so we'd spread love like violence; ♥
♥ rai·son d'ê·tre (rā'zōn dět'rə,) {존재 이유}

n. pl.reason or justification for being or existence


naomi jung
서여정, 三浦 なおみ
29 june 1992
ngee ann poly mass communications
Rorsharch ink blot
J Tune Entertainment

& ooooh, Rain 비 = ♥


Heart of God Church ♥ b41

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나의 남편!


정지훈/Rain/Jihoon - the husband.

Faith/Spaz - the best friend.

Prisia/Siao - the other best friend.

Cheryl - Cooking mama

Joyce - Korean fanatic.

Brother (wenjun) - who has 10000000 brains

Hyun - Mr Smart-ass Korean.

Chew - Dear Leader.


Ajumma (아줌마) : Auntie

Ajusshi (아저씨) : Uncle

Chagiya/Yeobo (자기야/여보): Darling/Honey

Namja Chingu/Namchin (남자친구/남친) : boyfriend

Yeoja Chingu/Yeochin (여친/여자친구) : girlfriend

Hyung (형) : Older brother (for males)

Oppa (오빠) : Older brother, also can be used as "boyfriend" in a steady relationship (for females)

Nuna (누나) : Older sister (for males)

Onni (언니) : Older sister (for females)

Ssulung (썰렁) : "so cheesy/cold/lame" for cold jokes

Selca (셀카) : camwhore/self camera

Wang Ja (왕자) : 6 pack/washboard abs



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금요일, 6월 30, 2006, 11:07 오후

Replies to tags - ONCE AGAIN! (:

WANJING! : YES! School has opened... it's every parent's dream and every student's worst nightmare. xD

Mrs Lee: HEYS! How are you? And your leg? School's ok, lots of changes. New teachers... etc etc. Nothing much on the surface though.

joEy: HAHA! Yes indeed! Glad to see you! (:


Ancient Clown: Thank you, and may your Angel be set free as well. Spread the message! Lol, humble servant (:

Faith: Indeed. King and the Clown and the Da Vinci Code esque movies awaits us. =X Of course I know! But, HECK, they kicked out my darling Korea. And that's why I decided not to contribute to Switzerland's GDP by boycotting chocolates from there. Not forgetting Swiss Cheese. I still have Cadbury darling. Merci = YUCK. Ferrero Rocher, Kitkat, Hersheys are all made in MALAYSIA LA. -.- And thank you for the I Jukil Nomui Sarang. But the man will be sweeter, and oh so divine.

Chin Kiang called me a Ghost.

I called him Niao Lei. (Bird-people, huge head with small body)

He called me a Korean addict. Which I am. (:

Don't think I have anything to blog about now.

Will blog tomorrow, when I will have more inspiration.

I love you, even though we're world's apart, like a different caste system.
You mean the world to me. We have so many similarities but we don't even know each other. YET.

Dangg. I'm up to my eyeballs in homework. The joys of being a Singaporean teenager.

Can anyone tell me where I can host the main picture in my blog template? I'm using photobucket now, and it's gone haywire. It gets BLUR everytime I fix it. Any recommendations? Recommend it and teach me (:

목요일, 6월 29, 2006, 4:37 오후

Taken from Marissa's blog.

Reason why it's hard to be Rain's girlfriend

Surely every girl in Cloud (Rain's fan base) harbors dreams of being his significant other. *smiles sheepishly* including lao niang here. So, here's a list, compiled by Marissa, that why it is hard to be his girlfriend.

Italic comments are made by me.

* Your private life will be all over the internet

I'm blogging anyway, so part of my private life is on the internet. What difference does it make?

*All those photos from your childhood till your teen years including those unflattering graduation pictures that you long wanted to burn but dared not because your parents will kill you will be duplicated a million times on the net.

Why would I be so stupid to hand over those unflattering photos of me to the tabloids? Unless they want to give me an endorsement for some slimcare product or something along those lines. HEH.

*All your enemies will be more than eager to spill out your most embarrasing moments that you wish never happened.

Now this is what I'm scared of. But what embarassing moments? I never tell anyone those major things, but I'll blog about them if I wish too.

*The moment you take your vows you will be public enemy no. 1 of the countless other women who desired to be in your shoes.

YES. This I agree. How about Cha Tae-hyun and his stead of 13 years? They just got married. I just hope when we take our vows, some hypervendilating fan will just burst in and the pull out a shotgun.

* Pictures of you buying some expensive bag or trinket will be posted on various forums and message board with comments like "all she does is stay at home and spend the hard earned money of Bi".

Oh, come on, I don't buy expensive things. HEY, if I work, and he works, I can say that it's MY money and not his. If they insist, how shallow can they get?

*If you are pretty, people will credit the wonders of plastic surgery. If you're not, better steel yourself. You can't imagine the mean things people can say about you.

I know, darling, I know. I'm not pretty, even though my relatives say I am, minus the skin of adolocents. Let them say what they want. As Rain once said, "I can't change others' opinion of me."

* Even if you look alright people will still say you are ugly.

That's the problem with shallow people.

*Whenever you happen to have a lovers quarrel you have to keep your mouth shut. Any hint of complaint coming from you will cause a buzz on the web insinuating your impending break-up.

Don't worry. The only people I will provide details of my lover's tiff are my parents. You have to ask them for that.

* You must smile at all times, look cross just once and your photo will be splashed across the tabloids under the headline "Singer Rain's Marriage In Crisis?" Or they will say you are a bitch on the web boards.

I have been called a bitch many times and I don't really care about it, but SMILE? That's easy! LOOL. But people have emotions, you know.

*Be on high alert in fending criticisms once his performance level drops during a concert or a showcase.

Hey, you have never seen my debating prowess. But heck, he's going to be a C.E.O when he's 30 what.

* Whenever you go the paparazzi will be right behind you. And since people will recognize you, won't be able to go to the nearby convenience store, market or even take out the garbage without make-up and a decent wardrobe.

HELLO, these people actually STALK US? Even if I have to take a leak in the toilet they have to STALK US? If they want a decent wardrobe, the headlines will be, "Singer Bi's wife takes out the garbage in Armanis!" Retards.

My birthday is today! LAONIANG is offically 14!

I miss being 13 again.

my name is in the Rain.
listen to the Rain
here it comes again
I can hear YOU calling
hear my name in the Rain
my tears will fall
they won't fall forever
all things come, all things go

listen to the Rain
here it comes again
hear it in the Rain
late at night
I drift away
I can hear YOU calling
now my name is in the Rain
leaves on trees, I hear you whispering

i love you. sarang hae. je taime. te amo. wo ai ni. chan rak kun. <3

수요일, 6월 28, 2006, 5:24 오후


I want to watch Korea's period BLOCKBUSTER, The King and the Clown. GOT LEE JOON-KI OK! (: From Korean, it means The King's Man. LOOL.

