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n. pl.reason or justification for being or existence


naomi jung
서여정, 三浦 なおみ
29 june 1992
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정지훈/Rain/Jihoon - the husband.

Faith/Spaz - the best friend.

Prisia/Siao - the other best friend.

Cheryl - Cooking mama

Joyce - Korean fanatic.

Brother (wenjun) - who has 10000000 brains

Hyun - Mr Smart-ass Korean.

Chew - Dear Leader.


Ajumma (아줌마) : Auntie

Ajusshi (아저씨) : Uncle

Chagiya/Yeobo (자기야/여보): Darling/Honey

Namja Chingu/Namchin (남자친구/남친) : boyfriend

Yeoja Chingu/Yeochin (여친/여자친구) : girlfriend

Hyung (형) : Older brother (for males)

Oppa (오빠) : Older brother, also can be used as "boyfriend" in a steady relationship (for females)

Nuna (누나) : Older sister (for males)

Onni (언니) : Older sister (for females)

Ssulung (썰렁) : "so cheesy/cold/lame" for cold jokes

Selca (셀카) : camwhore/self camera

Wang Ja (왕자) : 6 pack/washboard abs



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금요일, 3월 31, 2006, 10:01 오후

I need silence.

In the iTunes: Myself - Rain
Passion - Se7en
It's Like That - Mariah Carey
Can't Break Through - Busted

I'm sitting in my study room, typing out this entry. The bright light shines in contrast to the night sky, like a crow flying through a pitch black night. The computer's blasting R&B tunes by Rain, Se7en and Mariah Carey penetrates the serenity now engulfing the whole apartment that my family owns, Tong Xin Yuan style.

But it's nothing. My parents are already fast asleep in bed, and I'm practically the only awake and sober soul in this whole private apartment. The grandfolks are off to China visiting old relics, cousins are strewn about everywhere in the living room of my share of the apartment, textbooks over their heads. One cousin is sleeping in the chair next to me now, with my iPod still blaring tunes in her ears.

I'm switching off the stereo now. The only noise that I hear is the "clickety-clack" of the keyboard keys that I'm using now to type this entry, my cousins' snoring that penetrated the still night, and the iPod's distant sound.

I wonder what's the price of silence. Just a span of time where you could put all the worries away, stash it in one small corner and just let go. No thoughts about who you were going to bitch about, no thoughts about who you're in love with (well, I'll think about HIM as I am going through my nightly ritual of silence) and no worries about you failing your history exam.

Just let go. Feel the silence revolving around you, like a sphere in an endless galaxy.

And now one of my cousins is using the toilet. I hear a tinkling sound, like a waterfall. Now I picture the Bahamas.

Before I could imagine Ji-hoon and I running towards a jade-coloured ocean... my cousin that had just went to the loo asked me,

"Naomi, you look terrible. Why does your hair look like Chewbacca's left buttock?"

Certain questions could not be answered.

3:54 오후

Idiotic Synocracies.

If the world gets in my face, I say, have a nice day. - Jon Bon Jovi
I don't care what you might think about me, you get by without me if you want.- Geek in the Pink, Jason Mraz.

I have been tolerating this for very long. I kept mum about you on my blog for a very, very, very long time. I am sorry to do this, but you carried this thing too far.

Do whatever you want on your blog. It's yours, and this blog is MINE. Call me Nancy. Call me Drew. Call me Enid. Call me Blyton. Call me Roald. Call me Dahl. Whatever. I don't care.

Yes, I ALREADY admitted to myself and to my readers that I did not study hard enough. Yes, I ALREADY admitted that although I have the brains, I did not use it as I should be. So what if Shaun had more marks for me than English. People make mistakes, unless you can tell me who doesn't, and I'll credit you for that.

I don't mind you calling me a PIG. PIG stands for...Pride, Integrity and Guts. I also don't mind you calling me a bitch either. BITCH stands for... Babe In Total Control Of Herself. There you have it. Continue calling me that, I really don't mind and care. At least I know I have PRIDE in myself, INTEGRITY in whatever I do, and I have the GUTS to confront you. I'm not the itty bitty little bug you can squish on, whenever and wherever you want.

You're beautiful, no matter what they say. - Christina Aguliera, Beautiful

I admit. I am beautiful. So is Miss Tan, Jia Ling, Xiao Wei, Kiat Yi, Ke Xin, Julie, Uthara, Xiao Hui and everybody in the world. (With the exception of Rain, I think he's GORGEOUS :p) So, don't insult if other people is more beautiful than you. Let me pose a question, does Tyra Banks say to Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum, "I hate you. You're more beautiful than me. I hate you."

NO right?

Oh, and stop describing about me like I'm a hooker. If, and only if, you call me a hooker, it's like describing Hui Juian and Ke Xin as a hooker, because they're a hooker's friends. So naturally, you're insulting everybody around me, like Julie, Uthara and Xiao Hui.

I shall not waste my tears, my precious brain cells that are dying by the minute, to think about such people who like to procrastinate about individuals and not caring about how other people feel. Hui Juian said it correctly,

"Don't care about people like these. You know what's karma? If they do bad things unto you now, it'll come back in the future. Who knows? Think about the people who asked you, "Naomi, what's with that black face?" today. These are your true friends. Do not waste time on these people."

I so agree with Hui Juian.

Rain's motto: Endless Effort. Endless Modesty. Endless Endurance.

I must endure this. Aja Aja Fighting!

I can save you from those original dumdums. - Jason Mraz.

I hope, Ji-Hoon. :p

Think about it. Ponder about what I've said, surely and carefully.

sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon!

1:29 오후

Arts Fiesta 2

We had Arts Fiesta on Wednesday.

Was sitting with Julie, Uthara, Xiao Hui, Ren Yi and Mei Hao. Mei Hao took my iPod and started rummaging through it. WHILE I WAS LISTENING TO SONGS. It's treason, that's what it is.

-Fast Forward-

I was collecting tickets for the Arts Fiesta thingy. And I sneaked into the Auditorium to catch a breather from the whole show. The Malay Drama's performance was FANTASTIC. Especially Danial. 'MAK.... MAKKKK! Forgive me!!!! MAKKK!!!"

I should congratulate the microphone for doing it's job all too well. It nearly blew our eardrums up.

Next up. Chinese Drama. Xiao Wei practically FORCED me to run in my court shoes UP the escalator, ACROSS the platform, and into the theater. She told me to stand furthur away because the spotlight will shine on her, and I'll also get some limelight, in the wrong way, of course.

