean fanatic.

Brother (wenjun) - who has 10000000 brains

Hyun - Mr Smart-ass Korean.

Chew - Dear Leader.


Ajumma (아줌마) : Auntie

Ajusshi (아저씨) : Uncle

Chagiya/Yeobo (자기야/여보): Darling/Honey

Namja Chingu/Namchin (남자친구/남친) : boyfriend

Yeoja Chingu/Yeochin (여친/여자친구) : girlfriend

Hyung (형) : Older brother (for males)

Oppa (오빠) : Older brother, also can be used as "boyfriend" in a steady relationship (for females)

Nuna (누나) : Older sister (for males)

Onni (언니) : Older sister (for females)

Ssulung (썰렁) : "so cheesy/cold/lame" for cold jokes

Selca (셀카) : camwhore/self camera

Wang Ja (왕자) : 6 pack/washboard abs



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월요일, 2월 27, 2006, 4:23 오후


What a way to kickstart the new day!

Woah, I managed to win HALF the battle by half-finishing my D&T project! HA HA to YOU. :p

Oh yea, we started chapter 6 in Science today, and SURPRISINGLY, they did not whoot and shout and wolf-whistle at the pictures depicting our reproductive parts.

I mean, HELLO? You guys were so enthu about starting the Sexual Reproduction chapter and you guys did not add sound effects? Oh hang on a minute, Kwang Yong did.

As I was taking down notes, I heard whispers,

"Push. Push."

It was emitting from Kwang Yong! URGH, disgusting perverts, the lot of them.

Before that chapter, they were pretending to groan and laugh.

Now, amazingly, they were QUIET.

I could never understand guys. *shakes head*.

And I went with Jia Ling to HP, and we bought bubble tea.

I was hoping that that little plastic cap to cover up the drink was a Cancer, and I made a pact with God... it's a little private. But whatever...

And it was a CANCER!!!!

OH MY GOD! That means my pact is coming true! -_-"

And another irritating little thingy...

10 things you hope to achieve or change, may it be past or present.

1) I would like my name to be Sa-rang. Seow Sa-rang. Sa-rang means love in Korean. But Hye-Gyo and Ji-Eun will be cool too. Or... Ji-Hyun?

2) I wanna be a world-class pianist and translator. I wanna get hitched to *ahem*, have 2 kids, a guy or girl or two girls, and live in Full House, and own a glass piano. But a pink or black Yamaha grand piano would be cool too. Maybe... a singer? An actress? A STAR?

3) Pass maths. FOR ONE DAMN TIME. NO, for all the DAMN TIMES.

4) Pimple-less face. Like what I was when I was a BABY.

5) To kick Annabeth Caroline Rebecca Leow Hui Min in the shins during the finals of SBK 2004. She kicked my computer, causing that damn thing to malfunction and thus, she winning the Singapore's Brainiest Kid 2004. Shit her.

6) Be a nice goody little girl. No. I'm a bad girl.

7) Study in Korea. No kidding.

8) Have more friends. And that specfic guy.



So yeah.

Gotta go.

Can't standing the mosquito-like mantra nagging of dad.


일요일, 2월 26, 2006, 7:12 오후

Lyrics Galore!

One of my top fav english songs of all time:

U2- Beautiful Day

The heart is abloom
Shoots up from the stony ground
There's no room
No space to rent in this town

You're out of luck
And the reason that you had to care
The traffic is stuck
And you're not moving anywhere

You thought you'd found a friend
To take you out of this place
Someone you could lend a hand
In return for grace


It's a beautiful day
Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

You're on the road
But you've got no destination
You're in the mud
In the maze of her imagination

You love this town
Even if that doesn't ring true
You've been all over
And it's been all over you

It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
It's a beautiful day

Touch me
Take me to that other place
Teach me I know
I'm not a hopeless case

See the world in green and blue
See China right in front of you
See the canyons broken by cloud
See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out
See the Bedouin fires at night
See the oil fields at first light
And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth
After the flood all the colors came out

It was a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
Beautiful day

Touch me
Take me to that other place
Reach me I know
I'm not a hopeless case

What you don't have you don't need it now
What you don't know you can feel it somehow
What you don't have you don't need it now
Don't need it now
Was a beautiful day

1:17 오후


4 South Koreans infected with Bird Flu.

Thanks, KBS Radio, for the update.

Anyway, to my Mom:


Prisia, you wanted me to blog about my dream house, right? Here it is...

Full House in Korea.

It is specially built for the mini series, Full House. It's made mostly of wood. *shrugs* let's hope there isn't any termites. *shudder*

It's in Incheon, in Korea. One hour away from Seoul, so if when I'm living there, you gotta go to Incheon International Airport instead of Seoul. If you drop by Seoul, you gotta drive for an hour to come here. LOL.

Anyway, it cost 1 million US to build. *shudders* gotta save up now. Or, I could ask my filthy rich husband next time to buy it for me. :P

And it's next to the FRIGGIN beach! *drools*

The spiral staircase leading up to the second floor

I want, I want, I want! *drools* but unfortunately, maybe I'm going to carpet the floor when I live there. Well, probably not. Hard to clean.

The 2nd floor hall area

Not particularly interesting, but whatever.

The beach view

See? What did I tell you? It's next to the beach, where I could run in the mornings, and take romantic walks at night.

The desk which Han Ji-Eun uses in the living room

I could use this for my blogging next time! And the gigantic gorgeous windows! Ah, I'm falling in love with those windows!

The bedroom Rain uses when filming Full House

Why on earth do I put this here? Because I love the layout. *winks*

Han Ji-Eun's bedroom

OH that beautious BED! ARGH!!! And the view from the windows to the beach! But one drawback is that when the sun shines through the windows, it'll wake me up from my beauty sleep.

The living room

DROOLS MEGADROOLS! I want this house. I don't care. Starting to save NOW.

Last but not least,

I want that hot guy starring in that mini-series as Lee Young-jae. :p

11:13 오전

Prefect's Camp

Okey dokey, I went to the Prefect's Camp, which was held yesterday.

I was placed in Maisarah's group, which had DANIEL CHAN in it.