Cute what. Lee Joon-ki (:

Of course I won't be like that PERSON who likes Rain initially (on the Soompi thread) then she switched to Lee Joon-ki and she critisised Rain. Come on la, just because you converted into a Joon-ki fan, you don't need to critisise your old idol. BLEAH. I just hate those ignorant people. Ok, I rest my case.

AMELIA! I wanna go with you to watch King and the CLOWN!!! I WANT! (:

And this is coming out on my birthday...

Royston Tan's 4:30! During the wenhuaying `o6 camp, he showed us the trailer. It's about this boy who feels drawn to the Korean tenant who is nursing a heartache. YADAYADA.

Royston Tan and Liang Zi and Beverley and I at the wenhuaying `o6 camp. (:

화요일, 6월 27, 2006, 9:13 오후

This is one piece of news that made my day today.

This was said to be taken from a notebook at his Bodoukan (sp?) fan meeting. The countries listen below are, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, SINGAPORE, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Now, I have a concrete reason to be hopeful to FINALLY seeing him in person besides going to Korea.


8:38 오후

okay, here's the long delayed post. =X

Justus and the gang came! (:

David, Clive, Prisia, Me, Denise and Ziona (:

The so-called candid pose.

Justus' drawings.

Since Primary One, Justus has been drawing like crazy. His school diary's full of them. No kidding.

And I've known Justus and Prisia like... 8 years?

WOAH. And I know Denise since birth.

... Scary.

I started taking pics of everyone secretly again, (al la Kiat Yi).

David attempts his 'suave-nest' pose.


Then we started cam-whoring.

Denise and I

Ziona and I

Prisia and I

Went to Fedora's church the following day.

It says heart of God. (:

The service was cool. After the whole service, Lucie did something that she shouldn't have done.

She went out to the reception area, and hollered, "NAOMI'S BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!"

Then the whole reception area burst out in song of 'Happy Birthday to You' in 2 languages, and "God is blessing you now, God is blessing you now!"

I was so BLUR and during the ceremony I asked Fedora, "Who's birthday is it?"


And I was celebrating my birthday in church on Ji-hoon's birthday! *hypervendilates*

my darling Fedora and I


HEH. SO that's about it.

Act mature la. And don't diss and bitch about others if you don't want them to bitch and diss about you. I pretend I don't care because I don't want to be wasting my time. I DON'T CARE if you publish a picture of me in the Straits Times declaring that I'm a whatever. I don't give a thought about it.

What's your freaking problem.

I did not even talk to you, nor even care about you.

Whatever, diss all you want.

For the last time, I don't give a DAMN and I don't care.

일요일, 6월 25, 2006, 10:02 오전

Yesterday's party was a blast! Well, sort of.

Denise and I cam-whored all night, and we secretly took pics of Justus and Clive and Prisia and Ziona and David (a la Kiat Yi). Pics will be up soon, as I am going to Fedora's (YAY YAY!) church TODAY and I need the camera. (:

Thanks Justus, Clive, Ziona, Denise, David and Prisia for coming! (:


I know this is a little late.

KOREA LOST! >_<>_<>_<

WALAO! I can't believe I stayed up so late to see Ahn Jung Hwan on the MALAY CHANNEL summore. I don't have cable.

It's stupid Switzerland's fault. No, it's Togo's. No, it's that stupid dickhead of a coach (Dick Advocaat.) WALAO. No seeing the beaus running across the pitch man.

I'm going on a STRIKE and I'm going to eat KIMCHI forever. And boycott Swiss Cheese and Chocolates. HATE SWISS CHEESE anyway. So much HOLES.

AND WHY is SWITZERLAND wearing RED? It's supposed to be Korea's colour! Why can't they wear, say, PURPLE? Come on? And WHY OH WHY Ahn Jung Hwan isn't playing in the first half?

And Jae-jin (number 19) is damn cute ok. (: BUT WHATTHEHELLUVAOFASHIT, Korea lost. BOOHOO.

And the freaking Aussies la! Kick Japan out. SCHIT!

Excuse me while I go out and mourn for Korea.

BOYCOTT SWISS CHEESE AND CHOCOLATES! (Cadbury isn't included because it's made in Malaysia. =X)

토요일, 6월 24, 2006, 1:16 오후

All the world's a stage

All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players. - William Shakespere

Not only we rold-play in games, we also ro-play in real life.

We role-play as different figures, in different situations. For example, a prefect, a mother, a father, a daughter, and a son.

What is role-playing? We simply take the form of a certain position in a certain circumstance. Why do we role-play? Well, simply because life expects us to, we have to, and we e used in acting in a certain way to a certain scenario. It's those stereotypical thoughts that makes us what we are today.

It's common for people to role-play, we do it in our daily lives, being a good daughter or son in front of our parents, being a model student in our school, and being an avid and enthu churchgoer. However, do you think we do this, just because of recognition or just because we like it? In front of our friends, we are.... In front of our parents, we are... In front of our teachers, we are..

One example is the classic answer of "set a good example." Being a prefect, we have to uphold the school rules, blah blah blah. In summary, be a good little person everyone can look up to. When the final bell rings, we might just take off our ties and badges, and go outta the school gates to have a helluva of a time. We can cuss, scream and do what we want to do.

Consider this. WHO are you? WHO is the real you? WHAT do you roleplay in life? DO YOU actually LIKE what you roleplay and throughly understand it? I's okay to be one, if you don't affect others negatively. And, we must enjoy ourselves, COME WHAT MAY.

금요일, 6월 23, 2006, 10:37 오전

Random Post

Played golf in Malaysia yesterday with parents and Uncle Kenneth. The green was damn nice lor. But very hot. Silly of me to forget to bring the camera. =X

I DROVE A BUGGY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! xD Not considering the fact that I almost smashed Uncle Kenneth and myself into a stray tree.

Found out that Rain's character in the Philippines (I CAN SPELL IT! YAYNESS!) is called Justin Lee. And Song Hye Gyo's character is called JESSIE Han. xD JESSIE!JUSTIN! How retarded can that get?


be warned. ` ting knows exactly where you sleep at night. =X

목요일, 6월 22, 2006, 3:43 오후

Replies to tags.

