so we'd spread love like violence; ♥
♥ rai·son d'ê·tre (rā'zōn dět'rə,) {존재 이유}

n. pl.reason or justification for being or existence


naomi jung
서여정, 三浦 なおみ
29 june 1992
ngee ann poly mass communications
Rorsharch ink blot
J Tune Entertainment

& ooooh, Rain 비 = ♥


Heart of God Church ♥ b41

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나의 남편!


정지훈/Rain/Jihoon - the husband.

Faith/Spaz - the best friend.

Prisia/Siao - the other best friend.

Cheryl - Cooking mama

Joyce - Korean fanatic.

Brother (wenjun) - who has 10000000 brains

Hyun - Mr Smart-ass Korean.

Chew - Dear Leader.


Ajumma (아줌마) : Auntie

Ajusshi (아저씨) : Uncle

Chagiya/Yeobo (자기야/여보): Darling/Honey

Namja Chingu/Namchin (남자친구/남친) : boyfriend

Yeoja Chingu/Yeochin (여친/여자친구) : girlfriend

Hyung (형) : Older brother (for males)

Oppa (오빠) : Older brother, also can be used as "boyfriend" in a steady relationship (for females)

Nuna (누나) : Older sister (for males)

Onni (언니) : Older sister (for females)

Ssulung (썰렁) : "so cheesy/cold/lame" for cold jokes

Selca (셀카) : camwhore/self camera

Wang Ja (왕자) : 6 pack/washboard abs



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월요일, 5월 28, 2007, 4:13 오후

` 611; - things I've got to say.

Quote of the day:

"I just told Jasper that you're getting something practical for me. Last time when you went to Japan, you got me a handpone strap. Now you gave me ANOTHER HANDPHONE STRAP. T.T" - the 'oh-so-smart' Darren ;D

I'M BACK IN SING-A-POUR! (finally) *grabs my hippo and dances a jig in pajamas*
Many kamsahamindas goes out to Jasper, Darren, Shermaine and Sylvia for fetching me from the airport, and Darren for being my bellboy for the night (:

Will post up pictures of pretty boys and I :D (soon)


Frankly, I don't know what the whole fuss is about. My goodness, some imbeciles really possess the intellectual capacity of a rock. I simply do not understand what the heck is going on in their heads unless I crack/pry it open with a crowbar or something.

Jasper just merely remarked on your essay, reposted what James philosophically posted on his blog and defended that teacher you insulted (whose knowledge of his subject is wider than yours) when he has the right to yell at you kids.

As Ling! puts it, "Some kids put the anal in analyst."

Yeah, Jasper is wrong in commenting and he shouldn't do what he did, but must you opt for childish means like, for instance, tag fighting, rolling your eyes when Jasper apologised (I hope they stick when the wind changes) and still having that smirk in your tone?

You're already in JUNIOR COLLEGE for heaven's sake. And I thought that only primary school/ sec ones do that sort of thing.

BE your age, or at least, ACT your age.


3:55 오후

` 610; -

just listened to an instrumental version of a song and it took me 4352970876 minutes to realise that it was instrumental -.-


& I realise that I am not good enough for you.


월요일, 5월 21, 2007, 1:08 오후

` 609; -

A last word before I go to Beijing.

Email me, and I'll try to sms/call you guys when I am in Peking Duck land! :D

I'll miss B4, hoGc, B2 and my CHINAMAN :D

Chinaman was ______ yesterday, I'd take that as a good sign!
Because I made another bet with God that if Chinaman was ________, I'll be like WOAH.

D______ told me CHINAMAN loves C_____ R____!

YAY! ME LOVE C____ R____ too!

Sorry for incoherency :D

But I'm a bit hyper like now :D

After training yesterday, Darren, Boxue and I went to Carrefour.
Boxue was doing Daniel Fast (which only enables you to eat veg, nuts and fruits).
Practically everything we saw in Carrefour was out-of-bounds to Boxue ;D
Darren tempted him by eating bread and me? I drank milk tea :D
Boxue was grumbling all the way to the mrt.



I'm scared.
Of Beijing.
But I must be strong :D


12:01 오전

` 608; -


I'll miss church.