Her performance was splendid. I really commerate her for it.

-fast forward-

Gavin came. He was supposed to take over Hui Juian for the night show. We ordered pizza in Elijah's name, and when we saw the bill later, the name came out as "Nigel."


How can the clerk name 'Elijah' as 'Nigel'? Absurd.

Shaun was the only person to eat TWO SLICES of pizza! Big fat PIG. We forced him to throw away the pizza boxes. HEH.

Was standing at the doors for tickets. Julie and Uthara was at the other door. There was no one to take the tickets with me, so Gavin, being gentlemanly *cough*, was trying to help. Then when he saw that in my hand, I had lots of tickets, so he said,

"Naomi, allow me to take the ticket stubs from you to put them in the box."

Of course I relented.

Bixia hurt her back. So I accompanied her to the lounge to relax. (At the same time so I can relax. GET IT?)

Okay, I sorta have a crush on someone in the Prefectorial Board. I will not reveal who he is. (DUH) That's why I told you I may lose my Abalone Bet.

I was telling Bixia how _____ was so cute, in a mature sort of way *just examples* blaah blah blah. She was laughing. Laughing like a dolphin in a toaster. Then when suddenly...

HE came in. "Bixia, are you okay? I heard what happened just now. Are you sure you're okay?"

Bixia and I looked at each other, and we laughed out loud. Bixia was stuttering, "Okay..."

He was rummaging through the room for extra mineral water. "Naomi, tell him la. Tell him!"

He was still rummaging through the boxes and I was trying to stiffle my laughter.

When he left the room, we burst out in laughter again.

He actually wasted smiles on me and my friends. URGH.

Jesslyn, SHUT UP.

Just now, when she was walking with Jia Ling and I, (and I called Amelia an ajuma!) and Perseus walked past.


I feel like throwing my slipper at her. URGH.

월요일, 3월 27, 2006, 4:34 오후

Long day.

Now in Infocomm Club. Learning about blogging. Blogging. Yes, you did not hear wrongly. By the way, while you're at it, clean your ears please.

Was greeted rather... hustle bustle-y by Mr Woo. Just gave him my name and told him that I just wanted to check things out.

Kiat Yi and I told him that we already have a blog. So he said, "Okay, you can edit your blog."

And that's what I'm doing now. LOL.

Want to continue my story about Gershwin and Jade and Cha Hae. But no inspiration.

Btw, I blog my stories in patches... in Singlish, "anyhow do." I post bits and pieces of my stories, then I put them together.


Gershwin looked Jade all over. "Not a bad looking girl." He thought to himself.

Jade caught his gaze, and gave him a look that read, "What?"

Gershwin grinned despite himself, and shook his head. "Nothing." He muttered audibly.


Cha Hae sank into his comfy velvet chairs, running a hand through his hair. How is he going to get rid of Jade? It's his fault for taking her in in the first place. "She's here to study, Cha Hae," his sister, Cha Teng, walked in, startling him out of his reverie. "Do not get involved with a mere schoolgirl. Goodness, she's a whole ten years younger than you."

Cha Hae considered this piece of valuable advice over. He shrugged, and picked himself up, and left the room, leaving his younger sister behind. He stalked off to the kitchen to find himself a snack to relieve himself. Finding none, he slammed a cushion on his way out, leaving a dent in the cushion and his heart.

sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon!

일요일, 3월 26, 2006, 7:59 오후


Oh god.

I got hooked on one genre of music that I thought that I would never ever like.

Jazz. Bossanova.

Man, it gives you a soothing feeling when you are studying for some exam. Seriously. I am listening to "Girl from Ipanema" and "The Look of Love". The look of love is from Dusty Springfield.

I love "The Look of Love". Faith likes it too. Don't you, Faith Sim?

Prisia, could you stop tugging at my shirt and slapping me on the back when you want to express a point? And stop making a scene of yourself when you want to disagree with me. It's annoying. And when I ask you a question, you SHRUG. This sucks la. It provokes me. I shall not speak with you for a week. See how you feel. HUMPH.

And I still have a red WEAL on my arm from where you pinched me just now when I was buying my poster. URGH.

Where's my bossanova CD? I need to relax.

Oh yea, I still have no inspiration for any story yet. I am itching to write one, but no storyline. That's what I hate about writing stories.

Jade surveyed Cha Hae and his counterpart, Gershwin. "Something's fishy going on," she thought.

Cha Hae cleared his throat. "That sounded like a stuck sewage pipe." Jade commented.

"This is Gershwin." Cha Hae said, ignoring the rude remark that Jade said about his throat. "He's my friend, and I would like him to bring you and introduce you to Korea." He glanced at Gershwin. "He can speak English and Korean fluently, unlike you, whose grasp of Korean sounded more like pigs squealing."

Jade gave Cha Hae a look, and muttered under her breath, "Ssangji." Jerk.

Gershwin looked at Jade, and Jade said, "Aren't you that actor, Ken?"

Gershwin nodded his assent, and led her out of the room.

Jade wondered, "Is this a trick that God is playing on me? I merely came here to this blasted country just to STUDY, not get involved with affairs of the heart and men who do not concern me." And with one sweep of her hair, she sauntered outside.

sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon! (:

10:33 오전


Procrastinate now, don't put it off.

In the iPod: To Be With You - Wonderful Life OST
Running Away from the Sun - Rain
4ever - The Veronicas


Aren't those the scabs that you want to pick at them and flick them as far away as possible?

Precisely. To today's topic, folks, is about SLIMEBALLS.

Slimeball [noun].
1. Little balls of slime.
2.People who suck.

Now, I shall elaborate more on point 2.

Face it people, there are SLIMEBALLS on earth. They are there, right SMACK in your face. I know, the truth hurts, but it's the truth.

Life's an ocean, sail it la.

Examples of slimeballs are : People that you hate dislike trying to get people to join the dark side, and attempting to corrupt your friends as well. You trying to accept these people, knowing the fact that it wasn't their fault being the offspring of uncivilised barbarians. People trying to make you hate your favourite singer because he/she is not their favourite. (PAH.)

These are examples. But they are mere EXAMPLES. There are MORE, to be exact. I would not list them here, or it'll make my post appear boring.

But there are some people who still clutch to you, digging their well-coiffed fingernails onto your back, no matter how hard you try to shake them off, they still hang on to you.

Well, I have encountered one such person. I will not reveal IT'S identity, because we do not want anything foul to leak out of it, yea?

I will not list out the story, but it is still in my life. HEH. In my current insitution too. Double HEH.

There are methods to 'remove' them.