Being lazy, I decided to type it out. And also, of course, being a typical Singaporean student, I am so darn busy. Sure, all of us will know it, eh? *wink*

FoNg YeE: HAHA! No problem! I'm describing who you really are! (:

WANJING: Relack. Relax! LOLLOL. Everybody would sell thei soul to get inside RGS. Well, maybe not.

ROYAL EMPEROR: Don't xiaokan Africa ok. They also have rain de. HEH. Well, it shows that God loves me a lot and so does he. :p

faith: Well I didn't see you naked before, so no go. :P

WANJING!: Arbo. Hate it when we girls try to understand soccer, the guys will just tell us to shut up when, they ask us, "Why not you girls learn soccer?" Idiota!

chinkiang: relinked. (:

jm: me not going TXY BBQ. Last minute then inform us. =X



renie: I forgot! LOL.

faith: just wuliao so I did them (:



WANJING!: Yeah, precisely. What's the use of liv ing if you don't enjoy it and you mugg? =X Tell that to RI LOL. HEH, yea, we get points when we do that =X

faith: since lao niang cannot find Changjin hanbok, I have no choice right?


I have sworn to myself never to marry a Singaporean. Any nationality within the CHINESE range is ok.

I wonder, if you had to type a resume to look for a potential partner, what would yours look like? And what if you had to fill in a form to submit it to God, what would it look like?

Mine would probably look like this:

Name: Naomi, Ru-Ting
Age: 22 (At that point of time)
Nationality: Singaporean
Ethnicity: Chinese
Birth Date: 29/06/1992

Education: Nanyang Primary, Hougang Secondary, Monash University, Ph.D in Applied Linguistics, Kyung Hee University, Ph.D in English Translation, Harvard University, Honours in Applied Linguistics.
Insitution: The Learning Lab (Seoul Branch) note, kidding!

Age to be married: 24
Age to have children: 26, 27

Nationality of Partner: Korean :P
Ethnicity of Partner: Korean
Position of Partner: C.E.O
Current Age of Partner: 32

I hereby state that the given information is correct.

Then you sign it, and pass it up to the Holy of Holies and God will check your heart (spiritual), find the partner that you want or the most suitable for your criteria and match you up with him. (:

Well well, what a match made in heaven (excuse the pun, no pun intended.)

수요일, 6월 21, 2006, 5:55 오후

"Naomi, what do you want for your birthday? I don't know what to give to you." - Prisia Ong (:

Realistic things.
Free Way - Rain booked by Faith Sim (:
24/7 - Se7en
Must Listen - Se7en thanks FEDORA! LOVE YOU! <3
Just Listen - Se7en
Lachrymal Glands/ Star, the 3rd Album - Byul (Star)
Love Punch - Ai Otsuka
Love Jam - Ai Otsuka
181920 - Namie Amuro
Exodus - Utada Hikaru
Super Junior o5 - Super Junior
Green Forest, My Home OST

The Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave - Dave Peltzer
Trickster's Queen, Trickster's Choice - Tamora Pierce
Deception Point, The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown booked by Prisia Ong (:
Seventh Heaven - Meg Cabot
Road to Rain, A Rain photo album

A Love to Kill
Stairway to Heaven
My Girl and I
Crying out love in the centre of the world
My Name is Kim San Soon
Sassy girl Chun-hyang
Wonderful Life
My boyfriend is type B
Green Forest, My Home
Devil Beside You
Sad Love Story

Unrealistic things - But they CAN become reality xD
Contract with JYP Entertainment
Backstage pass to Rain's 2nd World Tour
Glass Grand Piano
Full House (:
Star alongside Rain in a drama (LOOK at William in Green Forest, My Home. He's a SINGAPOREAN!)
Attend Kyung Hee University
Be that girl onstage when he sang 'Quiz'
Stay in the CEO's Sam-seong Dong house during Uni Days ((: LOL

HAH. All that I want. A lot huh? LOL.

If money can't buy happiness, then why am I listing this out?

How contradictory of me. Oh no.

10:35 오전


Birthday's coming up.

-it's been four years since I fell in love with YOU-

I just wish that we could celebrate our birthdays together for the first time and more to come.
I just wish that you could stay by my side.
I just wish that I could hear the words coming out from your mouth.
I just wish that I could feel your arms around me.
I just wish that I could listen to your heart.
I just wish that I could feel you within me.
I just wish that I could just feel you.
I just wish I could see you.

For I could feel you around me.
When I listen to that sweet, melodious sound
And I glance upon your smile
I could feel you all around me

I've heard that birthday wishes do come true.

So all I wish for is you.

it's you in my mind-

화요일, 6월 20, 2006, 9:19 오후

"Tomorrow can play badminton with me or not? Urgent."

"Busy la."
"I don't know how to play badminton."
"For what?"
"Sorry! Sorry!"

I wonder what's so hard about asking a person out to play a simple game of badminton, and relax for 2 whole hours?


1) HOW LAZY SINGAPOREAN TEENAGERS ARE (me included sometimes)

screw it.

일요일, 6월 18, 2006, 7:02 오후

Celebrity's life? I think Not.

Don't we all, envy celebrites? For their fame, fortune and prestige? Yes, even Lao Niang here also envy them. Like Katie Holmes. Manage to snag her dream guy that she worshipped when she was in diapers. How they manage to endorse about anything and everything on this planet. How they manage to get and meet all those gorgeous people. How they manage to get those moola that we can't.

But, hang on a minute. Underneath all this posse, I guess they must be missing the normal life, and even crave for it. Only to be hounded by the paparazzi for everything they do. It's like shoving mud in your face for 24 hours.

I mean, if I want to be recognised, I'll do it the coporate sector way. Be a CEO. (HAH, he wants to be a CEO when he's 30 ^_^) That way, you can avoid being potrayed in a negative light by the media (especially when you're wearing white during a heavy leakage day).


Which team I support for World Cup?

Initally England. (Because got David Beckham.) But in 2002, I was crazy over Kimchi Country.

Ahn Jung Hwan! (: shuai

South Korea's football darling, Park Ji-Sung.

Know how to choose a football team? See if got lengchai or not. (Lengchai means shuaige in Cantonese, which means handsome guy in English). Bao ying de. (Sure win one.)

I prefer bananas to a kantang.

Like how I prefer Pepsi to Coca Cola. (Because Rain endorses it.)

So, see football for me is seeing lengchais running and playing. HEH. Cute what. See hotties for one match. Lovely.

What if the two teams are ugly? Um-possible. Sure got shuaige one.

