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n. pl.reason or justification for being or existence


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29 june 1992
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정지훈/Rain/Jihoon - the husband.

Faith/Spaz - the best friend.

Prisia/Siao - the other best friend.

Cheryl - Cooking mama

Joyce - Korean fanatic.

Brother (wenjun) - who has 10000000 brains

Hyun - Mr Smart-ass Korean.

Chew - Dear Leader.


Ajumma (아줌마) : Auntie

Ajusshi (아저씨) : Uncle

Chagiya/Yeobo (자기야/여보): Darling/Honey

Namja Chingu/Namchin (남자친구/남친) : boyfriend

Yeoja Chingu/Yeochin (여친/여자친구) : girlfriend

Hyung (형) : Older brother (for males)

Oppa (오빠) : Older brother, also can be used as "boyfriend" in a steady relationship (for females)

Nuna (누나) : Older sister (for males)

Onni (언니) : Older sister (for females)

Ssulung (썰렁) : "so cheesy/cold/lame" for cold jokes

Selca (셀카) : camwhore/self camera

Wang Ja (왕자) : 6 pack/washboard abs



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화요일, 1월 31, 2006, 11:09 오전

I found out that people are not just what they seem.

It's the Chinese Lunar New Year.

2 years have passed since my graduation at Nanyang Primary.

I remembered for the whole years of 2004, I went to bed crying, because of Kang Jing's hurtful words. Thank goodness there was Prisia to help me through, and a few others. Wan Sing, Ayleen, Sarah Au-Yong, Jia Wen and the rest.

But in 2005, I was devoid of people in Hougang Sec. And the people in Hougang Sec are more vicious than Nanyang Primary. At least, in Nanyang, I had lots of good GEP friends who stood with me through thick and thin.

Where are they now?

In NUS High, in RI, in RGS. I miss them. But I'm still in touch with some.

I wish there were at least, somebody who'd come with me and stuff, and my best friend was somewhere else. IN Cedar.

I read the biography of Rain and some female Singaporean model.

For Rain, he was like me. Was ridiculed for being tall and soft-spoken. But scratch that part of being soft-spoken. I was LOUD.

As he was outcasted from lots of people's "castes", he went and joined the hip-hop rappers, breakdancers and stuff.

But instead of learning the tricks of the trade, he was treated terribly, and finally beating him up and stealing his winter jacket.

He was then rejected 18 times, because he was told by various record companies that he'll never be "hot", because he was too tall (he stands at a lengthy 1.84 m) and he lacked "the looks", because he did not have any double eyelids. If he did not go for cosmetic surgery to create a cleft on his eyelids, he was told, that he could forget about creating a show business in Korea.

When he presented himself at JYP's performing arts academy, he was in a state of desperation, with his mother ill and he himself ave not been eating regularly. He gave his most passionate audition he had ever given in his entire life, 4 hours of singing and dancing, then JYP, or Mr Park, granted him acceptance into the JYP academy.

Mr Park said Rain had this aura of hunger around him. Rain then said that he was literally hungry.

He wasnted to discover and train stars, and saw that Rain had potential.

Whe JYP took him in, Rain explained the situation to him. They drove to Rain's one room apartment, and both of them saw his mother lying down on a cold granite floor. They got a big sugery done on her, and his mother said no, she wanted JYP to spend money on her son instead of her.

Then, she passed away a year before Rain debuted.

For that female model,

She had heavily accented eyes and a stubborn chin. She approached various modelling agencies, and they turned her down, saying, "You're too ugly."

Now, one modelling agency spotted her, took her under their wing and now she models for Gucci and all those fashion labels.

Remember, readers, that these stars go through what you're going now also. (I must also remind myself on this.) Don't believe others, keep on trying and you'll finally reach your goal.

10:36 오전


No matter how many times I tried to login into Rain-Singapore, it SHUTS ME OUT.


I'd think I'd join Cloud instead.

But it's full of Korean characters.

Whatever anyway.

일요일, 1월 29, 2006, 2:18 오후

I just found out something shocking.

I did not know that he was like that last time.

And now, yours truly has to make her tax collecting rounds.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone, one and all.

9:45 오전

Parents, GET A LIFE.

I am pissed of with my dad.

Just because the troublesome computer hanged when I was typing my 700 word Commonwealth Essay, and I took half-an-hour to get it all fixed and to retype my essay. (I forgot to save it, DAMMIT)

And he just blew up like freaking Mount Krakoatoa in some deserted island.

What's with parents nowadays? Screaming and yelling like nobody's business.

6 things I hate about them (and counting)

1) They make you wait, and when you make them wait, they'll give you a shelling.

When they make you wait for them for about an hour, and they apologise profuesly, expecting you to accept their sincere apologies and stuff, and you reluctantly agree, as they're the people who whelped you. Then when you make them wait for one hour, they scold you all the way home, and give you, as a bonus, a kick in the pants, to serve as, pardon the pun, a GENTLE reminder.

2) They look at your flaws, not your strengths.

Instead of giving encouragement or help when you failed yet another math test, they SLANDER you. One example, my dad, when he scolds me, he sayd, "When you got a math problem, ask ME! The problemis that you didn't ask! God give you a mouth is for what, for talking shit with your friends all over the PHONE?"

Okay, I heeded his word. The next day, I asked him a simple algebraic question.
He just merely flicked his hand in my mom's direction and said, "Go ask your mother, I failed maths."

I feel tempted to whack him in the head with my "Shinglee New Mathematics Textbook", but God warned me if I did so, no more Jeong Ji-Hun for me.


3) They are superb naggers.

Wow, I'm sure, when we're born, God gave them, or rather, implanted them with "NAGGING 101" or something along those lines. It's pissing me, or rather, the whole entire student population or Singaporeans, hearing their parents chanting, "play the piano" or "get off the comp" or do your math" or "WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS LAR!"

... okay, scratch that last part.

They chant non-stop like a broken down recorder. It's enough to drive me crazy, like those poor chimps being forced to watch human horrors like rape and murder and riots in the movie 28 Days Later.

4) I'm already 14, not 7.