Naomi's foolproof way to eliminate SLIMEBALLS. Cleaniness and fuss free. Results guranteed.

1 . Ignore them.

Slimeballs hate to be ignored. They will produce sarcastic remarks to grapple your attention on them. Resist! The FORCE is with YOU!

2 . Fire them.

Take a lighter, and flick it open and burn 'em. HA. Kidding. Just use your vocabulary to fire at them! Flamboyant Vocabulary I must say! Vocabulary is the KEY!

3 . Campaign!

Run for elections to be class president. Then you can issue all the demerit points you want to them. HEH.

4 . Rant about them.

Privately, of course. You wouldn't want them to hate you even furthur and make you itch even more right? You could also ask your biker boi boyfriend to sock 'em real hard. Not advisable. You could even complain 'em to your significant other. But not too much. Who knows. He may go for your nemesis instead.

If all else fails, beat them up.

LOL. Just kidding la.

sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon! (:

토요일, 3월 25, 2006, 2:41 오후

Stupid bet.

Okay, Jesslyn, I know.

I made a stupid bet with you and the rest that...

"Naomi, you CANNOT marry a SINGAPOREAN. If you do (which is 40% anyway), you'll have to treat the whole 1e3 2005 to abalones at Crystal Jade Restaurant. If you don't, invite us to your wedding dinner at the Fullerton Hotel is already enough."


This is a lose-lose situation man. I lose, my poor husband has to pay for 39 people in Crystal Jade for ABALONES. If I win, I have to invite them to my wedding dinner in the FULLERTON HOTEL. Are they NUTS or what.

(Anyway, my husband will be rich enough to subsidise all these. But I won't ask him to hold it in the Fullerton. Shangri-la is enough. HEHE. Or maybe the Gallery Hotel?)

NUTS, the whole lot of them. *shrugs.*

2:12 오후

First Person

Do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few. - Pythagoras

After living in Singapore for my whole life (not counting the ones that I spent overseas and that one month in Hong Kong), there are certain... habits of Singaporeans that still puzzle and perplex me. I shall now list 30 of them, in no order of importance.

1) What's with those horrible squeaky shoes that practically everyone gives their toddlers to walk in? (Okay, I've worn those, but that was when I was an innocent youngster. Now I'm a teen, and still innocent. XD)

2) Why, when you try to call OCBC or those banks, you're put on hold for more than 20 minutes?

3) Why do people pick their noses, scratch their bum, clip their nails or chew on their fingernails on the MRT or some other public transport?

4) Why do people canoodle on public transport when it's all so unsightly and it makes people feel queasy?

5) Why do men always charge into the MRT trains first, without giving way to the ladies?

6) Why to people talk loudly on their handphones when other members of the public is watching a movie?

7) Why do people not keep to their left on the escalators, when they're signs almost everywhere telling them to keep left?

8) Why, in the buses and trains, do people not stand up for the elderly?

9) Why do people talk on their handphones - even in the toilet?

10) Why do old people think it's acceptable to cuss the younger generation even if they have never done anything wrong?

11) Why do people yell "cheebye" for no reason?

12) Why do they give funny names to their streets?

13) Why, when I hold the lift door for someone, they do not thank me, and just sail past as if I was a bartender?

14) Why do people give you a cold stare when you say "Good Morning" to them in the morning?

15) Why do people use handkerchiefs, umbrellas etc to "chope" places in hawker centres?

16) Why do the female toilets have male cleaners?

17) Why do male toilets have female cleaners?

18) Why are Singaporeans so "kehpoh"?

19) Why do people, after picking their noses and cleaning their ears, with the muck still on their fingers, press the lift buttons?

20) Why do parents allow their children to be spoilt brats on the MRT trains?

21) Why are girls so bitchy?

22) Why are boys not gentlemanly enough?

23) Why do people pierce their ears so much to create lots of holes in their earlobe so you could make a mini-curtain on their earlobes?

24) Why do teenagers think it's cool to smoke?

25) Why do parents nag nag and nag so much?

26) Why do people love to cc their email to the whole world about the most mundane subjects?

27) Why do people cc the most boring joke round the whole internet?

28) Why do people want to murder their children like Huang Na?

29) Why do they actually look offended when you tell them politely to shut up in the library?

30) Why do people actually like the PM for his looks?

lalalas. hooked on korean dramas. WONDERFUL LIFE AND LITTLE BRIDE ROCKS!

sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon!

금요일, 3월 24, 2006, 9:29 오후

Love and Peace

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Come on la.

It's pathetic. It's terribly pathetic.

I don't understand, when I, or rather, most of my friends try to accept other people for who they are, those people just don't like us.

I know la. Yes, I've been on Singapore's Brainiest and I'm one of the finalists, and I was in Champs Challenge Wise Up To Money,and was 2nd position. I was also on Japan and Korean national TV once, doing a documentary. So what?

Those people, judge a book by it's cover. They portray me as "Naomi being on TV, and she's proud, stuck-up and arrogant." Full STOP.

Come on la. Let's say, you see Jolin Tsai on TV. You see her, and you say, "Oh, she's on TV, she's proud." HELLO? Do you need me to give you a wake-up call? Shake you hard to wake you UP?

I should be proud. (as in, proud of myself), in my own right.Because I actually burned millions of braincells preparing for Brainiest (seriously.) and I made it to the finals. But idiotic Annabeth Leow kicked my lousy computer and the freaking machine conked out, and I dropped out because the computer conked out. Unfair.

Anyway, if you wanna get fame and recognition, you have to earn it yourself. You can't just stand and sit there and say, "Oh, fame is going to come to me someday." BULL la. You see how hard Wang Lee Hom, Se7en and Rain worked to achieve the status that they are at now.

People are just so thick in the head.

Oh, and there's a double-headed snake my midst.

She acts nice, and actually behind my back, she hates me and my friends.

Guess it's mob psychology.

Peace la.

some people just don't get it.

jeong ji-hoon, sarang hae.

목요일, 3월 23, 2006, 8:41 오후

More than just words.

Those who think the most most often say the least. - Malcolm S. Forbes

Was thinking about whether I speak way too much these days. Turns out that I haven't. I have limited myself to how many sentences I talk. HAHA.

I talk way too much, and I write way too much.

I think that talking too much may be good, talking too little is also no good. Just talk moderately.

Talking too much is a put-off. For example, imagine someone talking to you.