So, gals, World Cup season isn't that boring after all! ^^

금요일, 6월 16, 2006, 3:21 오후

Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating
You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.But you may be ready in a couple of years.You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

What Your Face Says
At first glance, people see you as warm and well-balanced.
Overall, your true self is moody and dynamic.
With friends, you seem logical, detached, and a bit manipulative.
In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.
In stressful situations, you seem cheerful and optimistic.

Your Birth Month is June
Peaceful and harmonious, you seek the gentle side of life.Your warmth and consideration touches many.
Your soul reflects: Friendship, love, and beauty
Your gemstone: Pearl
Your flower: Rose
Your colors: Light blue, white, and cream

You Will Die at Age 91
Congratulations! You take good care of yourself.You're poised to live a long, healthy life.

HEH. And my husband will be 101.

Your Inner Child Is Surprised
You see many things through the eyes of a child.Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.You cherish all of the details in life.Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.

You Are 36% Cynical
Generally you give people the benefit of the doubt. But there are exceptions.You buy into many of the things that mainstream society believes, but you're not anybody's fool.

You Should Be a Romance Novelist
You see the world as it should be, and this goes double for all matters of the heart.You can find the romance in any situation, and you would make a talented romance story writer...And while you may be a traditional romantic, you're just as likely to be drawn to quirky or dark love stories.As long as it deals with infatuation, heartbreak, and soulmates - you could write it.


You Are a Learning Cook
You've got the makings of an excellent cook, and the desire to be one.But right now, you're just lacking the experience. You couldn't be a top chef yet, but you could be an apprentice.

Your Dream Engagement Ring Has a Heart Diamond!
You wear your heart on your sleeve, so of course you should also wear it on your ring.A heart diamond is the perfect choice for highlighting your passionate disposition.Only a true romantic can get away with wearing this ring. Luckily, that's you.And only a true romantic can give you this ring, so make sure you find him...!


You Should Date A Japanese Guy!
You're an interesting blend of traditonal and modernAnd a Japanese guy is likely to be on your wavelengthMaybe you'll show your love by dying your hair the same colorOr get married in a traditional white kimono!

Why no Korean guys HAR?

Your Aura is Blue
Your Personality: Your natural warmth and intuition nurtures those around you. You are accepting and always follow your heart.
You in Love: Relationships are your top priority, and this includes love. You are most happy when you are serious with someone.
Your Career: You need to help others in your job to feel satistifed. You would be a great nurse, psychologist, or counselor.

ER. NURSE? NO. No Chang Jin for me.

목요일, 6월 15, 2006, 10:13 오후

Beautiful Thing - Popium

This song is by a Norweigian group, and it ended up on the soundtrack of Sangdoo! Let's go to School!

Hey, how you doin'
The sun's gone up but the sun's gone down again
It's me and you and
A couple of our most peculiar friends

And you are sayin'
Love is such a strange and funny thing
So keep on dancin' now
I know you know how

Ohh, love is such a beautiful thing
Oh, love
Love is such a beautiful thing
Oh, love
Love is such a beautiful thing
And it always make me sing

Love is such a beautiful thing
Oh, love
And it always makes me sing

Dum dum dum dum...

Hey! How you doin'
The sun's come up and the sun's gone down again
And you're thinkin'
I'm so glad that there're things I don't understand
But I'm always dreamin'
About strange and funny sly little million friends

So keep on dancing now
I know you know how

Oh, love is such a beautiful thing
And it always makes me sing

Love is such a beautiful thing (X3)

This song is sooo cute! (:

Name twenty people you can think of right now. Don't read the question(s) until you've named the 20 people. At the end of this, choose five people to do this.

1) Faith Sim
2) Fedora
3) Fong Yee
4) Jia Ling
5) Boon Ping
6) Pei Wen
7) Lucie
8) Pei Jun
9) Rachel
10) Bernard Ang
11) Prisia
12) Chuan Hong (HAHA.)
13) Wei Lai (HAHA again)
14) Kiat Yi
15) Ke Xin
16) Denise
17) Reuben
18) Alicia
19) Deanna
20) Wan Jing

How did you meet #14 (Kiat Yi)?
In school. She's my classmate and my consience.

What would you do if you didn't meet #1 (Faith Sim)?
I'll probably die, because I won't be able to know my bestest girlfriend in this whole entire cosmos, and will be missing her corny jokes.

What if #9 (Rachel) and #20 (Wan Jing) dated?
Rachel's not a lesbian and I'm sure Wan Jing isn't one too.

Would #6 (Pei Wen) and #17 (Reuben) make a good couple?
Er. LOL. I'm sure they would. It's up to them. HAH.

Describe #3 (Fong Yee).
Smart, absloutely tactful and is good to talk to. Gorgeous also.

Is #8 (Pei Jun) attractive?
Not exactly drop-dead gorgeous, but cute. oh well, Everybody's beautiful/handsome in their own special way.

Describe #7 (Lucie).
Funny, great to talk to, great girlfriend, oh, and she's a Czechie. (Czech Republican.)

Do you know any of #12 (Chuan Hong) family members?
ER, NO. I don't think so. Lost contact with him.

What would you do if #18 (Alicia) confess to you that she likes you?
Er, no. That will not be possible.

What language does #15 (Ke Xin) speak?
English, Chinese. Chinese mostly.

Who is #9 (Rachel) going out with?
I don't know. I don't think she's attached. But she's gorgeous, and exclusively so. Any takers?

How old is #16 (Denise)?

When is the last time you spoke to #13 (Wei Lai)?
About a week ago, on his tagboard.

Who is #2's (Fedora) favourite band/singer?

Would you ever date #4 (Jia Ling)?
No, because she's straight, and I'm straight, and she's attached.

Would you ever date #7 (Lucie)?
of course, if she's a guy.

Is #15 (Ke Xin) single?
Yes, but she's hoping to find herself with Zax of 5566.

What's #10's (Bernard) last name?

Would you ever be in a relationship with #11 (Prisia)?
No. She's a radical feminist and will vow to castrate any member of the male species who dares to go out with her. (Not that any guy will want to go out with her anyway)

School of #17 (Reuben)?
University of Toronto, Missisauga.

School of #20 (Wan Jing)?
Raffles Girls' School (she hates it)

Where does #6 (Pei Wen) live?
She lives in Australia, Sydney now. (Boogeyman knows where you sleep at night.)

What's your fave thing about #5 (Boon Ping)?
His uncanny ability to crack dirty jokes.

Have you seen #1 (Faith Sim) naked before?
HA. NO. I wouldn't want to see her naked anyway.

5 'lucky' people:

Whoever wants to do this.

5:23 오후

Went shopping with Denise, my good friend from birth. Just came back. Got this:


Love it. WHAHA.