WALAO! SUAY AR! Why do I keep ending up in the same group with him ALL THE TIME? URGH. It's disgusting. But thankfully, he was nice to me, unlike the other times when our group members had to calm us down from killing each other.

The theme for the camp is BOLLYWOOD, (a term used when Indians reach Hollywood, like Shah Rukh Kahn.) and we called our group the the BANGLAS, like the Veronicas.

The other groups were: Fishball, BEAR BEAR and the BOLLIS. The Fishball cheer was so FUNNY!

"I say Fishball you say tasty! I say Fishball you say JUICY!"




Ha. That's their cheer. Mr Ivin Chan was laughing at their cheer, and Mr Lee Soon Huat was like, "They shouldn't put it JUICY. They should say BOUNCY." HAHA! When he said that, I thought about the song: "Oh my poor meeeeaaattballl, roll down to the floorrrrrrrrrr...."

Mr Chan was marking his Sec 3 Biology papers with vigour, occasionally letting out a huge sigh when his students failed.

Kathy and I then went up to the hall, and we played this paper plate game. 25 numbered paper plates were stuck to the ground, and we must use them as stepping-stones to go over to the other side. And did I mention that we had to HOLD HANDS. Daniel Chan led the way, followed by Vincci, then Me, Kathy, Kia Min, Jia Wen and Tony. We lost, to the Bollies. Man, What a total letdown! When we were competing who'd will run over the plates in numerical order, we chose Daniel Chan and the Bollies chose Alvin. Daniel Chan ran across the plates, and SLIPPED, right on his butt, which was damn funny. Then he picked himself up and ran, beating Alvin.

LOL! Hais, gotta go play piano. Will blog more later.

목요일, 2월 23, 2006, 8:43 오후

I hate my father. To the core.

This is another ranty post.


Is he nuts or what?

Firstly, he took my HANDPHONE away from me at night because he claimed, CLAIMED, mind you, that it'll ring in the goddamn middle of the night and wake me up from my beauty sleep.

Come on. Who'd call me in the middle of the night? They also need their beauty sleep what. Not only ME. Bo LIAO.

Secondly, he confiscated my iPod.

What the HECK, confiscate my iPod for what. CONFISCATE then CONFISCATE LA! You think I scared ar? Confiscating my iPod only make things WORSE. I am the sort of person that does her homework well when there's music. And you confiscate my iPod, I don't do well in my studies, it's your FAULT, not MINE.

Thirdly, he scolds me and raises his voice at me for no rhyme or reason.

Come ON, Jia Ling was MSNing me just now because we needed to discuss the IPW project and how we're going to do it, and my dad just SAUNTERED into the room and saw the window, and without clarifying it, he just scolded me. What is this? This is pure AGONY, simple and true. Not till he ranted about why God gave him me and what he did in his past life that led him to deserve this to have me, because I was so rebellious.

It's not ME, it's not the FRIENDS I hang about with, it's not my BLOG, it's not the SCHOOL that I attend, it's not anything, it's just YOU.

YOU made me into this sort of person that I don't want to be.

YOU made me rebellious. Because YOU scolded me for nothing. YOU scolded me because you like it.

I can't wait for the day that I emigrate, or go to University in Korea, and escape the horrible life I have in Singapore. I wanna fly away to my dreams, get lost in there, and never come back to reality again.

When I see any hot Korean having a concert here, I'll go up to him and say,

touch me, take me to the other place

SUCK it la.

My house is not a place of sanity, it's a place of insanity.

You can practically go MAD in there.

My father yells and screams and do every thing imaginable to degrade you.

I just can't stand this la.

That's why I cut myself. I'm so lost. I'm so tired of everything.

I wanna scream out loud, I wanna escape from the horrors of reality.

Sometimes I just wish that I may fly away from all these happenings.

Sometimes I contemplate suicide.

Know why I wanna marry early?

I wanna change my surname to cut of all ties from him.

Seriously. He's saying that if I marry and have children, he'll take care of them for me.

I don't want my children to suffer under his hands. I'll leave them to my mother instead.

I'll not impart on what happened to me to my children. I will love them. Not treat them as a venting thingie to vent your anger upon.

Trust me, Ji-Hun.

it's a beautiful day; to let it get away
touch me; take me to the other place
bring me down; so i know i'm not a hopeless case
love me like you did; so tender and sweet
don't get me down; like i'm a hopeless case
encourage me; so i know i'm loved by you
and i'll stand by your side; forever and ever.

sarang hae, jeong ji-hun.

수요일, 2월 22, 2006, 4:51 오후

The Epitome of Cool.
And my results

Ann-yeong haseyo, my dear friends, we meet again after my last round of posts.


Results; behold, the verdict:

English: 25/40 (I know, Mr Choe, wait till you see my paper.)
Mathematics: 17 (YES, 17)/50. (Heck to the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE)
Chinese: 31/50 (I'm just happy I PASSED)
Science: 29/40 (WHAHAA. At least I have SOMETHING) (Or is it /50?)
History:??? The jury hasn't decided on the verdict
Literature: ??? The jury hasn't decided on the verdict either

Fine. Quit laughing.

I can't believe I LOST, graciously, -I hope, with me muttering a few curses- to Mr Shaun Kam.

URGH, I can't stand it when he goes around his friends, flaunting his marks.

AND CHERI NUR AINI, I hate YOU! Let me beat you for once, okay? HUMPH.

Okay. In order to be smart and brainy, according to my ahmah, do the following:

1) Eat fish everyday.
Hello? I do eat fish everyday! And that does not make me smarter. Especially in math.

2)Drink milk, at least eight glasses.
Okay, I'll try to follow that one. Drinking milk won't hurt, isn't it? It'll give you healthy bones, and it saves you from getting osterporosis (sp?) when you're an old individual. Depends what milk you're drinking, dearie.

3) Take a nap when you get home.
Well, DO I? No. Well... that's one thing I must try... but it keeps me awake at night. She said that it'll take away the qing chun dou on my face, so no harm trying too.

4) Be filial to your parents
HELLO? What has this gotta do with STUDYING? "Wah, you all youngsters so naive one. Must be filial, then the TUA PEK KONG will help you." Tua Pek Kong? He's not the diety of books, ahma. He's the diety of gambling fortune or something. OH OH OH! Confucius is the diety of books right? When you think of Kong Zi, you think of filial piety and books! So yea!