"You know she's such a bitch la. Bla Bla Bla... Bla Bla Bla... She damn din tei leh... I don't know why my dear don't talk to me nowadays... I love my dear so much... You know that Wei Li has a new stead... bla bla bla... she damn tulan de... bla bla bla. I don't know where the Allegro starts and where the forte ends... bla bla bla..."

Most probably your boyfriend had his ears talked off.

You try to stick some words in between the cracks where she stopped to catch a breather, and she'll whack the wuss out of you and oh, horror of horrors, continue her speech that would most probably make Lee Hsien Loong proud.

"You know, don't try to interupt. I tell you, Sabby darn tulan leh. She go flirt with Brentdan then go to Max. OH my God. Bla bla bla. My cornet got stuck because the saliva la, you know. By the way la, the cornet is like a trumpet, but makes a louder sound. Bla bla bla."

By that time, I reckon, you may like to examine how your toenails grow.

Talking too little is also a put-off.

Imagine my date like this:

Me: "Hey! How are you these days? Want to go shopping or catch a movie?"

Him: "Anything... No comment."

Me: *frowning* "Okay... Then what are your hobbies?"

Him: "Anything that you like... I am very sui bian (anything) one."

Me: *sighs* "Okay. Fine. What do like to eat?"

Him: "Anything. I very sui bian one."

Me: *slams menu on table* "OKAY! Our date is OVER! ZILCH! OFF! NADA! ZERO!" *stalks off*

Okay. That was exggerating. LOL. But don't worry, I'm not that bad la.

You know what I mean.

So in all, answer the questions that they ask you in a clear, consise manner, one that will not irritate and bore them.

Try hard. Try very hard.

PS: How the HECK do you YODEL, (I think yodelling is those kinds of 'singing' that goes yooooooooooeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and play Ping Pong? URGH.

PPS: DARN IT LA. Rain is not going to be in Seoul when I go to KOREA! He's in BUSAN! OH wait, maybe I'm going Busan. HAHA.

PPPS: I want kimchi. Anyone?

sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon

7:05 오후


Wanna attend my piano performance (recital)?

It's on 9th April 2006 (Sunday), 3.00pm, @ 54 Waterloo Street, Young Musician's Society (orange building)

Please reach there early @ 2.45pm, and give me a call to let me know that you're here so I can come out to give you the tickets. (:

Call me anytime before 5th April to tell me whether you're coming. I need to order tickets.

Your kindless is appreciated.


6:34 오후

Where is the manners?

Speak when you're angry and you'll make the best speech that you'll ever regret. - Ambrose Bierce

Yesterday I was at Specialists' Shopping Centre for chinese tuition. I was standing at the lift, and I pressed the button already.

Then this angmoh old lady with her granddaughter came up to me and yelled,

"Are you blind? What are you waiting for? Press that button!"

And she went and ranted about how stupid we Chinese are, even thought there was a whole crowd of people.

I couldn't take it anymore, and I took out my iPod earphones and exclaimed

"Ya. (Korean for excuse me (informal)) That is enough. You are not blind right? You are able to see right? If the button is glowing, then I have already pressed it. If it is not, then I haven't. Make your choice la. Don't go ranting your feelings out on innocent people." I spat.

She muttered something about being late and it was all my fault.

"EXCUSE ME?" I bellowed.

Just as then, the lift door opened and we clambered inside.

So much for politeness nowadays. SHEESH.

금요일, 3월 17, 2006, 10:03 오전

Touch me, take me to the other place

How long do you want to continue beating me up? I'm already years old! I'm your son, not a thief! - Cheng Cai to his father, I Not Stupid Too

Based on the above quote, I hereby state that Naomi Seow is dead. Yes, Seow Ru-ting is dead.

She has been beaten up by her father, late last night.

It seems that all the times that I tried being nice to my father did not help at all.

I tried to work hard, and kept my science grade from a C6 to an A2.

I brought my Art from a B4 to a B3.

I brought my English from a B4 to a B3.

Did yo see this in me?


You just saw that F9 I had for maths, not caring that I really slogged hard for that exam.

You once said, "Oh, I don't care if you get low marks. What counts is the effort."

Ha. Bullocks.

Yesterday Pastor (his pastor, not my FCBC one) came to our house.
Dad wanted to know everything about this certain Aunt, let's call her Aunt LS. She and her family were very close, even before I was born, they were the best of friends. Until 2 years ago.

She started spreading rumours around the church, and leaked things that my dad told her. (You see, my dad likes to confide everything in her. Including our recent spats. and how he was trying to teach me a lesson and stuff like that. Turned out that he was the fool in doing so.)

Okay, back on track.

I think the things that Pastor told him made him mad. Before that he told me to "go to your room and do your stuff." Well, I did a bit of mathematics before I went on to the computer to type my short stories, and watch my Korean dramas at the same time.

After Pastor left, he started scolding me in my room, and he expects me to keep quiet while he does his rants. Bullshit. When he does his rants, there're 2 things that you can do. One, stuff your ears with cotton wool. Two, pick a fight with him. If I chose one, he'll rant and then cancel me out school and smash the piano with a fire extinguisher in all his anger. That happened to me before.

If I chose 2, I'll have to shout and he'll then bruise me and try to strangle me, leaving marks on my neck, scratches on my arms and bruises on my legs, leaving me to a state of neardeath. I chose option 2.

He lunged at me, and caught me by the neck, raining blows down my right side. (I am using my left side to type, and it's taking quite a long time to do so) my right side is currently immobile because of the agony and pain that I have to endure. He was trying to strangle me, and I need air. So I fought back, using pure brute force. He then scratched me on my arms and legs. WOW, I thought to myself. Souveneirs (sp?)! I could sue police to this.

My mom interverned, and dad still kept lunging at me. Until my mom got my grandmother in, did he comply to stop.

He kept saying that the Naomi he knew was dead. And I told him that the father I knew was also dead.

It did not break my heart to say this. I said it all willingly.

I do not want to have a father like this. And he does not deserve to have a daughter like me.

The attitude I have at home is different from what I have in school.

He even asked the maid to spy on me. What, he doesn't trust me? I guess if this goes on, he'll hire a PI to follow my every move, thinking that I am secretly having a boyfriend and have been frequently going to Hotel 81 to make out.


Even if he hires one, he's just wasting his stupid money doing so. And I am NOT intending to make out YET. So, HARHAR.

I called Prisia up. Today we're going to United Square to call a councillor. She suggested I go to a foster home.

I really want to go.

I can't wait till the day I go to Korea. To be finally set free at last. To be free from the caged cell, like a nightingale with it's wings being torn off, regrew her wings yet again, flying out from that abyss, finally singing her song of freedom.