Stop imagining me in Nanyang uniform, wearing PIGTAILS like when I was seven, which now I AM NOT. I'm 14 years old, for GOD'S SAKE. I am, I repeat, I AM, allowed to read mature themed books, likeMemoirs of a Geisha, because I am not IMMATURE.

Seriously, my dad keeps a restraint on books because they have a little bit of sexual content. It's sickening. I'm not 7 years old reading ROALD DAHL books. Don't tell me you still expect me to read ENID BLYTON? That's incorrigble. I'm not corrupted, as you so chrmingly put it, "the powers of SATAN". OOOH, I'm so scared.

5) So what if I like Rain.

So what if I like him. So what if I like Jay Chou. So what if I like Jolin Tsai.

"When I was your age, " (that classy tagline again,) "I did not idolise anyone."
MY ASS if you didn't.

Wait wait, HOLD ON A MINUTE HERE. You lived like, in the 1960s right? That's centuries AGO! Like, way way back. And you told me you liked ABBA. You said you had a houseful of ABBA. I don't discrimate against anything because I like ABBA too. OKay, so what if I have 3, no 4, posters of Rain in my room? They're for me to look at, not YOU. And you said you liked AGNES CHAN or whatever and whoever she is.

6) They boast about you to others when you won something, and when you lose it, they scold you like shit.

Like, when I was in Brainiest 2 years ago, I won the semi-finals, and I got into the finals. And my dad, who has a really really BIG BIG mouth, went and told his collegues and friends and everything, asking them to watch the finals of Singapore's Brainiest. And guess what, under immense pressure, I lost in the finals because of STUPID ANNABETH CAROLINE REBECCA LEOW HUI MIN kicked the podium. And partly because of immense pressure, I almost screwed up the whole mechnism. I lost, and on the way home, my dad lagi scolded me. "Why did you never win har? You made me lose face! Immense face!"

Why are you so concerned about FACE?

I swear, next time when I have kids, I'll not put them through the tough childhood like I have NOW. 2 more years till I go to university in Korea, and I'll be free.

토요일, 1월 28, 2006, 9:06 오전

The Mediocre Whinings of Men of the 21st Century.

"Boys, grow up to be men someday." Anonymous.

Whoever you are, Mr Anonymous, you got it all wrong.

Well, partly, anyway.

You look at boys nowadays. A splendid example is the guys in my class.

They even laugh, or rather, giggle at the human reproductive system, and the procedure of having babies.

And thus, the MOPP (Ministry of Pure Perverts) are formed.

This is what I, or rather, almost all of us, call this immature.

I wonder, is it something wrong with their minds or something of that sort, that is warped or something? Whenever we take out our science books for lessons, the consituency of MOPP will turn to the particular pages depicting the reproductive system, and point at the images given on that page, and turn to each other, and guffaw, letting loose green spit in the process.

One such member, who is sitting on my left, was trying to corrupt me with the disgusting images. I told him placidly, that I am not going to let him corrupt me because I am one myself I am so uninterested in these sorta stuffs unless I'm a biologist, which I won't be.

I proceeded to lecture him on the unfairness of mankind and the corruptness of science textbooks nowadays.

He shot back with another equally long lecture on why it pains the girl when they first DO IT, and whatever whatever contraceptive methods.

I'm sure he can be a very good gynaecologist when he grows up, I retorted, and I'll make sure my baby's gynae would be you, if I happen to be in Singapore at that time, which I probably wouldn't, I would be in Korea. (They say Korea has better gynaes. I don't know. LOL)

And another example is one that, long long time ago, in Bethelem my chinese tuition, there were a bunch of boys in my class, doing something, which is a very very poor imitation of gibbons frolicking.

One such boy-gibbon, Wei Jet, he clambered on the table, and guess what, of all people, fell on me, as I was writing my first short story.

I tumbled to the floor like a ballerina which had lost her footing on a ladder, bearing the weight of Wei Jet on me. And the worst comes to worst, his face was pressed against mine. Thank GOD I did not deliver or recieve my first lip-synch from a guy. (Means that although his face was squashed against mine, his lips did not touch mine, GET IT?) The other immature gibbons were laughing, and pointing and shrieking, "Wei Jet and Ru-Ting are having SEX!" and laughing like raving lulantics. "When is your baby due?" and even, "Wei Jet, did you use CONDOMS?"

Walao. I pushed, or rather, HEAVED Wei Jet off me, and using all the strength I can muster, stomped him on his *ahem*. (Mind you, I was 8 at that time and skinny, and all the strength was probably very minute) I'm sure it hurt, because he was screaming and tears came out of his eyes. I'm sure he wouldn't be having babies, and would have to adopt.

But it was nothing compared to my 5 stitches I had to have on my middle finger.

금요일, 1월 27, 2006, 10:02 오후

Gladys, STOP IT.

It's irritating, when I voice out my opinions in Mr Choe's class, you say I'm being SEDUCTIVE.

Come on lar. It's a free country okay.


Mr Choe should find some one his own age.

Come on, stop being such a SLUT lar. Who's being seductive? You're wearing provacative garments, and you even stuffed my chocolate bar in your clothes once.

URGH, it's GROSS, if you ask me.

3:40 오후

Okay, I'm suffering from hangovers now.

First from Full House, and now on Sangdoo.

ARGH, okay, will not post on Rain, or not you guys will say, "Oh, Rain on the Brain."

But this is MY BLOG and I can type whatever I want. MUAHAHAHA.

OH MY GOODNESS, I just watched Disc 1 of Rain's Rainy Day Live Concert 2005 and it's so damn... *no word to use*.

Let's just simply say that it's damn fabulous lar. Seriously.

It started like, Rain clouds over the screen, then the thunderclaps and everything... Then Rain jumps out with those fire like thingies. Then those stupid 40 year old ladies or something (well in the video they all look OLD) were screaming. I hope they go hoarse. (OOPS, Karma, Ru-Ting, KARMA)

I can't exactly hear what he was singing because of the goddamn (KARMA again, Ru-Ting) screaming. Okay, if I was there I'd probably shaddup.