That's about it. Then she chanted about don't know what other nonsense.

OKAY, I just made a HUGE, GARGUANTUAN sidetrack.

Excuse me, while I just take a sip of Pepsi.

Okay, thank you.

As I was saying, what EXACTLY is the epitome of COOL?

From my point of view, young people (that's us) nowadays indulge in twitishness, that is, as follows.

"Miie iish shoo shadd todayy beecauushh ttchher kenna scollded uus jiie muiix... buayy hiiau biie thatt wommann... haiisx... dunno doo whhatt... haiisx."

Yea, that sort of thing.

And, in continuation, they have their mp3s, attached to them like fish are to water, play it at full blast to the tunes of Linkin Park, and completely oblivious to the yells of their friends and


Lay flattened on the road like prata.

Sorry, couldn't help it.

And, last but certainly NOT LEAST,

they think STUDYING is UNCOOL.

HELLO? I know, that math is just so blah, and I could not tarhan it, because it is an essential life skill that I must know (to calculate the expenses and the income, HAR HAR) to succeed in life. But, WHAT THE HELL DO WE NEED THE FRIGGIN FACTORISATION AND EXPANSION IN ALGEBRA FOR?


Ru-ting: "I would like to audition for the role of Han Ji-Eun in the remake of 'Full House'.

Shin Cine: "And Ru-ting, what qualifications do you have?"

Ru-ting: "OH, I KNOW! I know the factorisation and expansion of algebra! HIRE ME!"

Shin Cine: "..."

Kayys, you get the idea.

I think, from my perspective, studying is a from of recreation and stuff.

Gotta go, my DAD is tormenting me again. I really don't want to come home somethimes, and listen to his mantra-like nagging.

월요일, 2월 20, 2006, 4:35 오후

Current Song: Sad Tango- Rain
Current Show: My Sassy Girl- Cha Tae-Hyun and Jeon Ji-Hyun
Current Mood: Curious

One of these days, or rather, one of the later days, I will ask Rain to sit down at the dining table.


Ru-ting: "Rain, look here."

*proceeds to pour Pepsi into a cup containing ice cubes*

Ru-ting: Okay, you can go and read your book for a while. I'll call you again when it's ready."

Rain: "?"

*he proceeds to go to the living room and reads a book, whilst I go to the computer and start blogging*

-Half and hour later-

Ru-ting: "Rain! Come and see this!"

*Rain saunters over*

Rain: "What is it?"

Ru-ting: "LOOK! The Pepsi molecules have sunk to the bottom of the cup! And the water is floating on the Pepsi molecules? Can you explain why is this so?"

Rain: -stares at Ru-ting with a blank look- "HUH? How'd you expect me to know?"

Ru-ting: "You're the Pepsi ambassador what. Of course you should know."

Rain: -diaos- "..." -_-"

Imagine that. In the near future.

3:33 오후

My Perfect Lover: One of those irritating little thingies that comes by your blog.

The rules: The tagged victim lists 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner, mentioning the gender of said partner.Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on a post letting them know they’ve been tagged. If tagged before, no need to contribute.

My Perfect Lover:

1) Patient and Understanding
Must be patient to withstand my talkativeness, mood swings and stuff. I don't want a loud husband who quarrels with me all the time and still dares to question my sanity. I will give him space to speak his bit. He can just talk, don't go all quiet. I mean, high tolerance level. As all people know, we girls have mood swings, and my lover must, MUST be able to tolerate it. I will not go overboard, believe me.

2) Independent, and respects my independence.
Dun wanna be leached with a nitwit who plans MY schedule for ME, and still stays with his dad. But, if he wants to invite his dad to stay in our house, it's fine with me.

3) Must love me and no one else. Maybe, our children.
My lover must not, I mean NOT, love someone else. I mean, he can love his father, mother and sister and cousins and all family members, but not love someone else as in, having a love affair behind my back. As I think conservatively, that guy must be willing to give everything up for me, as I will do to him. If anyone of us are in trouble, the other will drop everything and rush to be by his loved one's side. If the situation was reversed, I will do the same to him.

4) Honest
Honesty is the best policy, as the cliche goes.

5)Good-minded, generous, and gentle
Ooh, ooh, OOH! He must be good-minded (as in, no dirty thoughts) and generous. I wish to get hitched to a rich guy, and he must give some of his money to help the poor. If he doesn't want to donate, he can do his part like donating blood... rendering his service to the SPCA etc... yea. Gentle, do NOT throw me around,and violently hurt me or whatever.

6) Get along well with me
This is like, so DUH. He must get along with me, or TRY to. We must vertainly agree with each other in certain things, and when one of us disagrees, we'll try to work things out to see if it'll work.

7)He must must write me a SONG!
I think the most romantic things that he'll do for me is to dedicate a song to ME! AHHH!!! It's far better then the most expensive dinner and diamonds in the WORLD!!!! In the setting, we will either be on the beach in sunset, holding my hand... then he'll just whip out his guitar or keyboard, and just sing the song to me... or a garden, a beautiful garden, with lots of trees and flowers, must be fresh-aired, and just sit by my side and talk... ahh, that'll be bliss. Don't need to buy me anything expensive, just flowers will do, and an occasional dinner out.

8) Looks
I don't demand my guy to be good-looking... just... decent, decent enough. He must be at least 183 cm tall... and his EYES, oh his EYES! I think the eyes are the most important part of the face.. just pretty eyes would do. Maybe... small (who'd like LARGE EYES? Like they're trying to stare through your clothes or something) and single-eyelidded! Like ME!

9) Not critisise me

For example, I cook something that he doesn't like, he could just tell me what I should put in to make it taste better and stuff... not like my dad, who tells you straight off that your food isn't good at all. HUMPH. I think encouragement is an important aspect to union too.

And now... I tag...

1)Jia Ling! Yes, you rump.

2)Fong Yee! Yes, you too.

3) Pei Wen!!! AUNTIE! KOPI JI BUI!

4) Pei Jun!!!


6)REBECCA SEOW, you smelly old COW.

7) Faith Sim, yes YOU! Napeleon of ANIMAL FARM!