And I will NOT let my children go through what I am currently going through now. I will shower the love I have for my children, not having to go loco for any single thing that they do. I will bring them up properly.

So there. I am not letting my parents take care of my children. I'll emigrate to somewhere else except Singapore. (SK possibly) I'll let my father-in-law to take care. Not my parents. HA. (Ps: Woman Hitler has passed away)

set me free like an innocent prisoner without his chains, singing praises unto his God. set me free like a caged up collie pup, from the cruel hands of his ungrateful master. set me free like a rhino from a caged up zoo. set me free so I can taste my freedom like everyone else.

sarang hae, jeong ji hun.

목요일, 3월 16, 2006, 4:51 오후

It's more than just words.

There is no remedy for love than to love more. - Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Sometimes I wonder, is love really an option?

There are some things that I really cannot comprehend.

For example, I understand that love makes the world go round. Yes, for without love, we can never survive. Without love, the whole world will stop.

But, kudos to this one strong emotion. I have seen people and peers being crushed by love, being emotionally controlled by love for that one person. I have seen people totally immersed in it, and be happy by it. I am one such individual, who is easily bowled over by that strong tidal tsunami of strong emotion.

I just don't know how to describe that emotion.

It may be hurting. It may be bliss. You just never know, unless it comes to you.

Ah, on the topic of "first love"s.

My first love? I guess it must mean first stead. I do not have one, and have no plans on getting one until I reach Korean soil, on my first day of Kyung Hee University life.

But I do have a first crush though. Long time ago. How many donkey years?

LOL, I can't believe I'm sharing these with all you readers.

Okay. It happened when I was at the tender age of Primary 4, and he was Primary 6.

He was in GEP, and I was taking my streaming examinations.

Oh god. I was in a state of europhia. We were both in Nanyang's Chinese Orchestra at that time, he was in the erhu, I was in the Percussion section. (: I remember he galliantly stopped Delphine, Shawn and Xin Liang from tormenting me. Mind you, Delphine was the daughter of the MP. I didn't give a hoot. Because I was the " conductor's pet " at that time, Delphine didn't like it at all. She tried to get into Mr Steven Goh's good books.

Okay, back to him.

We would write letters, and he was so obsessed in Kanji, the Japanese spelling. He would write excerpts of his phrases in Kanji to me, and I'll write fragments of Korean words to him. Ah, puppy love. =D

I included a extra sheet of paper, and an extra envelope in the envelope that I was sending to him. I just thought that it'll be worth the effort.

He seemed glad when he saw those letters and the extra pieces of paper, and on one occasion, he wrote "Ting, it seems you enclosed the extra writing materials in this envelope you sent me, I concluded that you will make a very good partner to me in the future."

At these words, my friends all patted me on the back and laughed, and well, did the normal things that they will do when a friend got a love letter from someone of the opposite gender.

Well, on one occasion, Valentine's Day, he sent me a box of chocolates. I knew it was him, because of the Kanji words etched out on the box. In his handwriting.

Time flew by... and he left Nanyang for Raffles Insitution. Until I joined Brainiest, he saw my face on television... and we just... kept in touch until now. (: And he's helping me with my math. (:

I'm happy to say that I am not going steady with him, and I am still single and avaliable to korean guys (stupid bet with my friends). haha.

ji-hun, SARANG HAE!

1:19 오후

Outing, in a week long holiday.

Does the rain fall in threads, or drops? - Cha Tae Hyun to Song Hye Gyo, in My Girl and I.

Went with Faith and Prisia to catch a movie, 2 movies rather, yesterday.

I found Faith in Mos Burger in Plaza Singapura, chomping on a burger. Auntie Julie, Truth, Worth, Aunt Julie's 2nd sister and Faith's cousin dunnowhathisnameis.

"Faith, your cousin looks a bit like Kenny Sia." I whispered into her ear.

"You hoodlum. He does not. Wait, he's Malaysian. HA. But he's not residing in Perth, you nitwit." Faith replied.

I took a final look at dunnowhathisnameis, and shrugged.

Faith gave me an Emily the Strange badge! Aunt Julie bought it all the way from Bangkok! (:

Rushed to Somerset, bought Nanny Mcphee tickets and My Girl and I.

Nanny Mcphee was enjoyable, but some parts were lame. Like that dancing donkey (WOW, alliteration! Mr Choe would've been proud) and the flowery marriage of Mr Brown to Mrs Quickly. EW. That woman is one sure flowery woman. I mean, she decks her house in PINK and YELLOW. What a perfect combination, I should say the least. HAHA.

Splurged in Heeren. Bought "A Season for Love" VCD, Windstruck VCD (FINALLY!) and a korean drama, "Xin Niang 18 Sui" or "Little Bride." I initially wanted Rain's Early Works, but it cost a freaking $69.90! Darn ex, I tell you. Well, I'll go to Korea and buy the cds that I wanted, but one downside, all the lyrics are in Korean.

Prisia joined us for the My Girl and I movie, and she said it was BORING.

Seriously! It was damn sad, but some parts were funny. Like that part where Tae-Hyun's friend on the bus, when he saw Tae-Hyun and Hye-Gyo riding the bicycle together, he very nearly killed himself trying climb out of the window to stop them.

So sad. I was sobbing through half the show. Hye-Gyo in the show got LEUKEMIA! Damn sad la. Especially the part that she wanted to go to Marriage Island for the last time, as she was dying, and Korea, gan gan HAO, got typhoon. And the docks were closed. Tae-Hyun tried to get the keys to the boat on Marriage Island, but couldn't. Hye-Gyo couldn't stand it any longer, and just... died. It was like, the slumped forward in her seat, leaning her head on Tae-Hyun's tummy, and Tae-Hyun was holding her close... ARGH! I heard sniffles and everything.. DAMN SAD LA. *sniff*

After the show, Faith and Prisia were Iron Maidens la. They didn't cry or anything.

And Prisia, if you don't like the show, don't keep repeating that you do not like it. It is ANNOYING.

I mean, seriously, she was ranting on and on about how she wasted $5 on the movie (the movie was $7) and the funny parts were okay and everything, and that it was sappy (Yes, I told her beforehand that it was sappy) and I wasted her time coming here and blah blah blah.

Come on la. You know I hate Teen Titans, and you like it so much you kept ranting on and on about it, and I did not even say a word about it. Then you know I like Korean dramas and everything korean, and you just viciously attack it, without sparing a thought for my feelings. Come on la. You made me feel guilty just asking you along.