F4!7- 4ND ! aR3 7Yp!n9 l!k3 5pa5t!c p30pl3. -0VV3V3r, 7-!5 !5 fUn. L0L.


Was wondering (yes, yes, again) about relationships.

I think it's due to me watching too much lian xi ju drama shows.

In those drama shows, they depict the 'fairytale' life that they have.


Girl like guy.

Guy don't like girl.

This carries on for a span of years (in ISWAK, it's 5 long years), the guy gets attracted to the girl, and in the END


-end of example.-

I mean, how fairytale can it get? (They make the storyline so perfect so as to entice drama junkies like us) I found myself watching that show, asking myself, "How great would it be if my life is so interesting like that, and in the end, get what I want."

No prizes for guessing how Mediacorp earns big bucks. (Their drama serials are almost all the same anyway.)

How splendid it would be to have a life with a fairytale and happy ending (contradicting my Avril Lavigne "My Happy Ending" music in the background) with no worries, having everything at your fingertips (A*s all the way baybae!) and eventually getting the guy you've liked since you were in diapers (Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise) and living a fruitful and happy life.

It sorta sucks to know that you MAY not have the chance to experience that kind of fairytale, but when you see the actors acting it all out, you feel as if you're in their shoes.

How nice eh?

But, being a realist (HURR HURR, Naomi), we are not that 'lucky' to be so blessed with everything under the sun. Sure, sometimes we may strike lucky, but we all have to work hard for that something (maybe not for the having a crush on your idol thing), but we could all dream.

If you're dreaming, might as well dream big.

수요일, 6월 14, 2006, 1:43 오후

I want the holidays to end but I don't want them to end.

URGH, rotting at home, sitting at the computer like some mesmerised idiot, watching Youtube versions of E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen (thanks Anna for making me so engrossed), and causing my myopia to increase. And stop complaining to me to update that fugly 6C blog. It's Kelly's job, not mine.

-the next person who complains to me about that blog dies ugly-ugly. rawr.-

Been doing backtracking on my mathematics, which is floundering like hell. HURR. Now, I've progressed from PSLE maths to Secondary One! *claps* Doing all those easy-peasy questions gives you a sense of superiority. heh heh. don't mess with ru-ting. OR your numerators will be changed to denominators! WAHA. rawr.

- Certain people should stop making life difficult. The world's already so complicated and you're adding onto the problems.

NYEH NYEH. Acting like my friends in school and dissing about me behind my back.

-and spreading rumors like how AIDS transmits through Geylang; the speed of sound-

Stop acting like you're on friendly/good terms with me and then diss me and don't even, 'trust' me, as you put it. Idiotique. Stupidque. Just because others like you doesn't mean I have an obligation to. Idiota, sil vous plait!

I hate it when people tell others involved in that 'gathering' that HE cannot make it, and leave me alone in the dark. At least HE could send me and HER an SMS or MSN message or something right? Basic courtesy. BLEAGH. D:< -still dare to call me his god-relative. i'm being so pessimistic. that's SO unlike me. REAAALLY?-

I'm still a very happy person. REAAALLY. (:

See? I'm smiling! (:

I read that oysters actually turns men on. HURR HURR!

-ladies, it's actually better than porn right? LOL.-

12:27 오후

Where art thou, Romeo, Where art thou? says:
naominaominaomi! I want to ask you 2 riddles.

` ting + rain <3 sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon (: zheng yuan chang (:

Where art thou, Romeo, Where art thou? says:
Why did the bee go to the doctor?

` ting + rain <3 sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon (: zheng yuan chang (:

Where art thou, Romeo, Where art thou? says:
because he had hives.

` ting + rain <3 sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon (: zheng yuan chang (:

Where art thou, Romeo, Where art thou? says:
another one!

` ting + rain <3 style="color:#000000;">

Where art thou, Romeo, Where art thou? says:

If a cat can jump 5 feet in the air, why can't he jump through a window?

` ting + rain <3>
*sigh* why?

Where art thou, Romeo, Where art thou? says:
Because the window is closed, duh.

` ting + rain <3 sarang hae, jeong ji-hoon (: zheng yuan chang (:

화요일, 6월 13, 2006, 10:44 오후

My post-June holiday resolutions

I, Ru-Ting, will hereby follow the following.

1) I will not loiter around shopping centers (when did I anyway) after school, WITHOUT a valid reason. The most is Hougang Point, where I shall eat with friends, then head off home.

2) I will not use the computer on weekdays, WITHOUT a valid reason.

3) I will do math assessments everyday, without fail. Rain or shine.

4) I will memorise English words.

-now Ru-Ting will cut short this with an important announcement.-

SOUTH KOREA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOUTH KOREA WON TOGO!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!1




-ends announcement-


1:50 오후

-random insertion here-


-finished random insertion-

-another random insertion-

Seeing Zheng Yuan Chang in a wedding dress is CLASSIC (: WHAHAHA

-ends random insertion-

Faith is watching Great Teacher Onizuka. Wondering if it's a good show.

Or Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa? Or Lu Guang Shen Lin?


월요일, 6월 12, 2006, 6:21 오후

Get a grip on yourself.

I'm practically boiling with rage and I'm shaking when I type this down.

You, the person whom I actually RESPECT, are acting like a SPOILT BRAT. A childish, INSIPID individual.

I was actually on your side after you argued with Huiying. I was the ONLY ONE on your side, as I felt your intentions were good towards Huiying. BUT, what did you do? You scolded me for taking your side and let loose on me, insisting me to join Huiying.

FINE. In order not to lose your friendship, I told Huiying about your good intentions. But, as the cliche goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Huiying actually BELIEVED YOU, and she had fallen into your trap.

Then you started to avoid me on MSN, and we actually have a gathering coming up. You agreed on the date too. Then, ONLY RECENTLY, I found out from Pei Jia that you could not make it. OH THE ANGER. And I saw you online during MSN, and when I was online, you signed off. At least, you could TAG MY TAGBOARD, telling me that YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT. Are you acting like a man? You're older than me, for heaven's SAKE.

I was not the only one recieving this "cold-fish treatment" from you. Pei Jia, Huiying, Li Ting and Rui Xiang also reported that you have given us the cold shoulder. WHERE'S your sincerity? WHERE'S the kindness? WHERE'S everything?


I'm so angry I could march over to your house and tear your face apart.


1:54 오후

"Naomi, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Let's count the jobs.

- Translator
- CEO of TLL in Seoul and Taiwan
- Actress
- Model (Spokesperson of 3M Post-it pads)
- Golfer (a la Michelle Wie)
- A geisha (NO ONE KNOWS.)