& one last word...



금요일, 5월 18, 2007, 11:32 오전

` 607; - random shizz.

What happened to Jasper yesterday happened to me today.
So stop asking why I missed school. Period.


Have been blogging really uninterestingly lately. Will try to get creative juices flowing soon. (:


Went to the wenhuaying `o6 Han Chao's blogs.
OH HOW I miss them.

Liangzi, Ruo Ting, Li Ping, John Hao, and especially WEILAI :D

We were all so united.
Remember the time when the guys sneaked into the girls' rooms and told ghost stories?
Remember the time when we went to Wild Wild Wet?
Remember the time when we got first for the MV we improvised?

I miss you guys.
I miss the unitedness, the closeness.

Some crazy fan claimed to be Rain's fiancee. She stormed through the office and such and such. Claimed that she organised Rain's Concert Tour and blah.
AHYA, get a life.
For I know I am surely someone that she claims to be :DDDD
I think I'm going crazy for Rain again. :D

I have like. Diversed aspirations.
My parents want me to be a singer/model/actress. I want to be a public prosecutor / pianist.
Is it possible to merge both?
I may try for the actress thing. But I must get a law degree first.



so kill me. ):

라벨: , ,

목요일, 5월 17, 2007, 11:27 오후

` 606; - if I don't see you anymore

Will be going Beijing next monday.
Not looking forward to it. ):

Met Jasper at Dhoby, went to church to study.
But we didn't study.
Showed him Apple Chong's picture, he laughed like mad.
And then he showed me some Gilbert Tay guy,
the lecturer who yelled, "What the HELL is this?"



I was with Rain on the beach, and he was TOPLESS :D
I just touched his back, then hugged him from behind,
and asked.
"JiHoon... do.. you.. like.. GARLIC?"

(Okay I SWEAR I didn't know why I asked that!)

He replied, " er... No darling...but my whole family does."



And then Jasper and I met up with Fedora, Darren and Lynn (:
Told them my garlic dream.

And Jasper said something SMART that made the three of them think something. ):
Now Jasper knows my mind is not so pure anymore xD

One thing about Jasper is:
He copies my colour coordination.
He wore grey with jeans
I wore dark green-grey with jeans.
Fedora had something to say about this already. TSK.

Shopping for GROCERIES with Lynn is so fun! :D
We're going to bake a cake!
Love Lynn lots! ;D

I'm blogging like a autistic person again.
& bye. I'm sleepy.

라벨: ,

11:51 오전

` 605; - the difference.

I suddenly feel that I behave differently in two conditions - church, and school.

Basically last year I was all school-centered. My life revolved around school. My core was (backstabbing, unloyal, fair-weathered) friends, homework, more homework, and somebody.

Now, I'm caught up in more church things than school life. What does school life have to offer?

School life can't offer trust.
(Instead you get yours broken every single day)
School life can't offer friends
(Sure, but they stab you in the back all the time)
School life can't offer you happiness
(When there's people who can't accept you)

But in church, I feel alive.

When you say,
"There's other friends than church friends."

Yeah, sure, when you're the one who pushes me aside when we go shopping together with your friends, when we go for something together and you didn't even acknowledge me, you talk to me about boyfriends and all that kind of nonsense.

I miss church,
just crapping with Jasper Bestie and Fedora
just saving people,
just SERVING GOD in the littlest ways
(beating Darren and Nelson in POOL :D)

these things hold more purpose than just

CCA. leadership. results. friends.
(is that all what life really is about?)

& could I ever thank You for.

Without You, and hoGc, I'd still be living in my no-life episodes. Like a broken film repeating itself.


라벨: , ,

12:11 오전

` 604; -

I'm feeling like a total nerd now. Stupid haircut.

One day, my children will flip through the yearbook and ask,

"Mummy, is that you? *points at nerd*"
"Yes that's me."

And I'll smile to myself and say,
"Once a nerd, always a nerd."

They'll retort, "Then how'd you look so fab now?"