I could not take her rants any longer, and told her bluntly just to shut up.

She just kept on talking. HAIS.

So, had a fun time yesterday (without Prisia's rants).

sarang heyo, bi!

화요일, 3월 14, 2006, 8:37 오후

Take me away.

As Fong Yee stated on her blog, one of the main causes for teens to commit suicide in Singapore is because their parents don't listen to them.

It's true my dad doesn't listen to me.

Not only that, he didmiss my opinions, and in turn, makes scathing remarks about my opinions, and tried to renounce them.

I hate that. I hate it all.

When I finished my math tuition just now, it was a solid 1 and a HALF hours, just tackling idiotic math problems. You know how taxing math problems can get right?

He told me to play piano right after my math.


Anyone can possibly DIE of exhaustion (maybe I'll make an exception for Rain, because he holds concerts back to back, and gets 2 hours of sleep a day. *whew*) because of this.

HEY, I have a KIDNEY problem and a HEART problem, a double whammy. Not like YOU, so HEALTHY. You know why Uncle Whinson died right? You told me that he had the same condition as me, a Mitral Valve Prolaspe, where the blood can flow back and thus, giving me a heart attack. You told me to REST. REST. And what are yo giving me now? STRESS, not REST.

Then when I said NO, you shouted at me, telling me not to shout.

Look who's talking.

I don't think I can treat this place as my house already. It's just a place for me to eat and sleep.

And you told me to complete my English Language degree in SIngapore. That's another 2 years before I can go to Korea to meet my CEO.

Another 2 years in hell, a firey abyss.

11:27 오전

Unhurried thoughts at my funeral.

Love is bliss; denial isnt. - Naomi Seow.

My best friend, Faith Sim and I were talking over MSN about what will happen at each other's funeral.

"Naomi, I don't know what I'd do at your funeral. I don't know if I'd be alive by then." Faith said.

"Well, maybe you'll be alive, or we'll die at the same time." I replied.

There was a silence.

"I'd want to be buried, not burned like Kikyou." Faith said, talking about that girl that she likes in Inuyasha.

"I guess I'd want to be cremated, have part of my ashes scattered over the ocean, and part of my ashes to be kept in my darling's (CEO's) house, so he'd remember that I was (and still is) his wife." I said.

"Not into a polluted ocean." Faith guffawed.

"Yea. Definetely." I retorted.

"Hey, your CEO, or rather, CHAIRMAN, Sayuri-san, will die earlier than you! He's 10 years older than you!" Faith exclaimed.

I had a fleeting thought about my CEO lying in his coffin, his eyes never to open again.

"Fine. If he dies first, I'll request to my children and grandchildren to bury me beside him, and so we could not be apart." I said.

"I wanna be buried. I'm contributing to the growth of nutrients. For our bodies rot, and yea." Faith said.

URGH. I had another flash about Faith in her bones.

"When I am in a state of neardeath, I could come back from the dead, like those horror movies, and then the music will play..."

"Beethoven's 5th Symphony, no?"

"Yea! That's the one! And I'll rise up from the dead and scare everybody at my funeral." Faith concluded with a flourish, and I can picture her smile.

"I want you to read my eulogy!" I said.

"And I want you to read mine too!" She said.

"Wither you read mine or I'd read yours. We cannot have those at the same time darling." I stated it out.

"Oh yea." Faith concluded.

With a friend like this, who wouldn't want her to read your eulogy?

sarang heyo, bi!

월요일, 3월 13, 2006, 6:54 오후

Encounter Weekend.

Do not be like the knife... Strong, but when too much pressure is applied, it'll break. Be like the willow tree, strong, and when a strong storm comes, the roots burrow deep in the earth. It does not break, it bends with the wind. - Hunter to Sky and Morgan in Wicca.

I missed the first day night, rather, and half of the following morning, due to theory examinations.

When I reached Sentosa Scripture Union, it was a old colonial house, something out of a History Textbook. Abigail and Phoebe brought me in, and when climbing the steep hill, Phoebe's shoe gave way in the process.

Went up to my room, (man! No fair! They gave me the top bunk!) and started fitting in with the group. DAMN! I forgot to buy chips, chocolates and the like! Amanda and Phoebe and Abigail started pigging out on the chips that they brought. They offered me some but I declined, trying to save my already pimple-infested complexion. (It's not that bad la.)

We had dinner, then went into the Hall Of Faith for the sermon.

They showed us an excerpt of Passion Of The Christ. It's bloody, but it's M18 (or is it NC-16?) it doesn't look like a M18 show at all.

They played this Christian song that goes with the movie, it starts where Jesus got beaten up with the whip, fitted with bits of glass and bone that tore through his flesh.

I cringed at the sight of blood. And tears welled up in my eyes, as I saw Jesus being whipped into such a pathetic state. I was crying through the video. There was this part where the nails were being nailed through Jesus' hands, and there were shocked gasps from the other people. I couldn't take it any longer and wept into Shi Nuan's shoulder. Shi Nuan was also crying too.

We were then given a Sin List to tick all our sins from the list, and we queued up to kneel before the cross embedded on the wall, and a lot of people were crying a lot. I cried as I asked God to forgive my sins, and tore the paper, throwing it into the bin placed before me. Shi Nuan was crying with joy that I tore away the sin list, and came over to give me a hug. Thank you woman. Without you, I'll still be wandering aimlessly.

And I was Slain by the Spirit.

I was praying standing up, and Shi Nuan came over to pray for me Prisia and I. As she prayed for me, I started sobbing uncontrollably, and for no rhyme or reason, I felt a sense of inner peace, and I fell backwards. I started clutching the wall for support, and The Lord kept pushing me down. I started having "spams" on the floor, like I could not control my nervous system. Shi Nuan later told me that the Lord what telling me that he was here, and I was gibbering, "Take away Rui Ping. Take away all the liars in my life. Take them away. Take them away. I want Faith. I want Prisia. I want Him. I want You. I want Hun. I want. Give them to me Lord."

And I did not know that I was gibbering away! I was crying and spamsing and everything.

OH Lord, that was creepy, and it was also one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Shi Hua, Pearlyn and Rou Ying came up to play Monopoly. Actually they wanted to play Carrom, but I have the board, and the pieces and hitters were all gone. SO we decided to play Monopoly instead.

We threw dice to determine who will start. I asked Pearlyn to start throwing the dice.

"Why? Wei she me you shi wo?" She asked.

"No wei she me. Just do IT." Shi Hua retorted.

Grumbling under her breath, Pearlyn started throwing the dice. She got a 2.