1:23 오후

My little contradictions.

I wonder if education can really get you far.

The unanimous answer that most parents give is "Yes".

As I watched It Started with A Kiss, the Class F teacher was saying, "If you go after your own dreams and put in enough effort, whatever you may dream about may come true."

Whilst Class A's teacher said, "You must only have the brain to go far. The brain is the most important thing."

I found myself agreeing with both teachers. If we have the brains and the dreams, we may become like Albert Einstein.

But, HOW exactly can we do it and WHAT is the outcome?

If you don't have the passion for something, and you are being forced to do it, what's the meaning of it all? Why do you do it for? For money? For prestige? Even power?

Sometimes I really want to feel what's it like to be a genius. Seriously, I'm not a language maestro (YET, and that's what I want Time Magazine to name me as, LOL) but I want to try to be one. I want to experience what a genius' mind is like, and how it works, how it feels to not have any setbacks in life, not have any peoblem with your results.

But, as Zhi Shu (the HOT genius in ISWAK that Joe Cheng plays) depicts, that, since young, he has never experienced any setbacks in life at all. Only until when Xiang Qin enters his life like a tornado, then he experiences what setbacks are.

But seriously, is it worth it? Is it all worth it?

Will being smart get you all the good things in life?

Will the experience of not having any setbacks change your thinking?

Think about it.

금요일, 6월 09, 2006, 9:47 오후

I guess I was rather emotional in that last post...

I should be learning my Hangul now... I can read and write it but I don't understand the meaning! And I know how to say it out...

Korean is quite ok though... but it's like an alien tongue though. I'll keep on learning it (:


"If you want that thing long enough and you put enough effort in it, it'll eventually come true."


And I'll post a photo of KENNY ((: with his date for the prom!

KENNY (: And his date. His date looks like those Beach Babes. (: And Kenny looks cute. ((: I couldn't help smiling at this pic when I see it (:


9:15 오후

A Father's Day Note.

I think I'm writing this to all fathers in behalf of youths out here. Forgive me if I have made any mistakes or any contradictions in my letter.

Dear Dad,

As Father's Day is round the corner, my fellow counterparts will be rushing all over Singapore and scratching their heads, trying to find the appropriate gift for their beloved fathers. But I have chosen this as the best gift from me to you, and it holds more sentimental value. Roses wilt. Ceramic mugs get forgotten. But I know you'd at least, keep this note with you, even if I emigrate overseas.

Dad, thank you for bringing me up these 14 years, and be kind enough to fufill my request on not having another sibling too. (HEH, selfish old me). I know, happy as you may seem when I was born, Mum and you had to learn a whole new language of diaper changing, late-night feeding and teaching me how to walk, punctuated with my cries and wails at night.

But however, as I matured, you tried to let go, until now you still can't, me bring your only daughter. But Dad, I'm not the little girl that you envisioned, wearing pigtails and my starched Nanyang Primary uniform. I'm 14, (although still wearing pigtails) wearing the uniform of a secondary school. I think you should let me go.

Dad, I know you are encouraging me and I know you want me to do my best. I'm trying hard to attain good grades and be a model citizen of Singapore (though at times I am bring sinful by thinking of migrating to Seoul) to make you proud.

Please let me do what I am interested in. Sure, I may be a Science person (unfortunately not a Mathematics one) but I am interested in Language. I don't want to be the lawyer or GP that you had hoped that I will be, but I want to teach and translate. I don't want to be a lawyer. I don't want to be a doctor. What's the use of doing something that you don't find passion and happiness in?

Dad, I know that you did not study when you were younger, and you want me to study now. I am currently trying my very best to climb the ladder, to be among the likes of Rain and Bill Gates. But everything needs a process, Dad. I am trying to catch up with my counterparts. So please, encourage me, instead of nagging me. I am buckling under the pressure of peers, school, and national level. I have my own responsiblities too.

And sometimes I need a break. Like blogging. I love to write and express my thoughts. MSN is a communicative tool that I really need to exchange vital information with my friends like projects and the like. A machine needs to cool down sometimes. If it gets overworked, it'll spoil in due time. I'm like a machine. I need to rest too. I'm not superwoman.

And, I like Rain for a reason. People (especially girls) my age are surely gaga over such things. It's natural. Don't tell me that you disliked these stuffs when you were my age. I will not believe you. Let me watch my Taiwanese and Korean dramas.

I can remember this quote, "If you win the rat race, you're still a rat." So, to make the best of it, I am trying to study my ass off, like you want me too. It's just that you can't see it, Dad. When I'm studying, you're always at work, and when you come back, you accuse me that I didn't study, even when I'm only reading the papers or Time Magazine.

I'm trying my best to be what you want me to be. But I have to draw the line sometimes. For example, you can't possibly LAY out my life for me right? I have a right to choose what I really like and am passionate about. You can't simply force me to study medicine or oncology. You can't also FORCE me to marry your best friend's son right? (HEH, Kenny) I have a say in such things too.

But Dad, I know that you love me very much, and I'm grateful for that love. As I end this letter, I want to thank you for giving me endless opportunities and chances for me to excel in various fields (that Brainiest form, I'll never forget) and other things that I did not know that I had it in me.

Thank you once again.

Your daughter,
Ru-Ting, Naomi.

목요일, 6월 08, 2006, 5:30 오후

I'm in love with "It Started with A Kiss".

Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng) and Yuan Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) rocks. I mean, it's funny, the storyline is great and their acting is superb. (:

It is about Xiang Qin's house fell down during an earthquake, and they had to stay with Zhi Shu's family as Xiang Qin's father is Zhi Shu's father's best friend.

Xiang Qin had a crush on Zhi Shu for 2 years, since the Welcoming Ceremony, where Zhi Shu was asked to give the opening speech. (The Principal wore a SUNFLOWER, LOL)

She confessed to liking Zhi Shu but was squarely rejected. Zhi Shu, being a genius with an IQ of 200 (WHERE GOT?) was in class A, and Xing Qin was in class F. But in the end, Zhi Shu liked Xiang Qin and even married her (HE WORE THE WEDDING GOWN)

Still halfway through the YOUTUBE version of it. Blurry, but still watchable. (:


11:54 오전


STUPID DRILLING THINGIES opposite my house is KILLING ME. I can't even study in peace. TSK.

Hope the RAIN comes so that the uncles/banglas will stop that goddamn drilling so I can listen to my songs and study. HURR.