3:10 오후


Long time ago, in the southern part of Singapore, Naomi Seow had a blog.

It wasn't some ordinary blog.

It was pink all over with bunnies and flowers as the blogskin, and the words she typed were similar to, as follows:

"miee iishh shhoo borreed toodayy cosshh miiss lauu wann thhee wholee of 6C too stanndd upp. wanna slapp herr coshh shhee liiddat. shhee veryy xiia lann beecauuse shee tolld uss thatt Nanyang iish a preesstiigiiouss skool... sho mux acct liike guaii kiia onne... sho siickenniing..."

Yea. You probably had guessed, I was, I repeat, I WAS, a twit.

It was full of childish babblings, incoherent grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors (which would cause a severe cardiac arrest to my then english teacher, Mrs Lau.) and lovestruck (or rather, CRUSH-struck) messages of passion for my then crush, Sean.

(Just a note, Sean actually LIKED me at the time I LIKED him, so yea, we didn't tell each other about our mutual feelings, because we were afraid of the class jeering at us. As a matter of fact, the whole class DID make fun of us. Sheesh. So embarassing at that time.)

Where is Sean now? In Queenstown Secondary. Okay, SHUT UP.

Excuse the sidetrack. HARHAR.

I just started my blog last year, because I felt that I've matured, and it's enough reason for me to start afresh.

Writing a blog is not an easy task at all.

I think I am in the safe spot to declare that I am, and still is, a better blogger than before. I manage to write for the 'non-twitish' people of the community, and still struggling for the endless list of topics, vocabulary and tips on writing well.

As I mentioned before and will mention again, writing a blog is not an easy task at all.

You have to do your stuff, like researching, other well-known bloggers, like Xiaxue and Kenny Sia, learn how they write to make people laugh, and feel at ease when reading their posts, and import a little teeny weeny bit of their style, and put it on your writings instead.

I suggest reading books will help you in your flamboyant vocabulary.

And, tagging other people's blogs helps too.

Advertising is an important aspect to consider when setting up a blog.

When I first set up mine, I got only a meagre readership of 3 a day. And now?

I have about 30 to 40 readers, or as Xiaxue puts it, BLOGDERS, a day, and still counting.

I hope to be the youngest well known Singapore blogger.

Anyway, there are sometimes I feel like abandoning and returning to my old pink twitish blog.

I envy bloggers, like instead of being stereotypical, writing boring entries that make it look like lecture notes, and just let their fingers loose and just go blah. I envy bloggers that come out with new topics, instead of fishing for new ones, at the drop of a hat.

I guess I shall close this blog, take a haitus and refect on my thoughts.

I guess I shall find a date to just think about what blogging means to me.

Maybe I am not cut out for blogging at all, and just go back to be a good little stereotypical girls who stay at home, do homework and being innocent. I can't say for sure.

Get me a wakeup call.

일요일, 2월 19, 2006, 10:53 오전

I am currently reviving my passion for "Full House".

Crap la, Miss Tan just told my parents about me feeling pretty down lately. Yea, just because of some incorrigible ssangji who ranted about me, and my parents constantly fighting and the revealing of people who actually "betrayed" me.

One thing's for certain,

I can never ever, never ever, trust the band people.

It may just be a hunch. I don't know. *shrugs*

The Prefect's Investiture rehersal was so hilarious yesterday. Darren was standing in front of Mei Hao, thus blocking her view. Mei Hao was all, "Walao, Darren you stole my limelight! On that actual day, can you please, please change your place?"

"See how la. I don't know. I MAY be changing it, I MAY be not." Darren retorted.

HAHA! Mei Hao was then left fuming.

There was another rehersal on Friday, and I remembered, that Zi Yi, Daniel Chan, Julie, Xiao Hui and I were singing:

Daniel: "There was a bank"

Echo: "There was a bank"

Daniel: "Just a teeny weeny bank..."

and well, you get the idea.

And he continued until a RIBCAGE, ABDOMEN, and a LIVER got into the picture!

It was so hilarious.

We were supposed to sway our bodies form left to right, and clapping at the same time, Mdm Habibah told us to follow Samantha. We did, and Ren Yi and I ended up smooshing against each other! When we told Sam about it, she was shocked that the whole Prefect dance thingy all depended on her!

And after the Parent's Meet, Xiao Hui, Uthara and I went to Hougang Point. After that, Uthara and I went to Hougang Mall to kill time since we were all so bored.

In the CD shop, I wanted that classical hits of Korean Dramas!!!!! But, not enough money to spend, so broke. Very poor blogger here la, tolong.

And Dad and Mum told me what Miss Tan said to them.

"Mr and Mrs Seow, Naomi is rather an intelligent child," Me: PTUI! "and I am sure that, with a little hard work, she can excel in her exams, and the GCE O Levels."

"I know she has a little difficulty on her maths, and maths is rather an important subject. Like myself, I hated maths, but in JC I chose an arts course instead."

Me: I'll rather go overseas than go to JC. But I'm hoping that I could at least go to ACJC, NJC or RJC. RJC is almost impossible, but nothing is impossible.

ACJC got a lot of Korean guys leh. *drool*.

Thinking of taking Triple Science + Music O Level. or maybe additional Third Language.

Hais, forget about it.

Prisia, you ol devil, you did not tell me that you went to the library! I could've gotten you to return my books for me!

My novel is well underway, thank you very much.


So, gotta go watch Full House and drool over Rain la. See ya.

금요일, 2월 17, 2006, 9:07 오후


Was away for a LONG, really LONG haitus because dad cut off the internet connection and it's, yeah, I know, so blah.

And, ELIJAH YEO KER WEI, don't say that I cut myself because of HER. You make me sound like some LESBIAN in front of other people. Don't want them to misunderstand, OKAY? Or, for the moment, give everybody some PEACE and just SHADDUP.

And now for my really really long (okay, not really) blog post.

Shit. Oh shit. I'm like so dead can.

I am so totally going to flunk my math and... well, maybe literature? (Hell, I spent the whole damn night up to READ for it, gods sakes, and not a SINGLE question came out. Well, one did.)

And I put the gall bladder as the friggin LIVER!!!! ARGH!!!!! I am going to lose a MARK for that. URGH.