He sang this song, I'm Still Loving You (fine, I can't find the korean name) and this well, SCANTILY-CLAD BACKdancer (I'm emphasising on the word BACK) was like, URGH, it's so obscene until I can't say it out, okay, like STROKING her body against his. I know it's not her fault, it's part of her job. Oh well, screw the cheorographer.

And he had to return the strokes! ARGH! I could DIE sia. Modern Dance, here I come!

Another one, another song, Can It Be With Me, 3 VERY VERY SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN (one was wearing FISHNETS! MY GOD!) They stripped him, DAMMIT. Then they stroked his body like, well, with a very very slutty look. Then even one of them went (EW, must I say IT?) like, between the spaces of his legs. URGH. It totally put me off my dinner.

But I like the song, Keep Looking. (Cha Zha Yeo). The lyrics are damn meaningful can.

You're in front of me
Pick up the pieces
Love, let's start it all from now.

Being single is good, my only wish is to work
On the TV and radio, I said jokingly
After the show, any single girl , meet me backstage
And when I went home, the portrait of you is still in my mind
I told my family and friends about the good news
And went for dinner with my family
And they start to hate

One girl, holding hands with me
If you like me, just answer
And it's easy to spot you, just cheer for me
For finding a girlfriend like you

Older or younger, it's not a problem
What matters most is the character of one
If she only loves me and I love her back
I would like to meet you
Just come backstage after the show
And when I went home, the portrait of you is still in my mind
I went out with my friends and I told them all about her
And they start to hate

BLAH BLAH BLAH, I'm tired of translating it. From Korean to English LEH.

I'm just a noob at Korean. (:

Anyway, I gotta go for tuition.

See ya later.

목요일, 1월 26, 2006, 8:56 오후

Sorry people for not posting for so long!

I will be absent for tomorrow.

I'll post again on Saturday!

See ya guys!

토요일, 1월 21, 2006, 7:33 오후

The worst and best decision I had made

The worst and best decision that I had made in this lifetime is quitting band.

Firstly, to all readers, let me tell you that I do not want to quit band. Seriously. It's my PARENTS who wanted me to do so.

I miss the band. I miss their weird gibbs and funny punch-lines. I miss Celebration and Dance. I miss my mallets, and smooth feel of well polished wood under my fingers. And upon striking it, a gentle, melodious note emitted from the intstrument. I miss the arguments I'd had with Perseus, Daniel Tan and Elijah. I miss the warm-ups. I miss the etudes (no kidding!) I missed gossiping with Safina and Hafilah. I miss the family-ness of the band.

When I quit band, everybody was all, "*GASP!*"

And some were "YAY!"

And the "YAY!" people made me want to quit band even more.

And there're some things that I do not miss at all.

I do not miss the pranks played on me. I do not miss the jeering at me. I do not miss Jackson jeering (WOW. Alletiration) at Perseus and me. I do not miss the stares of people when I did something wrong. I do not miss the coldness of those stares. I do not miss the laughs of people when I was being the item of ridicule. I do not miss those times when I was being pushed in the mud. I do not miss the times when I was labelled a "Buay Hiau Bye" in Sentosa. I do not miss that time when I was timer, they just jeered at me for getting the timing wrong. I do not miss the time that Wee Peng said something sarcastic at me and Perseus. I do not miss almost everything.

And my tired muscles are relaxed from their strain. At long last.

4:20 오후

I know that my posts are wordy. But this is just a sketchpad, for me to write my ideas and rantings about how unfair, blissful, cruel and kind this world is.

I was wondering, why the world has to be so cruel.

Take my friend for example, let's name her Christabyl. She had just suffered from a recent heartbreak (not boyfriend, mind you) because her dad had just walked out on the family for another woman. Come on, men, have a little responsiblity would you. You already fathered a child and why'd you walk out on them? For another woman that you'd just had a one night stand with?

Christabyl came to me in a flurry of silent sobs, and tell me what I'd do if I was in her position. I told her to cry it all out. She did, willingly. And I told her to stay strong and stay brave. She can pull through this.

I swore if I had a daughter, I'll swear I'd never let this kinda stuff happen to her. I've experienced too much hurt by my fellow humans, whom I thought they were "friends".

"If only our lives were nothing but just a dream." I used to say.

I wondered, why can't I be rich and famous? Okay, I was, WAS famous for a short perod of time, when I was in SBK and CCWUTM and I shot a commercial with Uncle Gurmit, En Lai (you funny bugger!), Vincent Ng and a few others. If only I could be born in Korea. I wanted to plan my birth, the day I was born and something like that.

But, I am, who I am. I can't change myself.

Although I want to.

For example, I wish that I'd want to marry Rain, and my friends all told me that it IS POSSIBLE as... remember Katie Holmes? She married Tom Cruise. As a teenager she stuck posters on her bedroom wall and dreamed of marrying him. LOL, I'm nuts. Scratch that.

Coming back to my topic of unfairness in the world, when I was in Shanghai, I saw little kids begging, and even a little GIRL, kneeling down, gripped the hem of my skirt and pleaded me to give her money and food. I relented.

That's why I vowed to set up TLL in China, Korea and Japan, to give free education to the deprived children.

And he likes kind and compassionate girls.

Come on. Think twice about marrying me.

금요일, 1월 20, 2006, 3:31 오후


After reading Le Raine's blog, I'll adapt it from her.

We are all different from what we intend to be.

If someone asked me who I'd like to be, I'd reply that I'd like to be witty, unique, comprehensible and sophisticated. But alas, I'm the girl who babbled incoherently about school to the guy I admire, accused of being a "copycatter", and will be bothered when shrieks of "BUAY HIAU BYE!" were directed at me.

If someone asked me how I'd look, I'll reply that I'd like the be pretty, elegant, gentle and stylish. But alas, I'm just the girl who has to deal with the teenage angst of pimple breakouts, trying desperately to find a skirt that doesn't itch, bites her fingernails and yells when I;m unhappy, and you'll never notice me if I'm in a crowd.

If someone asked me how I'd save the world, I'll say that I'll order Bush and Iraq t stop fighting like little babies and adopt an African orphan. But for now I'll simply resolve it by running all over the country selling those bobbing pens to passersby to support the a-little-bit-defunct NKF.