Practically rotting at home watching Sangdoo and Full House and My Sassy Girl over and over again. While doing mathematics (EWWWW.) Rachel's so lucky. Her house is packed full of Korean Dramas. I bet I can spend my whole holidays watching it non-stop if I stay over at her house. HEH.

Went shopping yesterday with Rachel, Serene and Tracy. Bought Angels and Demons, finished it. Rachel bought Da Vinci Code, HEH and Tracy bought Adrian MOLE. OH HOW I MISS ADRIAN MOLE.

THE DRILLINGS OH THE DRILLINGS. They stop and start all over again. I am contemplating to buy a house in the country when I grow up with the CEO so there's no DRILLING noise. HAHAHA.

Wish the holidays would END SOON. RUMORS WILL STOP.

Faith Sim. When are you coming back from GOLD COAST? WALAO you.

Just found out that Nami Island sounds like my name. HEH.

10:18 오전

Sangdoo, Let's go to School!

Rewatching it for the 2nd time. Can't get the last episode.

I mean, I love dramas written by Lee. But seriously, I can't get the last episode where Rain and Eun Hwan supposedly 'dies' after being hit by a truck.

But after that, they filmed a scene where Rain was discipline master in some primary school in some deserted village in the mountains, arguing with a very pregnant Eun Hwan about how to discipline her students, then Eun Hwan goes into labour (YES LABOUR) and Rain has to send her to the hospital.


Then, there are actually 2 scenerios.

1) Rain and Eun Hwan actually went to this place without pain and sorrow after their death, and they had a child together. -.- (Corny, if you ask me)

2) They actually survived it (HIGHLY unlikely) and thinking that his job with Bori (his un-biological daughter) is done, he went to some secluded mountain with Eun Hwan and yeah.

But the second one cannot be possible as Bori, in a voiceover (when Rain and Eun Hwan were arguing) apologising that she is starting to forget Rain after his death. Then the next scene is when Rain and Eun Hwan takes a walk in the mountains with their newborn baby. (CORNY but touching yet again).

I can't understand that IF Rain and Eun Hwan didn't die, then why did the KBS people showed the scene where Rain and Eun Hwan were knocked down by a truck and die in a loving embrace?
If they DID die, then why did they still become teachers and have a baby together?

Rain and Eun Hwan with their baby

The last episode is really a turn-off. ESPECIALLY the part when Rain just got released from prison, he got killed. Then Bori just looks on. I mean, her FATHER got killed infront of her with his lover.

The last scene (pictured above) made me (at least) a little happy to see Rain and Eun Hwan happy. LOL.

I hate the way Scriptwriter Lee kills off her MAIN CHARACTERS, but the lines that she wrote, “I can continue living just embracing the memories we had.
Just like in the past, I can continue living with happiness.

Don’t worry about me.”
“People who are truly in love are doomed to face a lot of hardship.
Even this doesn’t make you give up? Even this doesn’t defeat you?
There will be people who are jealous.
We’ll love a little less in the future, so that nobody will detect our love.
So nobody will be jealous of us.

We’re not getting any younger. Our health can’t take it
Let’s love a little less in the future.”

Man. These brought tears to my eyes.


I think Rain's performance in this is better than Full House. (Personally I love this more than Full House) Especially at the parts where he was being portrayed as a loving father to Bori. There's this scene where Rain attempts, at Bori's request, to braid her hair like Whoopi Goldberg.

I can't find that exact scene, but this is Rain and Bori

The saddest scene in the whole drama is when Rain had to shave off Bori's hair (she has, NO PRIZES FOR GUESSING, lukaemia.)

It cracks me up to see Rain in school uniform.

And this is when Eun Hwan and Rain were young

And... their 'present' image

And the soundtrack. I LOVE IT. ((:

Listening to it endlessly. ((:

화요일, 6월 06, 2006, 8:26 오후

Things we miss out in life.

This world is a very busy world. On the contrary, we miss out on life's little treasures and minute details.

For instance, on our way to school, our brain is filled with all the facts and fiction about school life, our significant other, and certain issues you and I think about most of the time. But do we notice the dewdrops clinging onto the grass, the song of the birds and the crickets welcoming the dawn, and the wonderful fresh air that the trees generate every morning?

Yes folks, the answer is NO.

Unless you're game to do it. It gives you a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. Something like meditation.

It's wonderous on how it calms your mind and soothes your soul.

However, the silence is broken by honking cars that emit carbon dixoide (and monoxide, for that matter) and other sounds that we do not need in this world.

They had better mass produce Solar Cars.

1:23 오후


Mum: "Naomi, you must plan your education seriously. What do you want in life?"

Me: "I just want to get a job, get hitched, you know, the usual."

Mum: "PLAN ahead! You can't say that you're going to marry a rich guy right?"

Me: "Even though I really hope to, I can't say that, Mum."

Mum: "Precisely! NOW, what university do you want to go?"

Me: "I don't know. But I really wanna enter into Kyung Hee."

Kyung Hee University in Korea

Mum: *splutters* "IN KOREA? WHY KOREA?"

Me: "Mum, it's my choice."

The emblem

Me: "What's wrong with it? Don't tell me you were expecting me to go to Harvard."

Mum: "What's wrong with that?"



Kyung Hee University's exterior

Mum: "Language is going to be a PROBLEM! These people don't understand what you're saying if you go there!"

Me: "Don't worry. There's a language school there what. And they offer Major in English Translation."

Mum: "You want English Translation you study in NUS la."

Looks familiar?

Me: "Then my Korean HOW?"

Mum: "Learn from CC la!"

Me: -. -

Note: CC means Community Clubs, where you can learn a course for a very small fee.

Me: "Let's talk about these when I'm JC or something. Don't talk about it now Mum."

Mum: "I KNOW WHY you want to go Korea. Because you want to marry Korean right? See I know!"

Me: "MUM! That is not the only reason! Will tell you my plans for the future some other time can? I'm only 14 NOW!"

Mum: "Must start now la. Or not, you end up like nothing."

Ah, the joys of a mother-daughter conversation.

12:46 오후

Rain's New Japanese Single, "Free Way" is coming out tomorrow. ((:


And I still haven't saved enough for my shopping spree with Rachel tomorrow. HEH, most probably I'm not going to buy clothes though. Maybe CDs and more CDs. I wanted Se7en's 24/7 and Rain's Free Way. But most probably I'm going to buy the "Free Way" than the "24/7". No prizes for guessing why. HEH. HEH.

But after watching the Free Way mv, I think the Sad Tango one is better. Don't ask me why. I'm not too sure, but I think in Sad Tango the mv goes with a storyline, but in Free Way he just dances his way through. I guess a better mv is when you have a storyline and the suave dance moves to go along with it.