And praise the Lord,I got B4 for CHINESE! I told teacer, "lao shi, wo ai si ni le" and she was all, "don't say like that, or not all my pores will stand". I was so HYPER until Xiao Hui and Uthara threatened to throw me off if I do not shut up.

Oh My god, Uncle Jack Sim WON the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award!!! And it's my best friend in the cosmos', Faith Sim's, FATHER!!!! UNCLE JACK!!! I hereby put you in my blog and honour you that you WON that AWARD!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

And he got that by founding the World TOILET Organisation. Heck, he's nice. And funny. And innovative. He keeps sharing his wacky ideas with me, which I like very much. HEH.

URGH, my two comps got sent for repairs, and I got a new monitor!!! YAYNESS!!!!!!

Gotta study hard for math, aim for a B4 because I wanna get into Triple Science. JIA YOU! AZA AZA FIGHTING!

ARGH! Mr Choe taught us and let us watch Pride and Prejudice today! YAY! And he wanted to let us watch the Emancipation of MiMi by Mariah Carey, but too late, gotta go home. :(

And he CONFUSED RAIN with CHA TAE-HYUN. Gotta make a mental note to correct him.

And a POST Valentine's Day Message!

Love is... that feeling that can pierce your heart like a dagger and can make you feel high at the same time.

Love is... loving your parter and friends as you love yourself.

Love is... not war.

Love is... when you tel someone how much they mean to you... and mean it.

Love is... when you accept a friend or foe for who they are.

Love is... giving your girlfiiend/boyfriend up when they tell you they don't love you anymore. (adapted from the korean movie My Sassy Girl)

Love is... when you enlope a girl/guy with your warm and tight embrace.

Love is... treasuring your partner and never let them go. (But unless they're going to break up with you la.)

Love is... feeling butterflies in your stomach everytime you see your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush/husband/wife... unless it's an obsession or infatuation.

Love is... eventually getting your ideal Mr Right or Miss Correct.

Love is... you doing anything that is within your means for that Significant Other.

Love is... getting hitched.

Love is... a four letter word. L.O.V.E.

Love is... love.

This is dedicated to all you lovey-dovey couples out there... and singles... and cynicalists, like me.

월요일, 2월 13, 2006, 4:45 오후


It's all just a misunderstanding.

Dad just scolded me yesterday AGAIN. Yes, again.

I called Shi Nuan, my cell leader, to seek solace.

Shi Nuan told me that the devel is currently running amok round our clan.

Another cell, a sister found out that she had lukemia (sp?) on CNY eve.

Shi Nuan, after I talked to her on the phone, had to rush her mom to the hospital because her mom had pnemonia (sp?)

Why is all this happening at once?

Why, Lord, do have thiese things happen to me and my clan?

Why has the devil gotta be here in the first place, and ruin millions of friendships? Has he got nothing better to do than get a LIFE? Wait, he's in hell.

I pray for world peace. Peace round the world.

Brother not against brother, friend not against friend.

목요일, 2월 09, 2006, 5:52 오후

When you know the Armegeddon is coming.

There's a prophesy in Revelation:

"The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is near. Nation will turn against nation, country against country, Man against man, brother against brother. I will come, when the End Time is near."

Okay, what's with the world now?

There's the Iraq war, which Bush and Saddam are fighting like squabbling babies, and now, even in Singapore, bitter spats are common among friends.

I, myself, would like to point out that my tagboard is one such place that something- cruel and hurtful- is going on.

It's just a spelling error. It's just a grammatical error.

Why do people have to be so sarcastic and hurtful? Don't you know that your words are like a sharp knife, ready to pierce the heart?

At least, you could just remind me in the least painful way possible, to remind and help correct the person's english. But you, anonymous and sheesh, which you call yourselves, are spewing hurtful little words out of your damned mouths.

But do I look like I care?


Why want to cause a rift between two people? Why want to cause and create so much hatred in this world? Why do you want to cause more already-fragile-hearts to be broken? These are questions that I, myself, cannot answer.

Come on. Peace.

Anyway, there's one thing that I'm happy of on having hate commenters.


That shows... that my blog is POPULAR, like XIAXUE and KENNY SIA.

수요일, 2월 08, 2006, 3:34 오후

Did I dream for this? And it just came true... Eprilogue

Jade gripped the handles of her velvet chair. Her sweaty palms glistened with moisture, and she rubbed them back and forth on the armrests, trying to get rid of the sweat. She didn't want him, the famous Park Cha-Hae, to see that she was actually trembling. She lifted up her palms from the armrests, and spying two dark patches that would fade away in time.

"Shit," she muttered.

Park Cha-Hae was just standing in front of her. He was dressed, startingly, in a black dinner suit. She, was decked out in a pink satin gown, bought specially for her, for this night out. She was aware about the fact that millions of girls around the globe would die to be in her situation right now. She had hoped to be that lucky girl, and now she had it. Her heart thumped in her chest, the rhythm of her heartbeat echoing in her ears with every thump.

"Jade," he began. "Jade."

His deep casanova voice, that voice calling her name so sweetly than anything that she had ever heard before, resonated in her ears, and through the walls of the room, making her shiver with delight. She, as a teenager, ungoing teenage angst, had hung posters of him on her bedroom wall. Practically every nook and cranny of her room, and her mind, was full of his cheeky grin, the grin that made her heart melt. Her greatest dream was to be his significant other, and now, it had became reality. Why did she feel nervous- and uneasy- when it had all come true now? In the present?

Park Cha-Hae stretched out his arms to Jade. He flashed his grin.

Jade suddenly snapped out of her dream-like state, and the grin, oh that grin! It made her heart melt. The tingly sensation she felt in her spine was acting up again. She moved, dreamily and gracefully, out of the chair, walked over the room, and Park Cha-Hae enloped Jade in a glow of his warm embrace. She stood there, numb with shock once again, pondered, that he, Park Cha-Hae, out of all his fans around the world, would choose Jade Long, her, among them all. Was it their similarities, that bound them together? Or was it a twist of fate? She wondered, as she surrendered, yet again, to his warm embrace.

3:09 오후


Sometimes I feel like screaming.

Sometimes I feel like letting it all go away.

Sometimes I can't even forget what you've done to me.