We laughed. But Pearlyn had the last laugh as I threw a 1. A 1, for GOD'S SAKE.

I bought Old Kent Road and I started building hotels there, each worth 450. DAMN LA. Hardly anymore steps there.

So, now I gotta go and get me debts settled. See ya guys sometime.

2 more months to see my beloved Ji-Hun. (:

금요일, 3월 10, 2006, 10:04 오후

It's all about the wordplay.

I was born a genius...until I went to school.- Faith Sim

I can't believe my "dreams" essay got into the HS Constellation.

When I flipped through the pages, I saw my name and the state of euphroia I felt cannot surpass the feeling of winning lottery. No kidding.

Well, Ms Low already told me that it was going to appear in the Constellation. So heck about it.

Oh yea,my piano exam yesterday!

I was so freaked out, when the previous candidate came out. OMG, I thought to myself, and I was preparing for the worst.

I went into the room, and some old guy,the examiner, started to stand up and shake hands with me. Looks like he's in a good mood. I shook hands with him, and bowed, Korean style and said, "Good Morning Sir."

Oh MY GOD. He actually took the piano books from my hand and led me to the piano in the middle of the room. The other examiners did not do something like that. So gentlemanly! I told him the pieces that I was supposed to play.

My heart was racing like a horse on a racetrack. I poised my hand over the ivories, and struck, like a cobra on it's prey.

Okay, I screwed some parts of the songs. HA. And the scales, I screwed up the Eb minor. DARN.

I got some lyrics!

Cinderella- Tata Young

When I was just a little girl

My momma used to tuck me into bed
and she read me a story

It always was about a Princess in distress
And how a guy would save her and end up with the glory
I'd lie in bed and think about the person that I wanted to be
Then one day I realized the fairy tale life wasn't for me

I don't wanna be like Cinderella
Sittin' in a dark old dusty cellar
Waiting for somebody, to come and set me free

I don't wanna be like Snow White waiting
For a handsome prince to come and save me
On a horse of white, unless we're riding side by side
Don't want to depend on no-one else
I'd rather rescue myself

Someday I'm gonna find someone who wants my soul, heart and mind
Who's not afraid to show that he loves me
Somebody who will understand I'm happy just the way I am
Don't need nobody taking care of me

I will be there for him just as long as he, will be there for me
When I give myself then it has got to be, an equal thing


I can slay, my own dragon
I can dream, my own dreams
My knight in shining armour is me
So I'm gonna set me free


수요일, 3월 08, 2006, 4:41 오후

Surviving the horrors of Singapore Education: A Student's Point of View.
A Compilation of works for students by students.

Ha. This is the novel I want to write. So I shall write my story out first.

NOTE: This may be highly contreversial (sp?).

The Neighbourhood Student vs. The Elite Student.

There she was, decked out in the spendour of her school colours, white and black, with the school name embroidered in orange on her breast pocket, standing at the bus stop, with her school blouse accidentally untucked by her bag, which weighed a ton, with all the heavy tomes she had to bring to school. In her clutches she clenched her file, worn with rigourous use. Her 'tail' of her blouse, as her discipline master fondly called it, teased the wind, dancing along the hemline of her skirt.

If anybody had taken notice of her, they probably wouldn't know what school she was from, let alone ask her. If they had asked, like what her relatives usually do during annual Chinese New Year festivals. She would then say the name of her school out loud, hoping that her relatives would recognise her school. But alas, her relatives would scrunch up their faces, which would resemble a Chinese cabbage, and go, "Where's that?"

The girl would then say that it's near a famous asylum, and the relative would go, "Oh, THAT SCHOOL. I didn't notice."

"You probably wouldn't," thought the girl, "and you'd probably not care either."

She had seen her cousins being lavished upon as the jewels of the family, since they were in the top schools in Singapore. Their beaming parents would then say proudly, "Yeah! Oh, my darling Clementine is in Raffles! Her hopes of becoming a lawyer is as good as Hwang Woo Suk cloning a human being!"

Which was sadly ironical, whereas the famed South Korean scientist Hwang Woo Suk was ousted from the prestigious Seoul University where he taught as Senior Lecturer for Biology. In summary, he DID not clone a human and COULD NOT.

Her relatives would then fawn on Clementine, lavishing praises on her and promising that when she became a lawyer, they would all go to her and ask her to solicite their wills before they pass on.

She was, as you could guess by now, being pressed into a dark corner where the dustballs and furballs lay. No one took notice of her at all, and she was thankful for it.

She was jolted back to the present, and as she was, a bevy of (guess?) RGS girls were being spat out from the bus. The bus was packed, and the relieved bus and bus driver were thankful for letting the excess load alight.

The Neighbourhood girl was being swept away by the tsunami of Elite school girls. One girl knocked her battered file onto the floor, and all the papers started sweeping out in slow-mode, like a scene from the Matrix. Her Mathematics papers, her English and Science notes, her favourite idol's magazine and newspaper clippings...

And a galliant fellow schoolmate picked them up for her.

She walked home, realising that the bus stop did not host the bus that she wanted to take.

She set of in the direction of the RGS girls, in their green pinafores.

She overtook them with ease, and they giggled in her wake. She knew full well that the giggles were directed at her.

She had to simply examine the ground.

월요일, 3월 06, 2006, 8:19 오후

A little smile goes a long way, that's what they say

Today, I went to Jia Ling's abode to paint my D&T project.

When I left her abode, I met this lady in the lift.

She looked at me, I just smiled a little at her.

We then had a small conversation.

I remembered, there's this time I went on the MRT with my friend.

This American lady came on board the train, and she greeted us in this zealous voice:


Wow, everybody just stared at her, and we were shocked. And by the time my friend and I left the train, we were all talking and and smiling at people we didn't know.

So see, folks, a little smile goes a long way.


8:59 오전

Hello. This is Prisia. I'm a friend of Naomi's. Just one thing I'd like to clarify. The Wiccan Rule thing? The Threefold Law? Well, I think I accidentally told Naomi the wrong thing. Basically, if you curse someone to have cancer or something, you yourself will only get threefold cancer if Naomi actually does get cancer because of your curse. If you curse just empty words, then =, according to the Threefold Law, somewhere in you future, someone else will also curse at you and you will be hurt three times more than you hurt.

Now, a question. Would someone please tell me why you hate Naomi? She seems pretty decent to me. I'd just like to clear up why there's so much hate mail in this blog.