But cuteness factor: Free Way wins hands down. He smiles a lot ^_^ made me feel quite high, lol. And he's coming to Singapore this October ((: can't wait for him to come over and get overwhelmed by the pong of durians. LOL. Most probably it's going to be held at the Kallang or National Stadium, but I hope that it'll be in the Esplanade (it's EsplaNARD, not naaaaaaade). More classy.

I guess I'll sink back into my dreams of the CEO though. HEH.

i guess it's virtually impossible, but nothing is impossible if you keep thinking that it will come true. i'll make that dream a reality.


Shopping tomorrow.

I don't know what I'll buy anyway. I don't go shopping often.

Going with Rachel. Maybe I could pick up some of those fashionista tips that she has. YES I know, I'm not that learned in this field. Like Jia Ling. Like Shu Min. Like Yu Fen. I'm just bookaholic, RAIN-crazy me.

AHHH. I don't know what GREAT DEALS Orchard has to offer. Seriously. SO SO EX! One top is like, $30, and I'm only bringing $60.


Maybe I could just buy my CD (hopefully that it comes ON TIME) and some books (Serene says the same).

I want to make a contribution to the CEO's birthday gift but HOW on EARTH am I going to contribute to it and HOW on EARTH am I going to transfer it into their ATM account?

anyway the CEO is already coming what. still wanna give him something to "persuade" him to come...

LOL. Me mumbling to myself again.

월요일, 6월 05, 2006, 1:07 오후

Man, life sure sucks for my turtle.

Destruction, my female turtle's leg, or rather, foot, got horribly mangled by her male counterpart, War.

OMG. The damage was disgusting. It was the toes though. Man, the more I see it, I felt like retching. So I got her out of the tank and placed her in another Ferrero Rocher small box. She's trying to climb out now when I'm tying this post.

Have to wet her shell every now and then. It's flaking away from the dryness. The food in her box is expanding.

Serene (a friend over at church) is staying at my house for 4 days. HURR HURR.

Get well soon my darling. (:

now I realise that it's only you in my mind

11:24 오전

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Ru Ting!

  1. Ru Ting is the world's smallest mammal!
  2. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 43 to frown at Ru Ting.
  3. In 1982 Time Magazine named Ru Ting its 'Man of the Year'!
  4. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching Ru Ting.
  5. Bees visit over three million flowers to make a single kilogram of Ru Ting.
  6. Ru Ting never said 'Play it again, Sam'.
  7. Lightning strikes Ru Ting over seven times every hour.
  8. Ideally, Ru Ting should be stored on her side at a temperature of 55 degrees.
  9. While sleeping, fifteen percent of men snore, and ten percent grind their Ru Ting.
  10. Ru Ting can't sweat!" method="get" style="background-color:#5F5F42;color:#CFCF95;padding:4px;text-align:center">I am interested in - do tell me about

Ironically enough, none of them correct. HeyHO!

Got this off Le Raine's blog.

11:04 오전

Back from Damai Laut, Malaysia.

Pictures will be up VERY soon.


And they have the Discovery Channel. Spent the whole day watching it and dad had to scoop me up from the bed and dump me on the floor to stop me from watching it so I could go play golf with him. URGH.

I win all the time anyway. HURR HURR.

The trip up to Damai Laut was the same as sticking your ass to the airplane chair on a trip to Japan. 7 hours LONG. But we had stopovers la. Not so bad as Japan.

Saw Amanda (2e6 person) and Kenrick (supposedly Long Long Long lost P5/6 idiot)

Serene's coming to stay for 4 days while her dad goes to Suzhou and her mother goes to Aussie.

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Ironies: Short stories about reality.

NOTE: I was wondering some things about life as I walked from Hougang Point to the bus stop, from the bus stop to my house, from the front door to my bed, and from my bed to the computer. Without furthur ado, here goes.





The metal soles of the tap dancing shoes that she wore slapped against the mahogony finish. In her arms she held her sequined dress, due to be worn that night for her performance. In one hand, she clutched the wand that her dance instructor had given her just the day before.

Her mother had dropped her off at the dance studio early, as parents were instructed to leave their children at the dance studio for a last rehersal before the real drama began. But Sheridian was far too early.

"Sheridian, wander around the studio for a moment, and wait till your teacher comes to instruct you, okay?" Sheridian's mother chirped in a high-pitched, near-falsetto voice. That pitch, unknown to Sheridian, made her cringe from the decibel level.

After Sheridian bade goodbye to her mother and the retreating Jaguar, she turned, finishing off a perfect piroluette, and pranced gracefully inside the gloomy studio.

Mrs Dimmons was not there.

Sheridian sat at the foot of the stairway, head held in her hands. She was wondering why her mother had carelessly "dumped" her at the studio while she was speeding off to attend the next Bingo session. "Surely I am more important than Bingo?" Sheridian thought, much too deep and mature a thought that her five-year-old brain could hold. "Or to her, is it vice versa?"

Sheridian's legs were numb from the cold. She stood up, took a deep breath, and went up the steps to push open the glass door. It opened with a creak.

She wandered around the empty studio for awhile, admiring the chandilier lamps that sparkled in the dim light. She glanced with adoration at the plane mirrors that adorned the entire practice room. Her hands ran over the oak barriers that aligned the plane mirrors. She switched on the lights, and in that split second, everything came alive.

Sheridian, now emulsified with joy, placed herself in position and leaped. She began her dance with a leap, finally landing on her toes, the metal piece slapping the floor in perfect rhythm as she went. Her feet moved as fast as the speed of sound. Her arms moved gracefully for a five-year-old. In about five minutes, this five-year-old Sheridian morphed into this gorgeous 20 year old woman, full of poise and grace.

Energy filled within her as she continued to tap dance, occasionally glancing at the mirror to correct a step. She finished the dance with a flourish, bowing to an unknown audience.

Suddenly, applause wafted from the door.

Startled, Sheridian turned her head.

There stood Mrs Dimmons, with the other students from the class. They gazed adoringly at her.

Then, something seemed to flash in Mrs Dimmons' eyes.

"Okay. Sheridian, stop being smart and join the others. NO self improvised make up dances, NO hoo-has, and most importantly, NO sneaking into my studio, even though you're early."

Sheridian gazed longingly at the piano, hoping that Mrs Dimmons would at least play it, so the others could join her in the splendor of it all.

This is not to contradict anybody or anyone. This is also NOT to bring glory to anyone or anything at all. This work is PURELY FICTION..