Sometimes I can't imagine that you've changed a lot.

You've hurt a lot of people, Daniel.

Last year, you were witty, funny, and a nice guy, very fun to be with.

I remember the times that we had in the beginning of the year, we both were doing classroom block duty. You were making Ke Jun and I laugh, by locking yourself up in the toilet.

You even asked if we could take pics together using my new phone at that time.

You were very nice. You even helped me solve some problems that I can't solve.

You were also very humble. When I got too proud, you reminded me by bringing me back to earth again.

You joked with Hui Yi, Rachel and I, making stupid jokes, witty ones and funny ones, and until today, I still can't get your "Fart" joke out of my mind.

You are obsessed with Star Wars. I brought you the Time magazine which has Star Wars on the cover, and instead oftaking care of it, you crumpled it.

In July, you broke my heart. Not as in the love kind, but you just... posted hate mail on my blog, and when Hui Yi and I had a quarrel, instead of helping both of us get back together, you... spread rumors about it, apparently "helping" Hui Yi because you liked her at that time. But, YOU, YOU with your hatred, caused a rift between us two.

And look how you've changed.

You, instead of making us laugh, you made us cry.

You, blocked me on MSN, and broke Hui Yi's heart.

You, instead of asking me to be humble, now WE have to ask you to be humble instead.

You, instead of solving our problems, GAVE us, in return, MORE problems.

You, instead of being nice, became a BASTARD instead.

You, instead of saying how nice our phones are, said, "That's disgusting," when we asked you for opinions.

You even said bad things to Reuben when I introduced him to you.

What is this.

Do you call this a friend? I THINK NOT.

You are ruining your father's reputation.

It's horrible.

I wanna scream to let it all out.

I just wanna erase you from this world.

Don't think you're so smart.

Don't think you're so handsome.

Don't think you have lots of friends.

Don't think you're so cool.

Because you're NOT.

화요일, 2월 07, 2006, 3:36 오후

The day I screwed myself up

Okay, I know that my pledge-taking today kinda SUCKED.

It's my MAIDEN VOYAGE okay.

Please lar. Some one tried his/her best, and it's his/her first time at trying it out, yet, instead of giving help and kind words on how to improve on their work, you LAUGH and JEER at them.

Come on lar, fellow Singaporeans. Are your mannerisms that bad? That babaric? That cruel?

Please, take some time to refect on your doings lar. Not only to me, to someone else instead lor.

Like, for example, I hate, or rather, look down on people who acts like a SLUT among other people. Tries to get you into trouble, tries to make you as embarassed as possible in front of other people, and at your face, puts up an ACT to make you think that nothing is happening at all.

But darlings, something is ACTUALLY happening behind your back... Without you knowing.

When you know about it, it's too late. Your reputation is RUINED, your emotions are LOSING CONTROL, and you feel like committing suicide.

Come on, I know how it feels. Being discriminated when I was young (I was towering over kids my age, and was speaking in flamboyant languages. Get this, I can read children's books by the age of 1 and a half), being chastisied in primary school (definitely I wasn't MATERIALISTIC), and being wronged in secondary school (apparently...). So I understand what you guys have been going through, anybody who feels my pain.

Kays, excuse the sidetrack.

Kwang Yong and Jun Tat were reading the pervertic joke about little Johnny seeing his elder sister and her boyfriend doing IT, and described the whole procedure in an INNOCENT WAY. EW, the worst part was how INNOCENTLY little Johnny was making it sound like.


"I saw the eel, and it was 10 inches long!"

"Sis was really brave, and laid on top of her boyfriend to crush the eel!"

"Her boyfriend then took the cover off the eel and flushed it down the toilet!"

Okay, you get what I mean.

Seriously, the MOPPPPs are DISGUSTING. I can't see how anybody could laugh and get horny over those kinds of JOKES. It's... just gross lar.

Then, while we were waiting for Mdm Liu, our chinese teacher to come, Shaun took the boy and girl Winnie the Pooh bears that Anna had and held it up for everyone to see.

"This is how Sheng Yao got Mian Xia pregnant," and he... well, you know.

Everybody, including me, burst into bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

Oh my goodness. Am I really that pervertic?

월요일, 2월 06, 2006, 8:06 오후


I am so NOT, and I MEAN NOT, going to read the New York Times.

I am so going to cancel my subscription.

Okay, I am going to dissect the article, bit by bit.

Rain, Korea's pop singer whose influence is growing throughout Asia, finally showcased his talent for American audiences last week, but the reaction was far from positive.Rain, or Bi in Korean, performed at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Thursday and Friday, a new step for the "Korean Wave." Tickets for the both performances sold out, but local reviewers were not impressed by his act.

Okay, I scanned through this part of the paper, and I spotted the words highlighted in red.

Look at the rest of South East Asia and see how the reaction is, dammit.

He has, millions thousands of fans worldwide, including YOURS TRULY. And you call that FAR FROM POSITIVE. Come on, New-York-Herald, who needs YOU to report the news. I have the Asian Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Time Magazine, Newswek magazine and the Straits Times to give me the news. Thank you very much.

The New York Times, for one, noted that "Rain sounded like a nostalgia act," criticizing the absence of originality in his music style. The U.S. daily said Rain and his songwriter, producer and mastermind Park Jin-young have attempted to piece together styles of different artists - Michael Jackson, Babyface, Justin Timberlake, George Michael and Usher.

FUCK YOU, New York Times. Nostalgia act, eh? Think it's so easy to write songs, and cheoragraph a concert? Okay, get your editorial board and try writing songs with groovy tunes and hold a concert at the Madison Square Garden to show everyone, since you think it's so easy. I'm sure your songs will go like this:

"Ooh, vocabulary and grammar
Piece everything together
Shake shake shake it
And you have a hammer!"

Okay, I know that's lousy, way too lousy rhyming. But heck, you get what I mean.

And for another, he doesn't like BABYFACE, DAMN YOU.

The problem is that Rain`s mimicking of Jackson`s costumes and other popular American singers` styles did not generate a totally new trend that could upstage American audiences, even though he charmed mostly Asian female audiences last week.