Then they'll ask my husband.
"Daddy, which part of Mummy are you attracted to?"
And he'll say, "She's my Number 1 fan :) and I am her Numero Uno fan also. *grins*"

And we'll then pick them up and send them to school, and it's another long day in the studio filming.


Okay I didn't know what nonsense I was writing but still.

Faith Sim says:
And I thought you were in love with a guy that enjoys losing his male counterpart of a hymen.

You mean Gackt.

WHATEVER, I LOVE PRETTY BOYS (who will love God soon! (: )

라벨: ,

화요일, 5월 15, 2007, 1:45 오후

` 603; - love is all but necessary

Read Sylvia's blog on superficial + true love. Set me thinking.

"True love is when one is able to sacrifice everything for the other, but superficial love is loving the other but only think of themselves."

I guess I have never been really really loving God.
I didn't sacrifice my allowance for Him.
I have only been concentrating on my Crumpler bag.

Teach me how to sacrifice everything for You.

Haven't gotten that in such a long time.
Instead, I had my trust broken by others.

I can't trust people anymore as I have been betrayed, misused (especially for MUSIC), and passed by.
I withdrew, and became more observant (hence, one of my ambitions is to be a public prosecutor).
B4 seemed to open me up, but not so yet.

Oh I wish I was like some of my leaders.
They did not gain respect by their position, but by their personality.

What's the use if you're a head prefect, or say, a major?
As Ting Wei says, "You only get your picture and name in the yearbook, which any Tom Dick and Harry will vandalize."
But if you're a leader in the House, your name is forever written in heaven.

Sorry, I digress.

Love? In layman terms?
No time to think about it yet.
God will provide, and He'll give me a better person!

The future is amazing.


Is it my imagination or Mr Jeong is getting more suave?

:D I wish I was in Sydney to meet him up close and personal when he was there :D

Rain's contract is ending with JYPE.
He'll go,

1) to StarM (NO NO NO PLEASE NO)
2) independent (but according to AgentP, the moniker 'Rain' is owned by JYPE)
3) renew contract with JYPE

Oh please, Ji Hoon, please have enough sense not to go to StarM. No. No. Please NO.

OH, and Rain is getting 2 million for a shampoo CF.
I guess it's either Dove/Pantene, since it's Unilever who is forking out the cash.

If Rain's face is on the bottle, I'm defintely going to buy like. 20 bottles of it.
According to iconnu in soompi,

"Showering with Rain~ would make any girl go crazy."

I agree :D
And here I am grinning like a madwoman as I'm typing this. :DDD

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월요일, 5월 14, 2007, 10:26 오후

` 602; -

Will post the pictures of Phantom of the Opera with Girlfriend when I get my camera back from Dad.

No matter how much I do not pay attention during chinese lessons (namely, listening to the iPod, talking, reading english books) I still managed to get an A1. =.=

I wish it were the same with my math and physics. Anyhowso.

Sin Yee pointed out that all the men's (MEN!) names that I had a crush on before starts with the letter R.

"Rain, Raoul (the hot + extra dude in Phantom), R whathisname, and R___ (!)"

"Yeah yeah yeah. You and froggie :D"

Turned karangunis for a day. Pictures will be up soon.



토요일, 5월 12, 2007, 9:16 오전

` 601; - and I saw that fire in your eyes.

As I was silently waiting for you
in the rain that was pouring ever so slightly
you came out
and there was someone with you

I saw, from my secret place
the way you looked at her
how you wrapped your arm around her
the agony

somehow you seemed to know that I was there
you grabbed her
and you gently but surely...
then turned in my direction
softly smiling

I felt loved by the violent wind
enveloping me, caressing me
I remember your words across the computer screen
and I murmured these words to myself

your familliar form
flickers against the soft glow of the lights
you escorted her away
leaving me in the rain
oh how I wish I had been in her position

Let me dream
just a while more
I want to fall asleep holding you in my arms
like we were when we first met

If only I wake from this dream to realise that she's actually me


목요일, 5월 10, 2007, 11:42 오후

` 600; - and it's coming back all again

You're the air I breathe.
I love You more than life
I'll run into Your open arms
To feel Your embrace once again.