일요일, 3월 05, 2006, 7:48 오후

I hate homework. They're starting to feel like a Brokeback Mountain. -Eileen Ng Yi Lin, fellow ex-Nanyangian

Still thinking of those posts and everything. I feel hurt, but not so hurt as before. I guess I have built up my defences a lot these days. *shrugs* I had my BMT (Basic Military Training) in Nanyang, so I guess it really helped me a lot.

Prisia told me this just now:

Karma is one good thing to take notice of and know. What you do unto others, is what you want others to do unto you. What you sow is whatever you reap. If you do something to that person in Wiccan law, that same thing will come back to you- only threefold.

For example, if you curse others of, let's say...

"I hope you get cancer and your insides rot and you'll die a horrible death."

That same thing will come back to you- only three times worse. I guess the result is that that person either dies a horrible death in jail. *shrugs*.

I don't really care about these people. Maybe people's ideas are more diverse and different. I can't say for sure. Everybody has different opinions. There are some people who likes me for what I am (those I count as my good and best friends) and people who don't like me for who I am.

This applies to everybody:

Don't hate people for who they are. God made each individual to His own image. You are unique. You are special in His eyes.

You see, after knowing all of these, I don't rebutt back with curses like I did last time, and wail and scream like a big baby. I just polietly tell them to scram, or just delete their messages. If I recieve hate mail, I take them on a lighter note, just smile, shrug and say, "Have a Nice Day."

Haha, I sound like Bon Jovi.

Well, I like him. (:

Thank you, all my dearest readers and friends! I really treasure all of you. =) You're special to me, in someway or other. ^_^ Have a nice day.

6:01 오후

Regarding the posts...

Regarding the hate posts directed at me:

I'm really sorry if I had accidentally offended you in some way, but could you not return by yelling, with insults directed at me? I totally apologise for whatever it was that I did, and can we please discuss this reasonably rather than randomly insulting each other?

And I am NOT going to let this get ME down. I am going to continue BLOGGING, no matter how many hate posts you direct at me. Anyway, the more hate posts I get, it means that the more POPULAR I am. :P

토요일, 3월 04, 2006, 10:52 오전

Some people just don't get it.

I would like to point out the fact that some people just don't read disclaimers, don't understand what they're saying and try to twist their words around me, and my best friend Faith, the two English experts.

Anyway, SWEARING is different from TELLING, take note of that.

Hais, wouldn't want to waste some more of my braincells over these worthless people when I am already suffering in my studies from the lack of it. :p

I'm trying to tell Xiu Li to leave me alone, Dickson, and I hadn't the heart to swear at her. Anyway, it's not swearing. Tell her to leave me alone.

Can't stand this STUPIDITY anymore.

oh, and you left me outta your links. Thank you.

Deanna, you forgot to bring the MGS book!!! ARGH!!! I don't think I can join handbells la. Like angklung liddat, lol. I really wanna get outta this school la. Can't stand it anymore. That's my reason for transferring, hahas.


As I was walking with Natalie Nah in United Square to buy my hot chocolate from MacCafe, I saw my long-time nemesis, SOH RUI PING.

So SUAY. Why must I meet her AGAIN? It's bad enough that she USED to be in my class in British Council, and now she's in TLL. Or Lorna Whiston? Heck.

I mean, she's like cat-woman, stealthly creeping up behind us and shouting like a loudhailer in her high pitched voice:

"Naomi Seow Ru-ting!"

I whirled around with Natalie, and found Rui Ping like a ragamuffin in her St Margs uniform with those green polka dots (GREEN POLKA DOTS) and laughing like a woman who had just escaped from Hougang Chalet.

I wouldn't blame her for her stupidity la. She's in Normal Acad when Nanyangites are SUPPOSED, as quoted from Hui Qi, in my primary school, to go to either Express or Special.

She's let the other Nanyangites and Miss Lau down.

Natalie was all, "Wow, so rude."

I just shrugged. She was still giggling again, with her other friends.

I can't stand her look anymore, much less when I smothered it with mud in primary school to help improve her looks. She looked better with that mud on her face. Maybe it exfoliated her skin or something. HAHA.

Got my hot chocolate... MMM! But Mr Choe was ranting all on business and politics and everything, so the chololate was finished in a matter of seconds. HA.

I forgot to ask him whether he was KOREAN! MAN! I found out from Min-young that Choe is a Korean surname! Wait, Lim is also a Korean surname. Lim Jeong-hee, one of my fav Korean lady singers of all time. HEH.

Who wants to go watch "My Girl and I" with me???

Will ask Faith. HEH.

금요일, 3월 03, 2006, 3:08 오후

Am I weird or something?

One person, named himself Jon something, tagged my tagboard.

He, or SHE, is trying to convey...

"Rain sucks. Why'd you like U2 and the Asian Justin Timberlake at the same time?"

I know that Rain is the Asian Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson (though I never really liked these guys). I like U2, yes. I like U2's songs because his lyrics has meaning. I like Rain because well... his songs has a theraputic effect on me. (Don't believe this, ask some of my friends who have listened to his songs.

Well, I have only one thing to say:

Different people have different likes and dislikes. One man's meat is another man's poison.

So yea, this is all I have to say about it.

And Xiu Li, I know that you don't like me. Just LEAVE ME ALONE, can YOU? Stop framing me when Xiao Hui gives you demerit points. It doesn't make me angry, it makes me heartbroken that a fellow human being can hate another so much. But I don't hate you. No hard feelings. =)

목요일, 3월 02, 2006, 2:44 오후

Let's face it guys, everything, well, ALMOST everything that we do doesn't come out right.

For example, Brenda, one of my friends, she tried to paint an egg... and it sorta smooshed in her hands. But, I can't exactly blame her, she's a destroyer.

Even the simplest of things can go wrong.

I went to take a stroll with my parents yesterday night, and one crow, flying like the black of night, relieved itself on me as it flew over me.

THANK GOD it landed on my hand.

I was squealing and my dad was all, "Wow! zhong pay pio ar!"

Note: Zhong pay pio means "win horse race" in Hokkien.

It's not funny at all.

Note no 2:

To Reggie

I hope that we could end this cold war. It's not that I am OVERLY-SENSITIVE, as you are trying to convey, it's that such a trival matter lasted for so many days, eventually turning into months. I hope we could bury the friggin' hatchet and become *cough* friends again.

Learn to let go. And live at the same time.

PS: I am such a sadist. Here I am, sitting at home watching my aunt's korean dramas while everybody's sweatin' and puffin' it out at Macritchie (sp?) Reservoir for the Annual HS Cross-Country. HA.