The costumes are ORIGINAL, DAMMIT. It's not what you think it is. OKay, could not generate a trend of American audiences. Okay, what do you guys want. Rain to strip and bare like what Janet Jackson (or whoever) did? (Sorry Rain, I know that you LIKED Janet Jackson) Screw it.

Rain seems like a nice guy, but he doesn`t have the tormented charisma of Jackson, the relaxed sex appeal of Usher or the quick pop reflexes of Mr. Timberlake," the paper said. The particularly painful judgment for Rain and Park is "Seeing him onstage was like watching old MTV videos dubbed into Korean." But local media in Seoul hailed Rain`s inroads into the U.S. market. Yonhap news agency reported in an upbeat note that the 24-year-old singer attracted 10,000 fans as well as hundreds of journalists during the two-day performances.

Wait wait wait, HOLD ON A MINUTE HERE.


Come on, he's only 4 years into the music scene. Justin Timberlake, Usher and Michael Jackson are like, DECADES in the music scene? How'd you expect him, and he's an ASIAN, to break in to the pop music scene so easily? And an approval into the American market in the blink of an EYE?

And who needs sex appeal, dammit.

Seeing him onstage is like seeing OLD MTV DUBBED IN KOREAN?

Okay, I have nothing to say here. This article is offically screwed up for words. S-C-R-E-W-E-D UP.

The performance is to be rebroadcast by MTV through local language services like MTV-Chi for Chinese and MTV-K for Koreans.

Local media also reported that major labels such as Sony Music, Universal Records and Warner Brothers Music are showing interest in Rain.

JYP Entertainment, the management agency to which Rain belongs, said it is in talks with major Japanese labels for Rain`s record contracts.The question is whether Rain will indeed move beyond the Asian market. He is the very symbol of the Korean Wave, a fad for Korean pop music, drama and movies. His third album released in 2005 sold a total of 920,000 copies throughout Asia, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia.Rain`s live tour, titled "Rainy Day," stormed through Asian countries from July to December last year, attracting 130,000 fans in total, a new record for any Korean pop singer. Meanwhile, the television drama "Full House" featuring Rain as a main character is winning over a growing number of Asian viewers.

Okay. here it goes. Nothing to say, because here is all good words.

I will never, ever, be kind to a journalist from the New York Times when I make it big next time.

4:49 오후

Nothing Spectacular.


Okay, went to school. Mom was actually LATE, have to bang on the bedroom door. Maybe she had hangovers after all the cake she ate last night, lol.

I tied my hair really high up today, and they said that it was nice. O.o And that stupid Jason Liow said that it was too... bushy. Damn him lar! I informed him, in the bitchest voice that I could muster, that I am actually going for a trim.

Next time, when you get a new phone, do not say anything.

When I went to schoo, SWARMS of people rushed towards me and were like, "Naomi! Let me see your phone!"

I got out my Nokia 6111, and they were dripping saliva over it, especially Mei Hao, Jolyn and Jannah.

"You should've gotten the pink one, " Jannah said.


I swear I'm going to sue Singtel for saying there's no such phone when I asked if there was any pink.

Jia Ling told me that she was telling Winson why the condoms had flavours.

"Winson, the condoms have flavours because they have oral sex!" Jia Ling said.

Walao. That was the exact same thing that I was telling her. I'm not a member of the MOPPPP okay. I'm just speculating.

Then Jun Tat (President of The Ministry Of Pure Pathetic Powerful Perverts) said, out loud, "WAH! Durex condoms got flavour?"

Yao Yang was all, "You don't know meh? Got Strawberry, Orange and the exotic flavours!"

Oh My God, they're so dirty-minded.

Jun Tat asked, "Why got flavours one ah?"

I said, "You know what is oral sex? Yea, you know, to let the girl taste the AHEM."

Then Kwang Yong said, "Wah, to valuable a piece of information!" While the guys giggled, that vile thoughts in their brains.

URGH, boys are so DAMN IMMATURE.

Mian Xia did not come today, and the MOPPPP were like, "Wah, Mian Xia was feeling PAIN! Sheng Yao, did you do something to her to make her feel PAINFUL?"

OMG, Miss Tan heard that and she was all, OMG.

Seriously. Guys are SO IMMATURE.

Oh yea I almost forgot!

After that Danny's Egg english DART test whatnot, Jia Ling and I went home together, taking the same bus.

When we got on board the bus 156, there was a pungent smell, a smell of puke.

Everybody were like, EW, and strayed AFAP (As Far As Possible) form the seat.

Thankfully I got a box of Cool Chews and started munching away, until my whole nose was full of lime smell. Jia Ling stole some of my chews, unfair. :(

But, at the Bowen stop, the bus driver got a Magiclean wipe broom and water, and started to wash the thing away.

Then after Jia Ling went off the bus, another guy came on the bus.



The Houagng Sec people behind me were giggling away, and until the poor guy was infromed of the calamity.

I could not stop myself from laughing, HAHA.

일요일, 2월 05, 2006, 6:38 오후

Insanity is all around



Okay. Here goes my post for today.

I left the house early, went to church. As I was listening to my iPod, some idiot beside me, got tangled up in himself, and stepped with a splash like the guy crashed into another bicycle when Sayuri looked at him.
And he did just that. Splashed into the puddle of muddy water and got his clothes all soiled.



I got to church, then worshipped. They kept playing the SAME OLD SONGS. Seriously. Why can't they change the songs that they're playing?


After that, I have to skip family time because I have to go to the library to borrow books. =D

Got 2 Madeline L'Engle books, based on time travel. I got another book, a fantasy one that Prisia recommended.


Prisia was all, "Rain on the Brain."

I want the Rain Album 2, Running Away From The Sun. It seems I can't find anywhere in Singapore. Damnation. I want that so badly that I would sell my soul for it. Okay, scratch that.

IN summary, Shi Nuan wasn't so happy that we skipped Family Time. *Sigh*. I really wanna go out and roam the streets with Prisia.

Nothing better to post.

토요일, 2월 04, 2006, 2:33 오후

Okay, this is a pic of Ansel.


12:15 오후

A Gathering of 2 friends

Jessica, one of my long time friends, came to my house to pay me a visit.

As she took a pistacho nut from the Tupperware container, cracked it oven and ate, I tried to make simple conversation.