Pastor Kong's sermon was superb, splendid, stultifying :D
And I was throughly impacted.
I will be a conversionist!
Thanks to Reuben for walking with me out (:

Can't wait for tomorrow.
More power, more impact.
More solutions to my already troubled life.

I think I love Gackt-san more than Rain already.
It's disastrous.

3 years of that = total rubbish + humiliation + jealousy + periods of depression + ignorance.

sometimes ignorance rings true.

라벨: ,

수요일, 5월 09, 2007, 11:18 오후

` 599; - to the bestie.


Public Prosecutor Naomi Yiruma!(: says:
*faints on a pile of Final Fantasy piano scores!*

Saint Darren says:
OH NO don't faint now

Saint Darren says:
Or not R____ never come and do CPR for you :D

Public Prosecutor Naomi Yiruma!(: says:


To the BESTIE. (you do know who you are.)

Even though I've known you for only 2 months, I feel that I've known you like, forever. And I know there's much, much more to be known about you, like you to me.

Thanks for the daily messages of encouragement and nonsense, about what you're doing in school and that your lecturer is boring as hell. And I replied you back with monosyllables (I was sleeping), and sometimes random things that doesn't pertain to the original subject. Thanks for the reasurances ("You're pretty, Naomi") and the late night smses.

Bestie, I've noticed lately that the dark rings under your eyes have gone darker, and that you've become more lethargic. You'd better get more beauty sleep. You can die due to stress.

Everyone knows that you're overstressed except for you. It breaks my heart to see you like that. So please, relax and just let loose.

I thank God that you have decided not to take H3 Physics :D





화요일, 5월 08, 2007, 2:35 오후

` 598; - it's just the two of us. <3

This is the show that gave me the idea to be a public prosecutor (:
My dad bought the show for me in 2002 and I fell in love with Takuya Kimura :D

On a sidenote, Yuxuan and I have been wondering.
Why are all the hot Japanese guys in their 30s and married. ):

Kuryu Kohei is a young public prosecutor who gets transferred to a division in Tokyo. Unlike a typical prosecutor, Kuryu dresses casually and ignores standard procedures, but his brilliant instincts and determination make him well-suited as an investigator. He espouses a very strong sense of justice, and his idealism has a big impact on his colleagues.

Amamiya, his assistant, is aiming to be promoted to the position of a prosecutor. At first, she and Kuryu get along very poorly, but working together eventually leads to a relationship that borders on romance.

It's seriously REALLY NICE. <3 Takako Matsu was superb :D and the theme song:

Can You Keep A Secret? - Utada Hikaru

Chikazukitai yo kimi no risou ni
otonashiku narenai
Can you keep a secret?

Hit it off like this
Hit if off like this, oh baby ... (x4)

Koko kara zutto okutteru angou
kimi wa mada kaidoku dekitenai come on

Tsutaeyou yame yo woko
nomama kakusou
nigekire nakunaru made
shinjiyou dame da yo
mada utagae sou da mono

Chikazukitai yo kimi no risou ni
otonashiku narenai can you keep a secret?
kanashikunai yo kimi ga iru kara
Can you keep a secret?
Can you keep a secret?

Chikazukenai yo kimi no risou ni
sugu ni wa kawarenai can you keep a secret?
kanashikunaru to kimi wo yoru kara
Can you keep a secret?
or konomama secret ?

Soba ni itemo too mawashi na yogen sagashiteru
meikyuu iri sasetaku nai nara
Won't you come on

Kasuka na mono oto
ottekuru Movin' Shadow
furikire na kunaru kage
sukoshi no bouken to
kizutsuku yuuki mo aru desho


Ima made zutto himitsu ni shiteta
dare nimo iwanaide
Can you keep a secret?
kanashikunai yo kimi ga iru kara
Can you keep a secret?
Can you keep a secret?
kizutsukenai to yakusoku shitemo
dare nimo wakaranai
Can you keep a secret?
kanashikunai yo kimi ga iru kara
Can you keep a secret?
or konomama secret?

(English Translation)

I want to draw closer to your ideal
I can't be a good girl
Can you keep a secret?