If someone asked me what kind of woman I'd be, I'd say I'd be independent, successful, hot and be a social bomb. But I guess that I'm probably living with my parents, having only a handful of friends, and if the worst comes to worst, starve to death.

If someone asks me who I'd like to marry, I'd compress it in a single name: Rain Jeong Ji-Hun. But I guess I'd be probably marrying some average Joe. But I'll keep wishing.

If someone asked me what kind of mother and wife I'd be, I'd say I'd be WonderWoman, a housewife who does all jobs correctly, having a baby sound asleep, and me vaccuming the house, able to leave the room spanky and clean, and have adorable children who are smart, and still appear neat at the end of it all. But I guess I'd probably be pacifying the baby, having carrot stains on the ceiling, have kids who fight, and my whole head in a mess, and instead of looking like a wife should be, I'll look more like a punk rocker who had just given birth.

If someone asks me what I'd like my blogging style to be like, I'd say that I'd like it to be "one that other people would like, humourous and leave people craving for more." But alas, my tagboard is left empty for days at a stretch.

If someone asked me what kind of child I'd like to be to my parents, I'd say that I'd like to be smart, obedient and anything that a parent would dream of for their child. But I'm vice versa and would probabaly disappoint my parents once again.

If someone asked me what kind of friend I'd like to be, I'd say that I'd like to be a nice friend, one who listens to your needs and wants, one to let you lean your shoulder on. But, according to some people, I am, one who is arrogant, bossy and stupid.

And if only I'd be less pessimistic, because it's one of the only things that could come true, because it's the one thing that I have that can be changed. The higher your dreams, the likelihood that it'll be reality.

And the harder you'll fall.

And the more cynical you become.

화요일, 1월 17, 2006, 9:03 오후

Okay, my draft on "What is happening to Singaporean girls Nowadays?" Have been thrown into the TRASH.

Since the beginning of God-knows-when, Singaporean girls have been writing spelling coherently horribly.


"euu wiill be muii onlii onne..."

If you can decipher it, WOW. If you don't, well, it means "You will be my only one."

Come on. Where's the LOVE dictionary???

Another one.

"ferrevaa waiitiinn ferrh euu all turrh daaes off muii lyiife."

Okay, this will make an ancient Egyptian tear his head out, stab himself in the chest, roll on the floor and finally clucking like a chicken. Come on, these are much worse than those hyptographics that those ancient Egyptians engrave on the walls of their Pyramids, no?

Therefore I support Dick Chan's post, A.C.T.S.

"jiie muiis 184! ii lurrve muii la0g0ng ferreva... l0st wiithoutt euu."


3:45 오후


ARGH! Chosen to be an emcee. No kidding.

Next to Fadly! But now, Ren Yi took over me, and Xiao Li and I became the maids. LOL. Do I look like a maid to you?


walao seh. I failed my math. 18 marks. Perry... save me please.

The problem with maths is that when I got the formulae in my head, I forget it in an instant, and the poor tutor, (Sorry Perry) had to repeat the whole dang thing until I got it.

Like Jay Chou and Rain, I am seriously LOUSY in math, but good in music. LOL.Jay used to confort himself that people who are gifted in music are normally suckers in maths.

I'm so happy. Jason Liow bought the Full House key necklace for me and Jia Ling. I thank YOU Jason! (:

Hui Yi, actually Li Ming is quite a nice guy... you just did not see the beauty within (OOPS, cliche) hahas. But sometimes he can be quite annoying. Hahas.

Seriously, Daniel Chan's pants has NO DIFFERENCE. It's because of the way he walks lar. His butt is so damn compact, and he walks like a DUCK. =D That's why his butt is ppushing against the fabric of his pants. Just a theory, not saying that I'm super BIAN TAI.


I was in tuition.

Mdm Ng: "Ru-Ting, could I see that book?"

*snatches book away*

Okay, at that time I was reading this part about Sayuri losing her mizuage (virginity) to Dr Crab, and who ask her suay suay read that part?

Mdm Ng:"EW! Ru-Ting, I can't have you reading that book. I'm afraid I have to call your father."

Me: "My dad bought me this book."

Mdm Ng: "!"

LOL. Teachers are real busybodies. So what. Me reading MOAG is none of your beeswax.

일요일, 1월 15, 2006, 10:33 오전

It's Raining In My House

Oh My God. After being attacked by Full House, now I'm attacked yet again on Sangdoo! Let's Go To School!

The story's funny yet touching. It stars Rain (WHOOT!) and Kong Hyo Jin. For the first time, my mom said that Rain actually looked "hao kan" on the screen! He said that his haircut makes him look cute. And the storyline is quite humorous.

Rain acts as Sangdoo, who acts as a gigolo (you know, those kinds who swindle money from rich old ladies when they have too much moolah to spend), to raise hospital bills for Bori, his daughter (yes, his daughter in the show, she's SO DAMN CUTE. Rain even protested against the doctor because the doctor won't take Bori to the playground, chanting anti-doctor slogans and everything, LOL) who this irritating lady, called Hong, claims that Bori's his daughter. He meets his long lost high school love, Kong Hyo Jin, who acts as Eun Hye, who is a high school teacher. But alas, she is engaged to the doctor that refused to take Bori to the playground, Dong Guun. In an effort to make sure that he never lose her again, he returns as a security guard in her school, then is sacked for beating up her stupid brother who is always picking fights with Rain. Then he retuens as a high school student in that school and is placed in Eun Hye's class.


I'm waiting for his next serial, "I Jukil Nomui Sarang" AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

토요일, 1월 14, 2006, 9:21 오후

She's out yet to steal another friend.


Someone asked me to be his stead.

I'm seriously not interested in love.


I wanna study. I wanna play. I wanna have the concentration and determination.

Seriously. I don't know you well. I only know you two years ago in a TV show.

You are a shuai ge in your school. I'm not well known. You have lots of girls swooning over you (I'd bet).

Why ask a nobody like me? Why? Choose from your hoard of girls!