"Jess, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked. I remember her asking me the same thing when we were about 6. Now it's my turn.

"Mmm, I want to be a scientist. You know, those biologists? Like, doing fertility stuff for barren women? Yeah. In-viro Fertilisation, IRV for short." Jess replied, crunching on the nut.

She picked up another, and looked at me. "You? Ru-Ting? What do you want to be?"

"Me?" I asked, taking a strand of my hair and twirling it around my finger. "I want to be a english tutor, and a translator to Rain. You know, that hot Korean star that starred in your favourite show, Full House?"

"Yes, I know. I think, Ru-Ting, that you should snag that businessman instead. What's his name? Yeah, that one." When I pointed at the computer screen.

I shrugged, and reached over to grab a pineapple tart.

"Actually, Ru-Ting, I think that being a translator is also good," began Jess, her mouth full of pistachos, " you can grab all those hot rich businessmen, unlike me." *Crack*! Another nut was being split into half. "Staying in the hot lab all the time."

"Then be a teacher!" I said, waving my hands in the air to express my point.

"No, Ru-Ting, I'd let you have the hot guys. Because when we were in the same primary school, you let me have all your crushes. Now it's my turn to repay you." Jess stated, in a matter-of-fact way.

"Okay, let's change the subject." I mused, not wanting to eloborate on the fact that all my crushes were snagged by her.

"OK." Jessica picked up a pen. "Do you want fertitily treatments?"

Ah, the joys of chatting with a friend.

금요일, 2월 03, 2006, 1:52 오후

Pronounciation Lesson

Is it annoying if someone calls your name wrongly?

It is.

Since young, everybody asked what my full name was.

My mom, as she held me in her arms, and I was slurping greedily on the milk bottle, said proudly,

"Seow Ru-Ting Rain Naomi! Isn't that sweet?"

(Note that Rain IS part of my name, but it's not in the birth certificate.)

The adoring aunties will go,

"What? Siao Rotting Raine NaHOmI?"

My mom will then proceed to roll her eyes, and said,


The aunties will then call me "Yomi", which was Hainanese for "carry things."

Now, even my dear grandmother calls me,


And she'll break out in laughter, and embarass me in front of her mahjong kakhis.

As my Cantonese name is Yu-Teng, And "Yu" is chinese for rain, and my name has an extra RAIN in it, and she said that YU-Teng, Rain Yu. Get it?

I can't tolerate adults sometimes. They're a pain in the butt.

And don't go calling me, "Siow Rotting Raine Nahomi.

목요일, 2월 02, 2006, 4:25 오후

Okay, I know this is totally irrevalent.

My friend asked me what name will I give my daughters and son.

(Note: I wanted to have 2 daughters and 1 son. But if the first child's delivery is too painful, I'll just settle for 1 kid. But I hope it's a daughter.)

Okay, LOL!

I wanna name...

My daughters:

1) Phoenix Symphony something something something.

2) Sayuri Chiyo something something something.

Okay, I know that Sayuri and Chiyo are derived from Memoirs of a Geisha, but HECK. I love the names anyway. DON'T STEAL NAMES FROM ME OKAY.

And ding ding! My son...

*smiles sheepishly* actually I don't know what to name my son. LOL.

And the last names!! The most impt names of all~! LOL!

But as for that, I'll leave my future husband (MUST BE KOREAN OKAY) to decide.

LOL, I know that I wouldn't be married until... (I can get married at 18 actually) 8 years later. Actually, 6.

Just a passing thought though.

3:58 오후

I just felt like posting another post.

Adapted from Fong Yee's blog, Maestoso Amore.

Regarding those shows, what do you call it? "Talent Searches", I do not vote.

And I do not watch.

I mean, these shows are okay. But lookee here at American Idol and Singapore Idol.

Do you feel the immense sadness when a candidate sang her heart out, put in her best effort, and finish her song at a high soprano? You think that is good, but the judges think otherwise, and finished her time on TV with a short and butter phrase that is easy to understand,


And that poor candidate would flee the room, crying, never to be seen again.

Come on, don't say "you're out" or something like that lar. Just say, "Oh, I'm sorry that you can't meet our expectations..." and just say, in a comforting way , list down her faults and how to improve on them, and that's it.

Is there, judges, a need to "ACT COOL", "BE TOUGH", to say crudely, "YOU'RE OUT."

How would you feel if I were to do that to you instead?

Come on lar, give a little sympathy here.

Oh, and did I mention that I don't watch refrain myself from watching these genre of shows?

Because, having my dreams stomped on a lot of times, I don't want to see people getting theirs stomped on.

Because it hurts.

3:47 오후

Chinese New Year. A wholly new meaning.

Chinese New Year. That precious few days where we recieve money (besides our birthdays and other special occasions) from our families and friends.

But it has a totally new meaning. At least, NOW.

CNY is actually to visit relatives you hadn't seen in a year or two, and to pay your respects and ask how they are. It is to catch up on old times, and to laugh and play to celebrate the New Year on the Lunar Calandar. It is actually days of gathering, and to make merry.

But now? It sure does not have the scenes of children talking and playing gleefully, adults peeling tangerines and laughing, catching up on the latest news.

It has, the children, endulging in gambling using their New Year money that adults have worked hard for it to pay their debts. Children, instead of saying New Year greetings to their elderly, when the hongbao was handed to them, they snatch it, open it in the presence of adults, fishing out the contents with grimy little hands, and them shrilling angrily that it wasn't enough.

Is this what Chinese New Year is all about? Gambling? Snatching money from adults?

Well, I think NOT.

Instead of spending it on gambling like most people do, I saved half the money up, and used the other half for books, and something educational. I know of a friend who recieved quite a hefty sum from her relatives, (she's RICH) and she blew it all on the newest Video iPod. And she got broke.

Although I recieved quite a fleshy sum, I saved it. (Like I told you) and I donated some to charity.

I kept quite a small portion of it though.

CNY is all about laughter and doing good and stuff like that. Not anticipating for money to spend.

This is just my opinion, so don't get offended.

What do you think?

수요일, 2월 01, 2006, 7:44 오후

It took me 14 years to realise that Bras Basah Complex has the word Bras in it.

And nobody ever reads my blog.