Hit it off like this
Hit it off like this oh baby

You still can't read the signals I've been sending from here
Come on.
Let's transmit, let's stop.
Let's cover up this situation
until we can quit running away
Believe it, stop it
please continue to doubt it

I want to draw closer to your ideal
I can't be a good girl
Can you keep a secret?
I'm not sad when you're here.
Can you keep a secret? Can you keep a secret?

I can't change quickly to suit you.
I can't change that quickly,
Can you keep a secret?
Cause I'll call to you when I'm sad
Can you keep a secret?
Or do I have to keep it secret forever?

Hit it off like this
Hit it off like this oh baby

Even when you're by my side, I'm looking for a round about way to express it.
If you don't want me to enter this labyrinth
Won't you come on
a faint sound
I come to pursue the faint things, movin' shadow
a shadow that won't leave us alone
you'll need to be a bit adventurous and have the courage to hurt

I want to draw closer to your ideal
I can't be a good girl
Can you keep a secret?
I'm not sad when you're here.
Can you keep a secret? Can you keep a secret?
I can't draw closerto your ideal.
After this there's no going back, Can you keep a secret?
If you don't talk to me, I'm not going to prove it
Can you keep a secret?
Or do I have to keep it secret forever?

Can I take the time out to
Tell you something?
But see
Can you keep it a secret?
It's just the two of us
Because this guitarist wanna...

I've kept it quiet all this time,
Don't tell anybody, Can you keep a secret?
I'm not sad, cause you're here.
Can you keep a secret? Can you keep a secret?
I'm hurt and although I make promises, no one knows
Can you keep a secret?
I'm not sad, cause you're here
can you keep a secret?
Or do I have to keep it secret forever?


라벨: ,

월요일, 5월 07, 2007, 10:46 오후

` 597; -

The feeling's tangible enough.


Can you keep a secret?


2:30 오후

` 596; - you show me real love, i'll show you mine.

let's see what this love can do; baby i'm perfect for you.


In the school library now using the really lousy internet. With Yuxuan and Joane.

Bored to death. ):


Was having insomnia last night.
Bestie asked me to call.
Said he had a uber mono voice that could put me to sleep.
In the end he kept laughing like whatever.
And he made me laugh like whatever too.

I forgot to mention that he's uber duber rich.
He can send me TWO MMSES in a single day.

Eventually slept at 3am.
But I still felt energized for chem exam.
Gotta go.
Yuxuan's calling me a chicken neh neh.
(Since when did chickens have nipples?)

Okay whatever.
I'm typing like an autistic person. Again.

okay bye.
will type like a sane person after exams.
Sa1, to be exact.


일요일, 5월 06, 2007, 10:16 오후

` 596; -

Jasper wants me to go and study. ):

I will.

& bye. :D


토요일, 5월 05, 2007, 8:30 오후

` 594; -

& I hate for you to lie to me.

I trusted you so much.
Asked you for advice.

And you told me not to do that.
Yet you're doing it.

I'm not going to believe anything you say anymore.

you beautiful liar, you diastrous weaver of language.
you contradict what you say.


I am so going to take Knowledge Inquiry in JC :D
I don't care.

So I can be a public prosecutor, and I can work hand-in-hand with my yuXUANZ :D


3:42 오후

` 592; - this can't be.

& I can't wait to fall in love with you
& you can't wait to fall in love with me :D

This just can't be summer love.

(I knew it before you even told me)


12:26 오후

` 592; - practical joke you played;

It Started with a Kiss was FUNNY :D rewatched it on Youtube because Tingwei took my VCDs.

Practical Joke - Landy Wen

I could not find a better reason to stop all these intimacy

The feeling is too special. I apologise that I could not explain.

I believe the meaning of love, and miracle might happen

The comfortable and clear wind might bring good news.


Everything is so fresh, it might contain some risk.

Somebody tells me how to reach to finishing line.

没有人了解, 没有人像我和陌生人的爱恋
Nobody understands, nobody has the same love that I shared with the stranger


I think I will begin to miss you.

But I just met you.

I believe the meeting is a prank.

And I think I'm beginning to like you.