Ever since I'd sprayed you with water in the show, you confessed you liked me.

I said no because I had PSLEs then. I didn't want love to affect my studies.

Now it's the same answer.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry.

Couldn't we be friends?

Please? For my sake?

I'd consider.

Seriously I will.

I don't wanna go into a relationship now.

I swore to myself I'll marry a Korean guy.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Can't we be friends?

it's too late for me to break my oath, it's too late for me to accept you. i really don't want to get hurt like i was last time. i wanna study. okay? but i still love you, my friend.

금요일, 1월 13, 2006, 3:07 오후

Have you heard the cliche, "Friends are Forever?"

Or, even, "What's life without friends?"

And, "Friendship remains and never can end?"

BAH. All total BULLSHIT.

I'm just shocked. Really. Really shocked.

So what if I had suggested a really really difficult word during drama. So what if I used it to describe myself.

I'm sick and tired of you. Act like nothing was happening before me and then backstab me in the back. So pathetic. YOU, BACKSTABBED ME when you said that YOU HATED BACKSTABBERS.

Ironic. Really. Really ironic.

I thought we were close. I thought we were friends. I thought we had nothing against us or even between us. I thought that you were nice. I treated you as a BEST FRIEND.

Now I know that everything between us has ENDED. Stop trying to defend yourself. You know who you are. Stop bombarding me with crap. I cn't stand it anymore.

Not only her, I have also seen it during drama. I saw YOU doing it. I saw YOU dissing me. I saw YOU, who not only I treated as a close friend, backstabbing me.

You can't pretend what had happened. Both of us had seen it. Don't think you can brush it all with a myriad of lies. Lies Lies Lies. All I needed to hear.

You can't sleep and wake up the next morning pretending that nothing had happened. You know full well.

It can't be done.

It hurts to see you do things like that. And don't act so innocent infront of me. You know what you have done.

Say adieu, to a worthless friendship.

목요일, 1월 12, 2006, 4:37 오후

Back from school.

This morning was CHAOS, trying to get the announcements to the NORMAL ACAD people.

I mean, they were all, "Speak LOUDER!" "What was that again?" When they know full well that they can hear me crystal clearly.

I feel like throwing the green announcement book, hitting them squarely in the eye, cause a few stitches as a lesson. Ah. So sweet. But alas, the MOE won't allow us to do that.

So, I, Ru-Ting, had to stand like a total FOOL, repeating the announcement over and over until they're satisfied, and then leave.

I felt like giving them a KICK IN THE PANTS, I can tell you.

After recess, it was Kwang Yong's turn to sweep the floor. He missed a spot, and I said, "Mariah, Mariah, you missed a SPOT." He bowed and said, "Yes Ma'am."

Hui Yi heard it, broke out in guffaws of laughter and hi-5ed me. HAHA! It was so funny seeing Kwang Yong sweep for a change!

When I was sitting with Nabila, we were whispering how compatible Winson and Jia Ling were. Seriously. Both could be elected as Corn Prince and Corn Princess of 2e2 2006. Seriously. They're pretty and handsome at the same time.

Whenever it rained, Nabila described as "Bee Hui singing". LOL! Today Nabila described it as Bee Hui singing those wayang operas lol!

Anna, I am pissed off with YOU.

I'm not trying to diss you or anything, but it really is ANNOYING when you lean over, whisper to Yao Yang in an audible voice about me, and GIGGLE in the process. And when you pass the worksheets back, you CRUMPLE or CREASE them.

Daniel Chan, you too.

I did NOT ask you to watch Memoirs of A Geisha with me RIGHT? I asked RENIE, SOPHIA, ELIJAH and JULIE. Not YOU. Who ask you pull your ears so LOOOOONNNNGGGG like an elephant's and evesdrop on our conversation? No one asked YOU for your opinions. No one asked YOU to go. No one asked YOU whether LOTR is better than Star Wars. I'd bet, the next few years, when you get a running nose and instead of using a tissue, you use your ears and blow your nose.

Seriously. What's it with them?

And now, my extremely philosophical post.

The Mystery of Certain Singaporean Girls

I sat up in bed wondering these days. Why on earth do certain Simgaporean girls dress up like SLUTS (and to my immense HORROR, FISHNETS) and have multiple piercings on ears, and the horror of horrors, mispell the English Language?

More coming up. Dad's coming home.

수요일, 1월 11, 2006, 6:51 오후

Haha, back from school. Sneaking in to update. Because my father, a.k.a. ADOLF HITLER, had banned me from taking over the comp. HAHA, so THERE.

Kwang Yong was tearing the strips of paper for Lit, and took a leftover piece from the pile of papers, he stuck it on his forehead, samurai-like. I grabbed it from him, and wrote with black ink on it, "Jiang Shi" and pasted it on his forehead like a chinese vampire. Jia Ling, Winson, Yao Yang, Jun Tat, Kwang Yong, Sheng Yao and I were laughing like mad.

Like what Hui Yi said, we were MIGRATING all over the classroom. Kwang Yong practically BEGGED me to change place with Sheng Yao, so both of them can play "Zha" (that pathetic finger game) together. Now I can finally have the Seow Ru-Ting theory of GUYS: GUYS ARE PATHETIC. Well, not all guys are.

I left Sheng Yao and Kwang Yong to their "finger game" and sat at Sheng Yao's place. I was so damn left out lor, because Xiao Li, Fanny, Anna and Nikki were talking and Xiao Li said, "Naomi, change place with Anna please."

I said no, because I don't want to sit with Yao Yang because he sort of got on my nerves.

Then Anna was muttering something bad when I said no. OI, it's my body leh, it's MY problem that I dun wanna change. Cuss for WHAT.

Until then Renie saved me from that madhouse and asked me to sit at the front with her. Cheng Xuan exchanged places with her. And Renie and I crapped. When Mrs Yap was leaning against the wall, she cracked her head on the fan controls that kept us LAUGHING. Seriously, she's so DAMN funny sometimes.

walao, I seriously wanna go back to band. Ever since I left, the whole song of "Celebration and Dance" kept haunting me. It keeps REPLAYING in my head like a broken tape recorder. ARGH! I wanna go back but I can't! And Mei Hao kept on disturbing me to join Modern Dance. What if she pangseh me in Modern Dance? ARGH!