Because I have the courage to love.

I sink myself in the prank you've played on me.

The prank you've played on me.

Now I realize you catch my eye

Let me just take a second look at you.

Nobody will understand.

Nobody has the love that similar to me and the stranger.


Addicted to the song alr (:


금요일, 5월 04, 2007, 10:56 오후

` 591 ; -

Had a talk with Agnetta today.

"Why do people choose the world over God? God created the world, and if they had chosen God, they could have the best of both worlds. But why do they choose to have only one thing?"


Force pushes you forward, accelerates you.

In my life, like Fedora, it is seperated into two sections.

Church, and school.

In church, it is a place where I could express myself freely, with people accepting me for who I am. It moulds you, it shapes you, it forces you to adapt to different conditions with different people. It also teaches you respect in a certain right. I can joke with my leaders, but there's a limit.

In school, everything is totally different. They expect you to have the latest stuff to respect you, and they do not respect you for the person you are. They want you to conform to the prototype of "pretty and smart." They can insult you freely, they can backstab you behind your back.

In church it's different. I can feel the change.

This is why I want to take my school for Christ.

After I came to Heart of God Church, everything totally changed for me. I made new friends, I stuck with them, they mould me, I mould them. We study together, we go out together, we do practically everything together.

I want people to experience what I have. <3

To love people? It's easy.

Don't hurt them when they hurt you.
When they fall, give them a hand.

Loving people, when put into layman terms, is lending them your new & expensive pen, even though you want to use it yourself.

It takes great love to keep from talking about yourself.

I'm Yours, alone.


목요일, 5월 03, 2007, 7:57 오후

` 590 ; -

I am so screwed upside down, inside out and left and right and all around.


Math paper just screwed me. ): (and a few unlucky others.)


-thanks Pimpole and Joane for staying back 45 minutes just for me :D <33333

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수요일, 5월 02, 2007, 8:32 오후

` 589; -


-that picture doesn't mean anything, okay?


After chinese, Andrina, YuXUANZ, Tjiaying, Joane and Jeslyn waited for me for half an hour :D
Thanks my darlings (:

Went to Hougang Green.
Saw Yuki and her friend.
Attempted to study but Yuxuan took away my History book.
Crapped from phones to fruits. Then Apple Chong.
Then walked around Hougang Green, and oogled at phones.

Thea called.
Thought something bad happened.
Thought that she told him about it.

But anyhowso.
Talked about Dominic.
And stuffs.

Went to Andrina's house.
Saw Perseus lazing around on his fat ass watching TV.
He didn't say anything when we went in.
We were making a helluva of a ruckus.
But he didn't care.
Showed Andrina Gackt.
She thinks he's gay. ):

Andrina: "Why you don't like her?"
Perseus: "Not interested."
Andrina: "You gay or what?"

That cracked me up as I remembered about last year :D

Yuxuan kept poking me.
I don't like. ):
And Andrina served us chrysantmum tea.
I <3 her.

Yuxuan is Pimppole :D
Because her pimples are so damn charismatic (: (according to Jiang Tjiaying)

Went for math tuition.
Eyelids were failing me.
Smsed BESTIE Jasper throughout.
He was exhausted.
So was I. :D

Went home.
And Nikki thought Himbo was my boyfriend. ):

Oh goodness I'm starting to talk like someone with Asperger's Syndrome now. ))))):


화요일, 5월 01, 2007, 11:53 오후

` 588 ; -

And I hope I can say;
that I can get it out to you one day


you just lead people on.
you didn't make anything feel better.
& instead, you made it feel even worse.

just telling you how I feel, is that a crime?
is it a death sentence?

you took it as if it was something
else for you to throw

out and away,into the white darkness
simple, yet so heartwrenching.

may the spark of anything
stir within the deep recesses of your heart
and soon you'll realise (soon enough, charlatan)

but by that time
I will be successful
I will be loved (not by you)
I will be married (not to you)
I will have children (not with you)
I will be accepted (not needed from you)
I will be better what you envisioned yourself to be (and more)
I will be more than what you think I can be.



I am so happy.
Thanks to my beloved B4 <33333

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