Sorry Hui Yi I cannot stay with you to do the board, was BUSY. TERRIBLY BUSY.

화요일, 1월 10, 2006, 6:18 오후


Okay, I'll type it for your sake again.

Seriously, sometimes I am so damn pissed with my dad.

Today, he grounded me because my desktop picture was RAIN.

Walao. Idiotic sia. So WHAT if my display picture is RAIN?

I said, You can stop me from liking Rain.

He said, Oh yes I can.

And he confiscated my iPod and my Rain cds and my poster (he TORE it, DAMMIT! It costs HK50 bucks and I PRACTICALLY SEARCHED THE WHOLE OF KOWLOON FOR IT DAMMIT!And soon, I think he's gonna tint all the windows because it was raining a lot very recently.)

And I said, oh you can't stop me because i'm going to marry someone Korean.

He replied, oh no you don't and i'll make sure you marry someone Singaporean.


Seriously lor. I'm supposed to go out with Boon and gang (FAMILY STONE) and then my DAD have to screw it all up by not allowing me to go. FUCK IT LAR.

I can't wait till I get my own HOUSE. So now, Ru-Ting, AZA AZA FIGHTING! I am so going to work hard and get my own house in Incheon. The one where those Full House scenes were filmed. I CAN'T STAND ALL THIS NAGGING AND LECTURING. SERIOUSLY.

What the FUCK is wrong with you parents?

Now, we're totally crazy about Avril Lavigne and Rain and stuff like that, and we put up posters. What's the heck of a big DEAL? Last time don't admit that you liked the Beatles and stuff, and you also put posters. What the heck is wrong?



Next time I have children, I swear I'm going to let them pursue their dreams and NEVER EVER GIVE THEM LECTURES unless they well and throughly deserve it.


일요일, 1월 08, 2006, 12:18 오후

I apologise for any crude remarks made.

Note: Long post. Fluff up your pillows, bring forth the chocolate, and read.

Ah, Rain. I mean the noun, not the guy.

Makes me wanna sleep through it all.

Seriously. I love the rain. What have I got to say in praise for this?

Firstly, when I was about 5 years of age, I was found frolicking in the garden outside the house, with my hands trying to grasp the little raindrops, and I was laughing, as though I was communicating with the rain, somehow or other. I loved the raindrops' feeling on my face, the pelting on my skin. My mom, rushed out to the garden, and scolding me as she went, told me never to play with the rain again. But did I listen? NO!

Rain depicts a sense of tranquility, which I really treasure. I love tranquility. I really do. Rain also has a sense of freedom, and peserverence. The way it keeps dripping from the zinc roof onto the stone floor. It gives a sense of coolness all around the world. I love it when it's raining, because of the coolness that rain has to offer. When I'm alone at home, I feel the abrupt temperature drop.

Sometimes, when I'm older, I wish...

I'm going to live in Korea. In that house that KBS used for the filming of 'Full House'. I'm going to snuggle up on the window seat when it's raining, with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows, watching the waves break on the sandy shores. Then, my significant other comes back from work, and you know the rest. DON'T THINK DIRTY LAR.

As I materialised back into reality, and left my dream aside, I picked up all my pillows and stuffed them back on my bed.

토요일, 1월 07, 2006, 6:57 오후

The funniest news of the year, feat. Rain.

Okay folks, Rain is now making starring in a movie called "I Am A Cyborg".

Okay, the title is quite funny when you hear it, and it makes you think of a sci-fi movie, no?

But hell, when I saw the synopsis of the movie, I fell to the ground in peals of laughter, breaking my collarbone and finger in the process. and getting up again to read more.

As reported in The Straits Times, Life Section, 5 January 2006:

" Korean pop singer Rain will we starring in a new movie, directed by Park Chan-Wook (Sympathy for Lady Venegence) named, "I Am A Cyborg"."

After seeing this, I felt something STUPID was amiss.

" The story goes: A young woman is admitted into a mental asylum,thinking that she's a cyborg, and falls in love with a non-cyborg guy (RAIN)."

Okay, I wouldn't mind if a guy was a cyborg and fell in love with a non-cyborg girl, but WHY OH WHY MUST IT BE A GIRL? Male chavunists, all of them are! What's with women's liberation nowadays? And why must the non-cyborg guy be RAIN? Why not Bae Yong Jun?

"And his latest serial, A Love to Kill, did not do so well in South Korea, however."

SCREW you lar. Why must you add SALT to the wound? He'll see the freaking article, he'll have a bad impression on Singapore. It's bad enough that those freaky girls- Note: LiNgG, and the other one- has already said, "ii wann tuu havee euur kidds..." and "giivee miee eurr fonnee nuumberr... call miee wheen euu need miee..." and stuff. What if he has a bad impression on Singaporean girls? He won't hook up with me then! *GASP*!

Come on, I can even think up of a better storyline. I'm currently making one story right now, "Offically Sianded!" LOL!

` ting blogged.

금요일, 1월 06, 2006, 1:19 오후

I am SO PISSED with a certain group of people, I will state their names here.

Post may include expletives. NC13.

My dear readers, let me pose to you this question: "Is it good manners to escape in a bus when your friends are trying their best, and risking major cardiac arrest, to try to keep up with you to board the same bus?"

The answer, if you are a normal person, is NO.

Why, but that's EXACTLY what my dear friends DID? *shocked gasp from readers*

Jing Yin and I were buying bubble tea, we rounded a corner to buy it. By that time, that group, (Yee Chin, Jia Ling, Chin Kiang, Jason Liow, Kiat Yi, Boon Ping and Rui Jing) had disappeared into thin air. WOW! Another group of Houdini wannabes!

We searched the whole Hougang Point, with me frantically pushing the buttons of my mobile phone, trying to contact them. But, by the goddess of FUCK, no one answered. I tried to call the group, ONE BY ONE MIND YOU, and they did not pick it up. Isn't that sweet? I wonder if your girlfriend/boyfriend is calling you, and would you pick up their call in your stead?

I dialled Chin Kiang, and by the grace of God, he picked it UP! He was going around shouting like a mad chicken with a mad chicken disease, yelling, "Naomi LEH! Naomi LEH!" Then they all took turns to speak to me, DAMMIT. Tell me where you all are, FUCK LAR.

Then they told me they were in the bus stop. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL? This is TREASON, I CALL IT. I was ranting all to the bus stop, and I can sense that Jing Yin was also starting to get pissed. When bus 325 came, she got on and said, "I don't want to go. I'm in a bad mood."

She's not the only person in a bad mood here, I told myself.

When 103 came, I thought, at least they're at the bus stop waiting for me, and I could go down and join them. BUt to my immense suprise, horror and ANGER, they were NOT. At least, wait at the bus stop for your friend is the least that you can do right? What do they expect me to do, FEND FOR MYSELF? FUCKING CRAP LAR, CHEEBYE.

I was so PISSED to the limit that I chose NOT to go to the house of Jia Ling's.

I shall end my rant about manners, readers, and make sure, after reading this post, go sign yourself up for a 'Good Etiquette ' course that any Community Centre near you.

목요일, 1월 05, 2006, 5:39 오후

In Jia Ling's HUMBLE ABODE *ahem* once again! HA!

After school, Jia Ling and I practically RUSHED to the bus stop, before that we went to the MAMA shop. We met Bernard and his friend in their full NCC regalia and Jia Ling said,

"Wah, how come got soldiers patrolling around our block HAH?"

It was so funny! Bernard gave Jia Ling a funny look, lol!

Jia Ling asked me,

"I wonder what will Rain drink, Coke or Pepsi?"

DUH! Even I know this question, when I am such a stupid tai tai.

"My dear, of course PEPSI lar, Rain endorses PEPSI for gods sake." I chastisied.

"Now, Mrs Jeong, from now on, you can have free cans of Pepsi, because Mr Jeong here endorses Pepsi." Jia Ling retorted.

Hais. I could never keep that mouth of hers SHUT for one minute.

That's what is so fun about Jia Ling. She can ask stupid questions and give you funny solutions and answers.

Finally reached her house, and My bag was freakingly soaking WET. And in school, Ke Xin apparently dropped my beautifully wrapped up New Syallabus Mathematics 2 textbook in a puddle of DIRTY RAINWATER. If it's CLEAN rainwater I wouldn't mind, but when I tried to clean it, and some droplets went onto my shirt. EW. DISGUSTO MANIFESTO! My shirt was practically STAINED by the dirty rainwater lol!

It occured to me that Jing Yin wanted to quit her Inline Hockey... she wanted to join Modern Dance... but no Choir... So I think I'd join Modern Dance then... because I have a passion for dancing and singing... but dancing is important if you wanna be a singer, because for your concerts, you gotta have good dance moves. Singing lessons can come later. I'm thinking of training at Lee Wei Song's School Of Music when Jia Ling, Faith and I were in JC, but oh well. Let nature take it's course.

Okay on to Jia Ling's house.

Seriously. Her house is beautiful, magnificent, glorious, and wonderful. It had the smell of a newly renovated house (which it has) and wood furniture! Oh the joys of living in a newly renovated house! But the only thing is that the wall colours don't match quite well. But heck, it's a nice place, breezy, airy and clean.

Jia Ling's room is SOOOO much neater than mine lor. I wonder, when Boon Ping and the other's arrive tomorerow, I think that the room will be in a messy state, much messier than now. HEHE.


HAHA. One minute I was extolling the virtues of YOU, and the next minute you're CUSSING me you stupid GIT. GRRRRRRR.... I am so angry at you.

Whatever, gotta eat dinner @ JL's house, BYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

` ting blogged and will for ever and ever like Rain., (:

월요일, 1월 02, 2006, 1:12 오후

Yesterday was at Faith's house.

Before that, I was on the computer, and Faith called me up.

I could hear Rain's voice of 'I Do' at the background.

"Naomi! Guess what? Your boyfriend's on MTV Asia!" Faith yelled, admist the song 'I Do' and Earth's screams.


At that time, Sophia was smsing me, telling me the same news that Faith was telling me.

WHY OH WHY Can't I have Starhub Cable TV?

Faith held her other end of the phone to the TV, and the song changed.

Fine, Faith. make me jealous.

Well, my dad and mom came home and fetched me to Faith's house.

I reached, and we dashed into the computer room. We were playing SMARTS, an online game something like Brainiest, and I was getting quite hot on there, top 20 in Singapore. Faith was 9. Because she started earlier than me. HAHA!

And Truth came in a disturbed us. Faith said, "Truth, I would appreciate it if you would just go to the toilet, pull down your pants and examine your testicles for Biology."

I doubled up in laughter, and Truth was pissed off. (I actually don't mind Truth, it's Worth I can't stand.)

I was winning most of the time on SMARTS (with Faith helping).

She started to relate the details of Rain's stint on MTV Asia that afternoon.

"Mrs Jeong, I wonder how many shirts your husband has ripped." She said.

"Okay, I choose to ignore the comment regarding to a certain husband, and what do you mean by ripping shirts?" I asked.

"Well, Mrs Jeong, your husband, I think he gets kinda HORNY on stage you know. He sorts of, RIPS his shirt making his stupid old fans screaming." Faith replied. "I think he should make you scream instead of thise freaking fans."

And after that, she put on her jacket, and said, "Let it rip, baby!" And she sorta made a very poor imitation of Rain.

I was laughing non-stop. Seriously! It was so fun to be her friend.

Then the little shit, as Faith put it, Worth came into the room. He was throwing a VERY bad tandrum. He picked up the recliner and threw it at us. I screamed bloody murder and yelled into his ear. Faith was kicking his nuts.

Truth prokoved him by standing on the chair, and skoot his butt to and fro, chanting, "Kiss my ass, Kiss my ass."

LOL! Anyway Earth came into the room and called us out for dinner.

"Naomi, how's your boyfriend Anurak?" Aunt Julie asked.

Come on! I don't like Anurak dammit! "Er, I don't like Anurak Saelaow." I said.

Long story about Anurak's mom and how idiotic she is.

So, after that, I went home. LOL! I hate HATE Auntie Elaine, Anurak's mom.

No time to type too much.

See ya all,

` ting.

일요일, 1월 01, 2006, 1:04 오후

I found the lyrics for 'Full House' theme song, I Think I.

I Think I

I refused to believe that it could be so

there's no way that I'm in love with you

I lied to myself that it's just a petty jealousy

that I must be feeling lonely

but I cannot hide it anymore.


I think I love you

But it must be so

Cause I miss you

without you,I cannot do anything

and you are always on my mind,so seeing this

it must be,I was unaware

but now I can see that your presence

have delved deeply into my heart.

We are not meant for each other

and being friends is the best thing for us

there isn't a single thing we have in common

so I claimed there's no way we can be lovers

but I don't want to make excuses anymore.

why didn't I know that it was you

why couldn't I see it when it was right in front of me

it was beside me all along

but only now can I see love.

and another one!

I Do by Rain

We feel the same and slowly learn about each other

Someday we may possibly hear "I do"

In front of our friends we stay as just friends

But we know we'll be together forever, I do

And I I wanna know

Is it only me who can feel this way?

Or does your heart feel the same way my does?

Dreaming of always being together


I do I do

These words say I'll be with you forever, I do

Whenever I'm with you, carefully in my heart

I do I do wanna spend my life with you

I dream "I do" swear these precious words to you

I'm with you and you are beside me

We hold hands and walk along

Our feet in time with each other

I seem to feel like we can always go together

And I need to know

Is it only me who can feel this way?

Or does your heart feel the same way my does?

Dreaming of always being together

* Repeat

Our love has just begun, we still haven't everything

But for some reason I sometimes dream, I do I do I do

But for some reason I sometimes dream, I do I do I do.

This is one of my favourite songs in the UNIVERSE! I like the lyrics, they're so meaningful.

and yet another one!

It's Raining by Rain

When the lighting lights on me when I'm on the stage I've returned to, little by little I'm...

When people's cries are calling my name, little by little I'm...

When the intense music explodes in my body, in my ear there's...

(rain go rain it's raining it's raining)

When the ready to burst speaker's noise wakes me, in my ear there's

(rain go rain it's raining it's raining)


Now oh

Let the music control my body

As if I've left my arms and lefts in the music

let it go to the way that my body moves, just like that.

Go let my body talk to the music

You know what the people are waiting for, you know what they want.

Now show them all.

When my heart beats as if it's gonna burst, little by little I'm...

I can feel the blood in my body getting hotter.

When I close my eyes as the music rises, in my ear there's

(rain go rain it's raining it's raining)

When an unbearable thrill explodes in my body, in my hear there's

(rain go rain it's raining it's raining)

*Repeat chorus

and yet another one!

My Memory- Winter Sonata

I remember everything

I can’t see even a little thing when I close my eyes.

You're far away

somewhere that I can’t reach

I didn’t say I love you orI will wait for you

I really didn't imagine meeting you againI still love you,

I confess you nowI wanna love forever if it is not late, forever with me

Even though my heart lived without you for a long time,

You were in my heartI really didn't imagine meeting you again.

I still love you, I confess you now

I wanna love forever if it is not late, forever with me

HAHAH!!! I'm OBSESSED with korean dramas!!! And RAIN!!! HAHA, lol.

` ting blogged.

10:33 오전


Okey Dokey, was in FCBC yesterday.

I was watching my Full House drama on my computer (my computer has dual sound, and I chose the language to be in Korean) and Prisia rang me up.

"NAOMI!!!!! I'm leaving now! Meet you at City Hall okay???"

OH MY GRACIOUS. I'm still in pajamas watching a Korean drama serial which I had just paused, with Rain's face still frozen on the screen, and I got to work.

I was forced (YES, forced) into a SKIRT. Which was PINK. It doesn't sound so bad anyway, but it was too loose for me and when I walk, the ribbon goes to the other side. -_-"

Bus 136 took FOREVER to come, and finally got onto it. When I was at Kovan, Prisia was at Dhoby Ghaut. And guess what...

I met ESTHER on the MRT TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Esther, my life-long friend in Nanyang (we met like, 5 years ago?) but we lost all contact and here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We practically broke each other's spine, and all of a sudden, she asked,

"What happened to your Brainiest ar? You won is it?"

"No. I did not."

"Wah, the whole of 6A watched you you know! And the whole school also! Wah, I thought you looked funny on TV!"

Me: -_-"

But anyway, we switched trains. She had to go to Somerset, and I have to go to City Hall.

Went there, met Prisia, and OMG, she's wearing a SKIRT!!! For the first time in my life, I saw her in a SKIRT! (Other than school uniform) And she's wearing... SANDALS with a SKIRT?

Anyway, we exchanged X'mas presents, and she got me Narnia. The whole selection of it. I feel like crying when I saw it, lol.

We met Amanda, Abi Tan and Phoebe at Parkway Parade Burger King. We were designing something for Shi Nuan, our cell leader. Prisia and I went into PP to go to the CD shops.

I went to Gramophone, and asked them if they had Rain's Bad Guy CD. It turned out that they HAVE, but in another OUTLET!!!!! ARGH!!!!!! I went to Sembawang, and they have 'It's Raining' only. DARN!

Oh wells, wait till I go someplace else. Or when I go to Korea.

Met Abigail Sin @ Redhill MRT station, her brother and her were stranded there w/o umbrella. HAHA. But she met us anyway.
We went into KFC, and using a pen, wrote in the lid of the popcorn chicken paper container: 'Beware of N5N1', and Abigail Sin and Pheobe and I were laughing all the way.

ZWent to church, and have to go off early @ 10.30. Abigail Sin had to leave as well.

OH MY GOD, I love FCBC! (:

Oh, and going to Han-Guk next year, Ru-Ting! Must learn Hangul! Aza Aza Fighting!

` ting blogged.

Ann-yeong hi gyeseyo!